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  Friday, 17 September 2021
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Hi Gagan ji,

This is Subhadeep from Kolkata,

A great admirer for your contents amd Really appreciate the youtube videos you have made. It has helped me a lot knowing about cars and everything related cars.

I am looking for your expertise opinion to help me suggest a new car. This will be my first and my family's first car and my budget 8.5 to 9.5 lakh on road(70% cash and 30% finance). Also, i have recently learned driving. Considering this, i am still not a good driver. Also My father, will learn driving from this car.

I am not a very drive enthusiast type but need below things from my car

1. Safety(good built quality and crash taste ratings)
2. Comfort
3. A little convenient mileage.
4. Good driving experience
5. Space - for 6 people(as I have 6members in my family and everyone is from taller side and little bulkier also. I my self is 6ft tall)
6. Value for money
7. Essential features( touchscreen, automatic climate control, steering mounted controls, headrest,power window, remote lock, music system, ABS,EBD, speed sensing door lock, Air bags etc)
8. Reverse parking camera( as the parking space is little congested in my place)
9. Good after sales support and servicing

Also, i m bit confused between manual and automatic cars. I heard automatic cars are very convenient for bumper to bumper City traffic conditions and for city usage but also heard that automatic car is jerky and gives slow response as compared to manual. But As i am a new driver and my father will learn driving from the car i thought automatic will be easy for driving. Also as i still not have confidence for manual gearbox and clutch, accelerator use.

My driving will be 95% in city and 5% in highway (550 - 600 km commute per month in Kolkata and 40-50 km on highway arround kolkata)
And also once or twice in year i will go for some weekend tour with my family for 400-500 km distance.

I haven't shortlisted any car as i am too confuse to select any, and planning to buy a car in the auspicious occasion of diwali.
For a lower middle class family like mine having an own car is like a dream and i want to make it true for my family.

Please suggest a good option.
2 years ago
Dear Subhadeep ji,

Greetings !! Happy to assist

See if you seek a car as 6 Seater and basis budget as specified then present options are very limited with just
> Renault Triber
> Maruti Ertiga Lxi Base Model

Despite triber available in Manual and AMT. Triber still wont meet in requirement too been
> Is essentially a 4 Seater + 1 Kid on Center MIddle row and last row for Kids or family members with average height of 5'3" or lesser
> Engine Performance at best can be said to be medicore
> Very average plastic quality with average fit and finish. I cant vouch for long lasting peace of mind ownership for same
> Renault After sales service is a miss, where company featuring in bottom 2 to 3 OEM continuously for last 3 to 4 yrs as per JD Power CSI Index

Maruti Ertiga: A Much better choice basis space and seating comfort perspective and thanks to all new generation Ertiga
> Space is optimised for 3rd row (although not as much for taller and heavier passenger but still a place where 2 aduts can seat in by sliding 2nd row a bit ahead)
> Engine Performance although not exciting to drive but as people mover car is reasonable okay
> Maruti After sales service, reliability is great pick
> Features with all essentials loaded (although no touch system but yes loaded with all required features). Refer Maruti Ertiga Vxi Features
> Fuel Efficiency although not great in MPV Cars but still anything around 11 to 11.5 Kmpl an be expected in city and 15 to 16 kmpl on highway
> Camera can be installed as accessory from Maruti Showroom

But - the big miss is price point where If you choose in Automatic Transmission of this car - will exceed in budget to extent of 10.6 Lakh+ On road (ALthough Manual Transmission will come in 9.5 Lakh Budget)

Manual or Automatic
1. Automatic Cars are convenient and for someone whos new to driving or recent learned - it makes all sense for Automatic Car.
2. No Clutch Pedal, no need of changing gears manually at every speed change and with relaxed left foot - its fair ease
3. No issues of stalling car as otherwise which happens in Manual Transmission
4. Ideal for city use where speed limits are controlled and driving in bumper to bumper traffic makes it fair ease as car enters in creep mode. One just need to apply brakes and release same as car will drive on to speed of 7 kmph makes it super ease in extreme traffic situation too

Automatic are jerky when driven in enthusiastic way. But when you driving with light foot - be assured that they are smooth enough to offer jerk free drive. Been your maximum usage is in 95% in city condition - makes all sense for Automatic Car

If you seek a family car for 6 member familly and requirement as specified - Maruti Ertiga Vxi Automatic is a great pick
Yes car has 3 star safety rating - but for someone who seek safety - this is recommendation from safety aspect
a) Speed of car
b) Seat Belt - not only in front but in rear too
c) Driver Skill
d) Active Safety Features as ESP, Good Braking, Wider Tyres for Grip
e) Passive Safety as Build, Airbags
f) Your Good Luck

and if you follow in speed limits, wear seat belt not only in front but in rear too, keep distance with car from front along with maintaining lane driving - you will be safe.

