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  3. Monday, September 13 2021
Hello Gagan Sir,

Hope you are doing good !

About my driving experience.

I owned a 2nd hand 2011 model old MS Alto LXI car for 4 years which went for a total loss in the recent Hyderabad floods. I love driving and always crave for driving on long drives etc. I have limited experience of driving Ertiga, Dzire, Aspire and Hyundai EON on requirement basis.

I had booked Ford Ecosport on 5th August and was eagerly waiting for the debacle. It was a dream car for me for years now and when the time really came to own one, the dream just got broken by Ford India's announcement of organizational restructure.

I am in a complete mess now as I don't have any car right now (old was car submerged in floods in 2020 and was sold for scrap value).

I am looking for suggestions from you as I never though about any alternative to Ecosport.

My requirements:

1. Riding within city limits on weekends mostly (not every weekend) inside 20km radius, occasionally on weekdays also. Not planning to commute to office as I have office cab/shuttle option, but occasionally I will need to do when required. Office is around 13 kms from residence.

2. Long drives 3 to 4 times a year to outstation places and 2 to 3 times a year to native place i.e. around 900 kms.

3. Mostly 3 Adult passengers as of now, i.e. a couple + parent above 60 yrs age.

4. I love driving and always crave for it. I used to take out my car almost everyday just for even a short casual ride also.

5. Looking to keep the car for 10yrs.

6. Currently based at Hyderabad,Telangana and have plans to move to Bhubaneswar,Odisha.

7. Petrol and Diesel car anything is fine. Diesel is preferred for performance.

8. If I commute daily to office later, then monthly running close to 750kms for city driving. Not sure about highway drives monthly running.

9. Budget is around 10 lakhs exshowroom max but I look at least cost of ownership & best driving dynamics and value perspective.

10. Prefer a car with enough ground clearance as I live in Hyderabad and the roads are pathetic moreover in rainy season within the city itself.

11. Good Air conditioning and I would not prefer a vehicle that performs different when AC is OFF and different when AC is ON.

Features I would like to have priority wise

1. Driver seat height adjustment - I am only 5 ft 4 inch person and I feel high seating position makes me feel comfortable.
2. Rear seat headrest - This is one thing I have experienced or missed sitting on back seat during long drives.
3. Reverse parking camera.
4. Steering mounted controls - I have had a bad experience juggling my phone calls during driving in the city which is very dangerous and distracts the attention while driving. But if there is an alternative to pick phone call like any bluetooth switch/etc other than steering mounted controls then I am good.
5. Rear Wipers - During rainy season, driving at night even in city really helps.
6. day night IRVM.

I can forgo the below features if I get a good car at a decent price.

Good to have features (features which can be managed if not available)

7. More Boot space
8. Automatic climate control.

I am not very particular about the remaining features like music system etc etc but on any day would love system like best speakers for best experience.

Things I look for in a car :
1. Decent Ground clearance
2. Build & metal strength.
3. Fit and finish.
4. Comfortable for long drives.
5. punchy engine and stable highway dynamics.

Things I don't prefer in a car.
1. Unneccesary gimmicks/feartures and electronics.

I am basically looking at a car which can take me literally me to any place in India like hills, highways, little offroads nearby waterfalls etc, bad roads, village roads where the speed breakers are super high :D.

I have test driven
1. Hyundai Venue SX diesel. - Never felt like a SUV.
2. Maruthi Suzuki Scross. - Liked the most.
3. Nexon Petrol and also Diesel. - Liked both of them.
4. Maruthi Suzuki Brezza. - I felt like an alto from inside, but from outside its like a SUV.

Other options in my mind
1. Nexon XM or XMS petrol.
2. Altroz petrol iTurbo XZ
3. Altroz XZ diesel -- if budget stretches, it ticks all options but only confusion in Ground clearance. Good from Cost of ownership perspective also.

Overall looking at a car with LOWER COST OF OWNERSHIP of a car for atleast 7 years time.
Kindly need your expert and unbiased suggestion.
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Gini,

Greetings !!

