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  1. Amrish Yadav
  2. New Car Deals & Offers
  3. Thursday, September 09 2021
Hi Team,

I am planning to buy a new car in premium hatchback segment and I ended up choosing Tata Altroz because safety is my first requirement.

Location: Pune

I am planning to buy XZ model. I need an expert opinion on where I can make some benefits in terms of money.
1. For test drive they had only top model which is iTurbo. I am planning to buy non - turbo model. They said city drive mode is same as non-turbo and I found it fine. Didn't feel any lag in 1st , 2nd gear as per online reviews from 2020. So, Is it correct that city drive mode is same as non-turbo?
2. I saw your website has mentioned 15k cash discount offer on XZ model. Dealer is denying any such offer is going on. How can I provide him proof of information?
3. Dealer is ready to give me 13k discount on insurance. Is it a good deal?
4. Also he is ready to provide complementary accessories (mats & mud flaps). What else I can bargain?
5. Accessories I need are seat covers, car cover and rain visor. Shall I buy it from a dealer or outside? Is seat cover essential if I go for XZ model ?
6. I liked Hyundai i20 as well. But it doesn't have any Global NCAP ratings. Any expert opinion on that?

Amrish Yadav
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Amrish,

Yes Tata Altroz is impeccable in terms of
> Build Quality
> Safety Rating
> Handling Dynamics
> Very Impressive Seating comfort

Coming to queries as raised

1. Petrol Engine: Nop - Altroz iTurbo is different in power delivery. The way high torque build up in Iturbo is way different from Altroz Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine.

Its important to test drive in Altroz 1.2 Petrol Naturally aspirated petrol engine as
> somehow overall performance of Altroz 1.2 Petrol is strict average
> Engine Noise levels are on higher note when you driving at higher speed

Infact so much so can say if you ask me the biggest shortcoming of Altroz then will say 1.2 Litre Engine
Where the car shines in Safety, Handling, Good Wide Open Doors, Steering Feedback, Mature Suspension - it seems a lot teft to be desired in this 1.2 Litre Engine. However, one can modify in driving style by driving in fair relaxed way to get the best

On other hand - 1.2 Turbo Petrol tuned in such a way that when you experiencing in city mode - despite of Turbo drive feels lot better with linear and better grunt as against boring output from 1.2 Litre Petrol.

I really wished that Tata could have offered Altroz only in 1.2 Turbo Petrol for overcoming the biggest shortcoming
So - my suggestion for you is to test drive and experience the car

Also if you drive in I20 and Baleno back to back - can easily make out difference.

2. Discounts: Will update in tommorrow business hours as Scheme subject to vary in.

3. Dealer is ready to give me 13k discount on insurance. Is it a good deal?
Whats the quoted value of
> Car Insurance as per price list
> Which insurance company is he offering same from
> What all covers included in same

Pls share so as to let know details

4. Complimentary Accessories: Mats and Mud Flaps are basic.
Depending on dealer stock and negotiation by involving multiple dealers a better savings on accessories can be negotiated
Mat, Muf Flap, Car Cover and Perfume are somewhat can easily be negotiated free
Check this real life example

5. Accessories I need are seat covers, car cover and rain visor. Shall I buy it from a dealer or outside? Is seat cover essential if I go for XZ model ?
Nop - one may just continue with fabric seats. See Altroz comes with black fabric color seats by default - can save on seat cover
Sun Door Visor or rain visor is an economical accessory may get from dealer only for better quality and glu. Can get 10% discount
Car cover as referred before suggest to negotiate free

6. Hyundai I20: A great car - yes
> Superior engine refinement
> In cabin space aspect
> Light steering, light clutch, sleek and smooth gear shift
> Drives lot better in performance and NVH against Altroz in city drive
> Feels more stylish, more premium
> Very reliable and segment lowest cost of ownership
> Mileage part too

Only part where Tata scores better
> Handling dynamics of Altroz on higher speed
> 5 Star Build Quality
> Offering slight higher features in lesser price

But be assured once you experience in I20 - it feels a lot more soothing experience.
Somehow safety aspect is questionable and fact that
> Nios scored 2 star
> Kia Seltos (kia part of Hyundai globally) scored 3 star

theres no reason to feel that I20 can score better as 4 star unless proven by Global NCAP basis crumple zone and engineering aspect
So that may be one thing which need to adjust on basis controlled speed drive and disciplined lane driving (ofcourse need same in Altroz too) but is important from safety aspect

Hope should help !!

