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  1. rohan mookim
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Saturday, August 28 2021
Hi Gagan ji,

Really appreciate the you tube videos you have made. It has helped me a lot.

I am looking for your expertise to help me suggest a new car. This will be my first car and my budget 8-10 lac. Also, i have recently learned driving. I am not a very drive enthusiast type but need below things from my car

1. Safety
2. Comfort
3. Mileage - as petrol cost is high
4. Good driving experience
5. Space - for 5 people
6. Value for money

Also, i m bit confused between manual and cvt cars. When i test drive cvt, i found it very convenient but not sure about the life of gear box, service cost and mileage for cvt. I can go with manual too if it better suits my need but i m confused, how to decide. Please suggest me which will be better option manual or cvt

My driving will be 70% in city (500 - 600 km commute in gurgaon) and 30% on highway.

I have test drive below cars

1. Altroz - Safety is good, but lack of premium feeling and noise was on higher side

2. I20 - all very impressive but lack of safety and i have heard very bad review about mileage. Most of the store had only have imt variant, so couldnt drive manual or ivt.

3. Amaze - comfort, spacious, safet rating of 4, but lack of features as compared to i20. Test drive cvt, there was a rubber band effect for 3-4 second if hard accelerated

4. Nexon - drive is good but space utilisation is not great as amaze. Under thigh support felt less. If i ignore these point, main thing is xz model which has most usable features is costing 10.4 lac which higher than my budget. Initially my budget was 9 but then i increased to consider cvt variants.

Please do let me know actual mileage for these cars in gurgaon city drive.

Please sugget a good option. Also, if you thing i should consider any other car then do let me know.

Attached payment screenshot for your reference.

Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Rohan,

Pls find inputs

When i test drive cvt, i found it very convenient but not sure about the life of gear box, service cost and mileage for cvt.
No apprehensions, CVT is time tested proven transmission and used internationally in range of cars with over 50 yrs of development to it (although first CVT came in 100 yrs+ back)

With a Knack been developed of CVT - expect very best of reliability about CVT Gear Box and if
> Timely Serviced
> With Oils, Fluids and Filter changes
> Dont abuse in Transmission like using gearbox for resting left hand, racing car at start, holding car on hill using accelerator etc

trust wont observe any reliability issues with the car.

If you have to experience 70% of drive - be assured an Automatic car is best choice for convenience and stress free drive.

Shortlisted Choices
1. Altroz : Only available in MT. Although this is a great buy basis build, safety, handling but engine performance is mediocre and somehow with budget on your side - you wont admire in engine output response

2. I20 : Well with kerb weight reduced by 100 Kg - IVT response is fair impressive
Spacious, Features Loaded, Ease of dynamics with Light Steering, Styling
Mileage is not that bad as what you got review. Can expect in 12 Kmpl in city condition
Yes - theres definite apprehension on safety aspect if you consider 5 star cars like Altroz and Nexon in review

3. Amaze: You got it right, Light Steering, Soft suspension
CVT is best when you drive with relaxed foot and the car in question comes in 1.2 Litre Engine, if you revv hard will always find lag
Its not Honda city where larger capacity engine makes it relative better, so one need to adjust in driving style that way

4. Nexon : This is AMT and trust the kind of enhancement which Tata Motors did to AMT Gearbox with improved multi mode response and fact that your driving to considerable extent is in city use - i strongly feel that Nexon XMA AMT can prove to be better pick over XZ Model
> AMT adds a lot of convenience factor as no clutch pedal
> You can slot to sports mode to get the performance feel as and ever wanted
> With rising traffic situation - Your daily drive would be stress free
> Nexon XMA AMT has all bare essential features (ESP, Projectors, AC, Power Steering, All 4 Power Window, Remote Lock, 2 Din Music System) and can upgrade with Rear View Camera as accessory which will cost Rs 5500 to 6000. Be assured that car on road price too will be under 10 Lakh
> Adding on combination of 5 Star Safety with ESP as differentiating element

> AMT too has some jerks when drive enthusiastically
> Mileage is not great
> Yes you wont find as good as space as in Amaze
> Engine Noise levels on higher side
> Ingress and Egress slight an issue for taller people or one with orthopaedic issue
> Will miss on Touchscreen kind, no Auto Climate Control, no Factory Fit Fog light etc

But - be assured that Honda Amaze CVT or Jazz CVT (if feel even more sturdy build and premium interiors) would be best pick with strong reasons
1. You never have to complain for space aspect - impressive in cabin seating space and quiet impressive boot space
2. Though not immaculate in build - but can trust Honda Cars from safety aspect with fine engineering and crumple zones to deliver good safe drive experience
3. Amaze got relative soft suspension and seating is more towards comfort. Jazz has relative stiffened suspension so highway dynamics, grip and stability is better on higher speed
4, From Mileage perspective - well 12 to 13 Kmpl in city and anyathing around 17 Kmpl on highway can be a reasonable expectation
5. Its a Proper Automatic TRansmission as against AMT and expect superior refinement and linear pickup response. When seek performance, slot gear in sports mode and use paddle shifters for fun experience
6. Service schedule once a year and expect annual service cost in range of rs 5000 to 6000
7. Opt for Amaze fully loaded Vx CVT or Jazz Vx CVT - will find feature loaded cabin, premium interiors, space and convenient hassle free drive experience

Although my pick would be Jazz CVT due to more premium cabin, more sturdy, better grip and superior highway dynamics but somehow very small headrest and lack of rear center seat armrest is slight a down point.

Do note that we all buy cars for long term for several years of ownership and when you buying your first car important to buy one which offers convenience.

CVT Rubber band effect is something which can be easily over ruled by adjusting driving style.
But from Value Buy Perspective - am sure will love in experience of Amaze CVT / Jazz CVT

Hope should help !!

Sai Teja Accepted Answer
Sir,Can you please add about Nissan Magnite CVT too? Similar situation as the original post is in.

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