But for same - you have to exceed in budget by a lakh approx and be assured is best money spend as cars are bought for long term.
If somehow - due to any reason you cant exceed in budget then only option would be look out for Used Car.

Hope should help
2 years ago
Thank you Gagan ji. Hope you and your family are doing well.
Very much appreciate your informative and valuable response. But sir, despite having many good things in Maruti Suzuki i am not a big fan for their cars for their build quality (except like- brezza, scross etc).
In this case i like to share a incident with you, one of my relatives had Dzire. They met an accident with an honda Activa. The car had 45-46km speed. And the Activa had nearly same as the incidence took place in a city road. From the accident, the front bumper and front right side headlight part of the Dzire complete got destroyed. So i am not a very big fan of Maruti and not considering it.
And thanks for the information regarding Triber. It is also very helpful.
Sir, now i have one question.
If i consider a 5 seater in the same budget mentioned earlier and which have the needs i mentioned previously which car will be the best option?
2 years ago

I appreciate your concern but would definite like to mention that impact on
> Bumper
> Headlight

is no way related to build quality of car. Lot goes ahead as fine engineering for safe experience other factors too matter.

Anyhow for 5 Seater Automatic and considering
> Space as important aspect
> Car for primarily city usage
> Automatic Car
> Lifestyle Features

Can consider in Nissan Magnite XV CVT Automatic (although long waiting time frame), will cost around 10 Lakh On road but from
> CVT Perspective for convenience of drive
> Maximum Usage within city where this car performance is tuned ideally for city use
> Space perspective where 3 adults can actually seat on rear seat with good legroom
> Features - Touchscreen, Camera, Adjustable head restraints on front & rear, Auto Climate Control, Height adjustable driver seat to adjust driver seat for best position, Alloys and all makes this car loaded with all modern age features as what required in car
> Nissan also introduced in Gold AMC and 5 year warranty. Although this will exceed your budget further by 30K - but will offer peace of mind ownership, details on Nissan Magnite AMC Plan
> Magnite scored 4 star in ASEAN NCAP
> For Mileage - 13 to 15 Kmpl in City expected in regular drive which may drop to 11 to 12 Kmpl in Bumper to Bumper Traffic. 17 to 20 Kmpl on Highway Drive can be expected

> Steering feel and feedback is mediocre - but as your requirement is 95% in city use - wont experience in issues
> Interior plastic quality, fit and finish is very average
> Firm suspension so not very comfort oriented in drive

But overall basis need, requirement, budget Nissan Magnite XV CVT is decent pick and if seek to restrict in budget then Magnite XL CVT is what should go ahead with.

Hope should help !!
2 years ago
Thanks for the information. It is very helpful for me. ????
I have never considered nissan but the suggestion by you turned out as very much helpful for me. The magnite XV CVT got everything, though a little high on budget.
But still I am definitely considering nissan magnite now.
Another thing, is the new Honda Amaze is good? Because as i have not much option in my hand to choose (except your very appropriate suggestion of Magnite) i want to try some options. Is it worth for giving a look?
2 years ago

I was about to recommend Amaze as to view is even a better car than Magnite in fit, finish, plastic, bright dual tone interiors and yes rear center seat person can be marginally more comfortable as slight better shoulder room space but stopped as you specified (everyone is from taller side and little bulkier also. I my self is 6ft tall)
> rear seat headroom is strict limited in Amaze
> Fixed Headrest on rear sear

If someone of say 5'11 or 6 feet will sit on rear then barely any space left on rear seat headroom

Nissan Magnite on other side has
> Adjustable head restraint
> Comparatively has better headroom space (although not great but way better than Amaze on rear sear)

Hope it helps !!
2 years ago
Thank you very much for your valuable support and helpful suggestions. It'll definitely help me to choose.
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