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  1. Vishnu Chandra
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Saturday, September 11 2021
Hi Gagan,

My Requirement is 50 percent City and 50 percent highway.
In city 3 person will be travelling and for the highway mostly 5 person will be travelling.

I Stay in Trivandrum, Kerala where city traffic cannot be comparable to metros. There is no bumper to bumper traffic usually I can travel in average 30 KM/h – 40 Km/h inside the city.

My priority is on Safety and next Reliability(Vehicle should not get breakdown on Roads). After Sales service comes third on my priority. Mileage is not a big issue for me.

My budget is 12 to 14 Lakhs.

I test drove Honda city, Amaze, Jazz. In Honda city family members felt 3 person in the rear for long journey is difficult. Middle raised bump seat is very difficult to sit and travel for long journey. For Amaze and Jazz they don’t wont to compromise on head rest in 1 million rupee car. They not all felt comfortable. We have only one service centre in Trivandrum for Honda that is 30 KM away from my home. Not getting good feedback for this service centre from my friends. Any way family members not agreeing for any of these vehicles as rear comfort is not there. WRV some how I don’t like a design which is a person choice.

From Hyundai, As even seltos received 3 star from GNCAP with unstable build structure. I decided to avoid both Hyundai and seltos co. Safety is my priority.

From XUV300, Family members felt the boot space is not enough for our highway trips.

I don’t want to go for brands other than Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata, Kia, Honda, Toyota and Mahindra.

From Maruthi, Only Brezza and S-Cross have good build. In Scross the middle seat has a bump where 5 person in rear is not comfortable so am left with the option of brezza here.

From Tata, Family members felt rear seat very comfortable for three persons in the rear and brezza too they felt three person’s comfortable. So am narrow down to two choices brezza and Nexon.

From Nexon, I test drove AMT in which I felt very jerky. It is like when ever there is gear change happening I fell like I come front and back. Manual Version am ok with that. My family members was with me in rear they felt very comfortable in our test drive of 10 km. A pillar issue of Nexon I didn’t felt much as used to lean forward and backward when taking right turns even in my current vehicle.

For Brezza, I felt TC is much smother than AMT. There are some lag but which is not like a jerk in the AMT version.

So I need to decide between Nexon manual vs brezza TC.

My heart loves more Nexon. The Safety features like ESP, Traction control, 5 star build quality tempting me to go for Nexon. Interior wise I liked both nexon and brezza. Will the ESP be useful for me when I crusing at 100 in highways. As Nexon is from TATA will these safety features works actually in the real world ? Other side Maruthi after sales service tempting me for brezza with a comfort of automatic.

Tata service centre is just 1 KM from my home. Maruthi service centre also just 3 KM from my home.

After sales some how I can manage. My main question is will I face breakdown in roads with the tata vehicle. And can I able to plan reliable long term journey with my family in Nexon.

What is your suggestion on vehicle for my above requirements.

Thank You

Vishnu Chandra
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Vishnu,

Greetings !!

Appreciate details as shared,

Starting with Nexon
1. As i understand you felt lot of jerks while driving car. See important to get on that Nexon is what available in Multi Mode - Eco, City and Sport
Unsure on which mode were you driving and driving pattern. See
> AMT Cars need slight adjustment in driving style, one need to adapt in style of linear push
> Nexon is most liveable when driven in Sports mode (although may come at cost of fuel efficiency) for revv friendly performance and jerks feels rather minimal followed by city mode (Which is lot better than nexon which was sale in 2020 but yes has some jerks when driven hard). Eco Mode is best to avoid and only be used while cruising on highway

I suggest to test drive Nexon again as the BS6 Version is not that bad. 3 things
1. Tell sales consultant to drive with a longer distance to experience the car
2. Start with City Mode and within 1 km slot in sports mode to experience the car
3. Try to push accelerator in slight linear way

I mean to say - can experience in different side of this car
Also try and test drive from some other dealer as its also possible that due to abuse of Test drive car - finding higher jerks been the problem is lot sorted in BS6 version as launched last year

2. ESP: Yes can make a difference in emergency situation. ESP with Traction control can come to play when
> Pushing Brakes at higher speed of 100
> Brakes during rain season
> Emergency brakes on highway
so as to help driver to steer the car without losing control

The way ABS and Airbags are important - similar is ESP. Somehow, Auto Manufactrurers in India are still offering ESP in quiet limited variants

Maruti Vitara Brezza
1. At any given day, yes will find Torque converter (even if 4 speed Automatic) better than AMT in transmission response
2. Brezza 1.5 Petrol Engine and comfort oriented suspension feels more lively in day to day city use
3. Maruti Suzuki unmatched reliability in 1.5 Engine and conventional 4 speed Automatic - reliability is unmatched
4. Service aspect and Niggle Free Ownership is another key USP
5. Ingress and Egress in Vitara Brezza feels superior and easy as against Nexon (Nexon comes with sloping roof design and has even higher ground clearance with floor raised. So for taller passemger and for short passengers - Brezza would be relative better in ingress and egress)