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Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Amrish

As checked and validated too - Tata Motors withdrew offer scheme on Altroz XZ Petrol
Although the scheme of Rs 15,000 cash discount was continuing till 3rd september - but when latest scheme of month was announced on 4th september - it was withdrawn

Same been corrected on site too.
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Amrish Accepted Answer
Thanks for your quick response.

--> Insurance quoted value is 45733. He said they have multiple major insurance providers. From the quoted price he was ready to give 13k discount from margins.
It is zero dep 1 year + 2 years third party. Details on the cover were not discussed.

--> Default 2 yrs/75000 km warranty will be provided. With 6000 more 1 year extended warranty is added with same 75000 km. Considering that I drive moderately and mostly city run, is it worth buying?

-->Considering I have 80% city usage and your Altroz 1.2L petrol engine feedback, would it be a good choice to go for Altroz XT iTurbo instead of regular XZ without stretching budget?
How much do I have to compromise on mileage if I go for turbo charged engine?

--> I am not in a rush to buy a car. Should I wait for year-end discount offers?

--> He was asking for part payment before PDI. He said when a car is registered on my name from the company and an invoice is released then only it is sent to the showroom and PDI can be done. Is it correct?

Honestly, I like i20 more. But don't want to compromise on safety.

PS: The price list is not updated on your website. Hence calculator section is not as accurate as expected.
e.g. Tata Altroz 1.2L petrol XZ latest price is 792400. Whereas website says 785900
(Pricelist from a Pune dealer attached)

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Admin Accepted Answer
Hi Amrish,

Insurance is gross overpriced as what quoted by dealer
Insurance companies have OD Discount which usually ranges from 50% to 70% and thats not dealer level discount

Suggest to call up
> Tata AIG customer care - they offer lower premium when taking quote directly through there customer care,

> Also check with HDFC Ergo . as per available info HDFC Ergo with IDV of 7.52 Lakh (@95% of exshowroom) with included add on covers as zero depreciation, Engine Protection and consumable cover will cost in Rs 27,500 approx

Extended Warranty
Strong recommended and not for 3 yrs, but opt for 5 yrs one which will cost in rs 14500 + GST
Considering Tata Cars - it becomes more imperative for peace of mind ownership
Running or less running - EW is strong recommended for longest period in Tata Cars

Yes - cars are bought for long term
Will recommend Altroz Iturbo over Altroz XZ
Even if you have majority of drive in city - be assured this iTurbo petrol engine designed in such a way that will offer linear pickup in city mode without much lag. You will real admire in Iturbo over regular 1.2 Engine and will never have to repel

Well somehow TML demand is near 100% and they near 100% capacity utilisation in PV Space
With Punch also going to launch in - production plans of Altroz may just be adjusted a bit which will further increase waiting period too
Somehow dont anticipate much on Altroz

Looks like dealer could be asking for booking amount so as to open the booking
Rest if vehicle is invoiced then whats the point of PDI
PDI is done before invoice, before car registration
Pls refer MyCarHelpline Videos for same

Thanks for feedback, we are working on to update in prices and will soon be done on site in next couple of days

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Amrish Yadav Accepted Answer

Altroz went down in the choice list. Family did not like door lock mechanism. Door lock is integrated in handle. It is unsafe for kids.

Now I am considering Honda Amaze vs i20.
I am not able to judge the difference much by test drive. I could really use an expert opinion to take a decision.
Engine, Suspension, Handling and other things.

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Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Amrish,

Thats a separate question been requirement preferences changes and not related to original one,
We make all effort with research based answer to assist in consumers.

Somehow premium support enables 1 question with follow up queries related to same.
Still as exception to assist on - as you specified safety is foremost importance in original post. Amaze scored 4 star in Global NCAP (in south african version - which is almost similar to Indian Version), but I20 safety rating not available (Been Seltos scored 3 star and Seltos part of Kia which is hyundai owned , no reason to belive that I20 can score better than Setos)

Amaze can be a pick.
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