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  1. Amol Phadke
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Wednesday, August 18 2021
Hello Gaganji,

I had put my plan to buy the car on hold as thought to continue with my rapid for another year or so and also you had suggested the same. However, recently aging there have been problems with car (engine external belt and roller are to be changed + front shock absorbers and its mounting + 2 tyres), also there is decrease in pickup of car and steering wobbles where break applied at 70-80 km speed. Considering this I am thinking to sell of they car and buy new one with some add on budget. You had suggested Tata Tigor, however, family (2 kids + Mother + Wife) didn't feel it spacious enough epically rare seat. Also, price of Diesel Amaze is almost 2 lacs more then petrol variant and I don't think it makes sense that even after 4-5 years I will be able to recover the extra cost I will be paying for diesel car if I just consider mileage perspective.

so have looked at other options and will need your suggestion to finalize the car.

With Budget of 10-11 lacs
1. Honda Jazz V or VX CTV
2. Honda Amaze VX CTV (as per dealer the new upgrade being launched today will not have V CTV option)
3. Baleno Zeta CTV

The other thought which I have is if I buy a car I would expect it to use it for another 7-8 years minimum, so should I go for next segment and considering it options I am looking at is.

1. Ciaz Zeta (Torque Converter) - (On road with Warranty -> 13 lacs Final amount which Dealer has given me)

2. Honda City V-CTV ( I feel this is a complete package for all the perspective but down side is its 2 lacs costlier than Ciaz Zeta CTV) - Is it worth to pay 2 lacs extra from long run perspective) -> On road with 5 years warranty and all the required accessories - 14.90 lacs as my friend has Honda dealership in another city (250 km from Pune) in Maharashtra, he may give further discount i am hoping. he may give discount of Jazz and Amaze as well.

My requirements -> Mileage, Safety, Spacious for family of 5

Mostly my running per month is around 1000-1500 km 90% on highway, rest in city and some parts on bad roads (10-15 km monthly) as I visit my farm over weekends. I am not an enthusiast driver I generally drive at speed between 70-90 km and occasionally 100 km but never beyond that.

Kindly suggest how should I go further?

Also another questions I have here is with Current Rapid (1.6 MPI Ambition Automatic), car is in good shape no scratches and even interiors are very clean, have a third party insurance on it until March 2022, so how much should I expect from its resale.
Insurance company has considered its cost at 3.52 lacs when I had renewed the car insurance in March. How much minimum resale amount should I expect for it as Maruti and Honda dealership will be doing the valuation for it.

Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Amol ji,

Greetings !!

Starting with Skoda Rapid Valuation
See IDV holds no relevance in calculating valuation price of Used Car. For a
> used 2012 Model Skoda Rapid
> Second Owner Car
> Skoda Rapid 1.6 Automatic Petrol (which do not command very high resale in used car market)
> With 3rd Party Insurance

Despite of very well maintained and in immaculate condition - at max Rs 3 Lakh is what fair price, dealer may discount same further by Rs 50K but may negotiate to pitch it as close to 3 Lakh as can make,

Coming to New Car
See if you buying as Skoda Rapid replacement and buying on long term basis then certainly cars like
> Jazz
> Amaze
> Baleno

although have there own usp but do not look like a decent choice

From Full size sedan
If you care from Fuel Efficiency perspective then Ciaz Automatic is what the pick. Adding on
> Suspension which is well tuned for comfort
> Drives smoothly for people with relaxed drive
> Car Scored 4 Star in ASEAN NCAP
> Full Size SPacious Car

Although yes as a product Honda City has its own USP and is
> more safer with ESP
> Feels more STurdy Build
> Sloight better under thigh suppport on rear seat
> Feels more upmarket in cabin
> Honda Ivtec engine in CVT is a notch better

But if you experience on bad roads then to view Ciaz scores marginally better as against soft note suspension set up in City
So upto you - Ciaz is decent pick and value buy and can well suit in need. But as product Honda City is a better product
So if you are not strectching your budget too much and doesnt mind to be very slow on bad roads - Honda city
Else, from value perspective and a car which can perform better on slight bad roads with superior fuel efficiency - Maruti Ciaz

Hope should help !!

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Thanks for your response.

Rapid was my first car which I had got in 2015 for 4.5 lacs and considering that my budget is 10-11 lacs for new car so was thinking of Baleno/Jazz/Amaze. As I am used to driving rapid so I thought of strecting my budget and go to range of full size sedan and considering that paying 4-5 lacs extra from my original budget will be too much for honda city.

The other option I had on my mind was S Cross Zeta (Auto) in comparison with Ciaz and also Rapid TSI rider plus automatic, however it seems skoda dealers are not interested in selling rapid rider plus based on the way thet treat when I enquired for rider plus.

Your thoughts on S cross vs ciaz and opinion about rapid rider plus automatic.

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Admin Accepted Answer
Yes, Budget would like core deciding factor as to shortlist a car

See, if you feel like exceeding defined budget by 4 Lakh to 5 Lakh in terms of choosing in Honda City CVT

> Should restrict for cars which are available under 10 Lakh in Ex-showroom price in Automatic Transmission

> S Cross Zeta Automatic would also like be exceeding your budget as car on road price is just rs 1.5 Lakh lesser or say if you factor in discounts to extent of max 2 Lakh lower than City V CVT Automatic

Basis revised details on budget
> Skoda Rapid Rider Plus Automatic
> Maruti Vitara Brezza Vxi Automatic

would be like best buy for need as specified
Unsure why is Skoda Dealer showing reluctance. Yes dealer incentives are slight limited as against other models, but with
> Insurance
> Finance
> Accessories
> After Sales

this product too turns out to be a good revenue stream for dealer showroom on longer term
If you find any issue w,r.t dealer - pls tweet to Zac Hollis - Director Skoda India
Hes personally ensuring that every prospective customer and owner gets the very best from Skoda India
Do refer that you are an existing Rapid owner and considerng new rapid and concern on dealer response. Am sure he will assign the very best for you

Alternatively - Maruti Vitara Brezza Vxi Automatic (or rebadged version Urban Cruiser) is a great pick (Except Interiors, plastic quality, steering wheel and slight upright rear seat)

These cars will fall in your budget and great pick for need as specified.
May check out !!
  1. more than a month ago
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Finally after test drives of all the cars suggested, a thorough discussion within family and considering all the below points I have booked Honda City V CVT

1. Good deal with Honda City (much better buy back rate offered by Honda for my rapid then what Maruti offered for Ciaz)
2. Got a discount of around 25k as branch manager at Honda showroom came out be an ex student of my late father who was a teacher
3. Delivery within 2 weeks where as Ciza had waiting period of around a month
4. Loan offer from Bank of Baroda at rate of 7.3 per cent with no foreclosure charges

Thanks for all your suggestions. Have just took basic utility accessories along with car.

  1. more than a month ago
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Admin Accepted Answer

Made a quality choice
Wishing great experience

If you wish may join in MyCarHelpline Honda city community group and interact with other owners and buyers of Honda city for a long term discussion content related to city.

May send whatsapp hi on 85957 93939

Best regds
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