See - driving dynamics awas what Ford famous for, which cant be matched by Maruti or Hyundai Cars
If you seek
> Performance
> Driving Dynamics

then somehow Maruti cant matched in same
I read your complete details and basis requirement preference as
> a car with raised ground clearance
> Boot Space say to be minimum 300 Litre or ideally 350 Litre or more
> Features List as specified
> Build Quality
> Highway Dynamics

The best choice as what recommended for your need, consideration is Tata Nexon XZ Petrol @ 9.27 Lakh exshowroom is a great choice with strong reasons

1. Although Steering and Handling is not as great as Ecosport but better than Maruti, HYundai range
2. 5 Star Build Quality with ESP as important safety element for highway
3. Impressive in seating cabin space with good boot of 350 Litres
4. Yes this car has quite well loaded features - adjustable head restraints on front and rear, camera, touchscreen, rear ac too (although misses on rear wash wiper)
5. AC Performance is good
6. You really dont need Diesel Engine. Can opt for nexon petrol. This 1.2 Turbo 120 PS and 170 NM is reasonable impressive on sports mode and city model too can be considered good

Overall, this is a great value pick basis need, requirement as specified in
> Performance
> Safety
> Highway dynmaics
> Build Quality
> Handling

Also, suggest to recheck for ingress / egress especially for your parent as the floor of the car is slight raised - should not be a discomfort.
But - overall basis need - this is what recommended pick and should be what considered over other cars.

Hope should help !!

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Gini Srinivas Rao Accepted Answer
Hello Gagan Ji,

Thank you for your response ! Hope you are doing good :)

Undoubtedly Nexon XZ is a car which covers all the must have features that I am looking for except for rear seat adjustable headrest and driver seat height adjustment.

It costs me around Rs. 10,86, 235 on road here in Hyderabad excluding the essential accessories and extended warranty and can be bargained for Rs. 10.7 lacs.

Nexon XMS costs around 10.33 lacs and can be bargained for 10.20 lacs at max and I feel the touch screen and reverse camera can be retrofitted outside also.

At the same, I might get MS S-cross Zeta (which I am aiming at) at almost Rs.11,15, 000 on road Hyderabad. So I am in a slight dilemma related to.

1. Tata's after sales service and support.
2. Overall Cost of ownership.
3. Value for money.
4. Reliability and peace of mind.

Can you clarify my doubts in my mind and suggest here from value proposition.
Also I never checked other cars like of Honda and I won't go for Hyundai and Kia at the same time.
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hi Gini,

Somehow differences are lot more in Nexon XMS and XZ

For a difference of 50K, you get
> Touchscreen with Android Auto
> Rear View Camera
> Rear seat headrestraint which is marked as must in preference set
> Front Fog Light, Smart Voice Alert
> Height Adjustable Driver Seat
> Body Colored Door Handle
> Fabric Insert on Door Trim
> Shark Finn Antenna
> Some gimmicks of rear ac vents and cooled glove box

Yes will miss on Electric Sunroof which otherwise is there in XMS
So - depends on requirement. To view nothing replicates factory fitted work as against modification work

For S Cross
Well S Cross is a great car in itself.
> 1.5 Litre Engine is frugal
> Maruti after sales, reliability, cost of ownership
> Sheet Metal Quality feels sturdier in S Cross
> Much more spacious and superior feature loaded in Zeta
> Recline Rear seat makes it well comfortable

Only issue which made us not recommended this car
> Lacks Handling character as otherwise in Nexon
> The platform as used is heartect chassis platform and somehow this heartect platform not proved well in safety aspect in other cars (Ertiga scored just 3 star with unstable structure)

If can ignore in safety aspect then S Cross Zeta is a great value choice
Else care for proven one in safety rating aspect - Nexon is value pick.

Hope should help !!
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Gini Srinivas Rao Accepted Answer
Thank you so much Gagan Ji. It helps.

I am little more clear from your response but there is a small correction in the "For a difference of 50K, you get" section posted by you in the previous answer.

Nexon XZ doesn't comes with the below as per their brochure in the tata motors india website. I have attached a screenshot of the same for reference.

> Height Adjustable Driver Seat.
> Rear seat head restraint which is marked as must in preference set.

So keeping the above into contention can you help to provide more decisive conclusion in this context.

Thanks & Regards,
Gini Srinivas Rao
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

Thanks for sharing
My Bad. looks like that Tata Motors silently shuffled in features as earlier
> height adjustable driver seat
> Rear Seat Head restraints
was available, but looks like that Tata Motors silently removed same from XZ and put it in XZ Plus Model

With abive 2 features not available - yes Nexon XM looks like much better value (for XMS - although that sunroof is smaller and dont make a difference in real world condition with that price premium not worth, rest if you still desire for sunroof may go ahead for same)

Hope should help !!
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