Problem with Brezza
1. Interior fit and finish is very average. Very mediocre plastic quality and interiors. Although as i understand you did not found any issues but Nexon interior feels more premium against Brezza and lets admit same.
2. Rear seat recline angle where seat feels placed slight upright. Dont feels as comfortable on long trip

Now which to choose Brezza and Nexon
1. See from Safety experience aspect : Nexon is unmatched. Not only 5 star Build but ESP too makes a difference in emergency situation
But Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza been based on global platform and is one such car which scored impressive in safety rating aspect

2. From reliability, after sales : Its not that Nexon going to break down, its that from niggle free ownership, peace of mind reliability where you just have to take car for annual service and not to worry about any part failure makes Maruti Suzuki a leader (may even consider in Urban cruiser - if have Toyota service center proximity). For Nexon somehow important to understand that
> As a product all initial niggles been resolved and sorted in last 4 yrs
> Product is much improved as was in yester years
> BS6 Version comes with even superior refinement

But this product if you ask me from niggle free ownership - well i cant claim that. Some part of other - users face in issues.
Also one need to adopt in idling to ensure long lasting reliability from turbo charger

3. Will always experience in better smoothness and refinement from 1.5 Litre Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine and 4 speed Torque converter against AMT

4. Somehow in city drive, suspension tuned towards better comfort in Vitara Brezza

5. Spare Part availability, After sales is another plus point of Vitara Brezza

Nexon - its not that bad in AMT, one need to adjust in driving style and unmatched safety experience makes it a great choice
Steering Feedback on highway and ESP can make a difference

But, care for all rounder superior value proposition package in terms of reliability, comfort, ease of ingress and egress yet a car with good safety experience too, superior after sales and a car where can vouch for peace of mind ownership - Maruti Vitara Brezza or counterpart Toyota Urban cruiser to view would be a better pick (But with a disclaimer - pls avoid taking car beyond 100 Kmph speed - steering do not offer as much a feedback on higher speed)

Overall Brezza Zxi Automatic / Toyota Urban Cruiser would be recommended pick provided you admit to yourself to keep speed limit at max 100 kmph on highway.

Hope should help !!

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Vishnu Accepted Answer
Great explanation sir.

I have some doubts , want your view on below aspect to confirm my purchase on brezza.

1. How about the maintenence cost of TC in brezza. Will it be much costlier than AMT of nexon.

2. Xl 6 offer ESP in automatic version. Is it sensible to go for XL6. Is it safe like brezza with ESP onboard.

3. How superior is breaking and handling of nexon comparable to brezza. Is breaking and handling of breza comparable with nexon.

4. If am going at speed of 90 km/hr in four ways and 60 km/ hr in two line road.. will the need for ESP be lesser?
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Admin Accepted Answer

1. Brezza service schedule is once a year / 10,000 Kms while Nexon is having 6 month / 7500 Kms (with Oil Replacement at 15K Kms)
Can have details on Brezza Service Cost
Its fair competitive with average annual paid service cost will be in range of rs 5000 to 6000 (except major service every 40K Kms / 4 yrs which will be close to Rs 8000)

2. Some XL6 shares same platform as Ertiga (heartect platform) and this car scored 3 star in Global NCAP with structure marked unstable in crash
Brezza has better stable 4 star safety rating. So despite of no ESP - Brezza is relative more safer car than XL6 / Ertiga

3. Not Handling experience - somehow Nexon has superior handling experience over Brezza
But from brake bite and braking feedback - expect Brezza to be at par and has decent braking experience which makes stop car without much drama.

4. ESP role is lot different
Suggest to refer on Youtube video by Bosch on ESP detailing comprehensively

Hope should help !!
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Viahnu Accepted Answer
Thanks sir. My final queries I convinced my family members for honda city which has all safety features like esp and 5 star rated crumple zone. My only fear is due to low sales of honda cars, will they exit India like Ford? Am almost going to book honda city..waiting for your final words
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hi Vishnu,

Future is uncertain for any car manufacturer selling in sub 5000 units
Honda Cars India too closed in Greater Noida Plant

But bottomline remains
> Honda Amaze has its own customer base and recent update put it well with a demand from buyer looking for Amaze
> City is an icon in itself and a great all round choice for anyone considering a Sedan
> Future plans where Honda Cars India set to introduce in new SUV in Indian Market in next 2 yrs
> Honda Cars India average sales at 8500 UNits which is still better than most other Manufacturers
> Honda Cars India where they sold in close to 1.8 Million Cars and has much higher scope for spare part sales and service oppportunity
> HOnda Car India is profitable where OEM reported 490 crore profits in 2017-18, 1141 crore profit in 2018-19 (details not available with us for recent years)

To best of view - i dont foresee any reason why Honda Cars India will shut down as against Ford where Ford was relaigning strategy by closing in different locations of world

Hope should help !!
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