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  1. Sai Krishna
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Saturday, July 31 2021
Dear MyCarHelpline Team,

I'm looking at buying this Used Ford Figo.
Details: Ford Figo Titanium
Model: June 2016
Manual Transmission, 1st Owner
Location: Bangalore
Asking Price: Rs 5.12 Lakh

Do you think I should go ahead? I've test driven and I liked it, but I don't anything else that I should evaluate or be concerned about. Please help.


Admin Accepted Answer
Hi Sai,

Greetings !!

As i understand its a June 2016 Model Car and driven 34,916 Kms

Some Comments basis Initial Observation
> As per pics = Tyres reached end of life, they are not even 30% - need immediate replacement. Will cost Rs 16000

> Front Windshield has spot mentioned. Is it crack, not visible in pics.

> Looks like car faced an accident of higher intensity been in past been Front Bumper,Right running board,Rear right door,Right Quarter panel,Rear Bumper,Left Quarter panel,Left running board and Left Front Door are Repainted

> Comprehensive Insurance valid till JUne 2022 - means you have a full year - can transfer to your name,.

> There is nothing specified about Battery. Battery generally last good for 5 yrs. I presume stock battery is there and not been replaced. Will cost in around Rs 3500 to 4000

> Been the car faced an accident -
a) unsure on suspension part. Did you test drive car on corners and bad patch roads ?
Was there any noise and stiffness

b) How was cooling effectiveness ? Been front bumper was damaged, was AC Cooling okay ?

Price Assessment
Kind note that Engine as used then in was a relative low fuel efficient and less powerful than existing 1.2 Litre Dragon Series Petrol Engine

Remember Ford Figo Titanium Petrol Exshowroom price was Rs 5.8 Lakh and with registration, road tax and Insurance in Bangalore means car was Rs 6.9 Lakh at that point of time.

Been a 5 yr Old Car with
> Tyres end of life
> Accidental
> Battery end of Life

Rs 5.12 Lakh is gross overpriced.
Fair price of car is not more than Rs 4.25 Lakh basis conditions as referred.
Even if a used car dealer or broker is selling off - taking there margins of 25K - at best 4.5 Lakh and nothing more than that.

Hope should help !!

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The vehicle is not accidental. It is repainted for scratches is what Spinny says. Can you verify this?
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Sai Accepted Answer
Attached is the service history. Can you please send your feedback?
Attachments (1)
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Admin Accepted Answer

Somehow cant judge from pics if indeed is a paint touchup on scratches
You have to check on whether is a paint touchup or repaint done
Also, Service history just showed last service as in July 2019 - means no service done in last 2 yrs

Even if the paint touchup on scratches done - value can not go as high as 5.25 Lakh
Pls negotiate, at max 4.8 Lakh - you may have to spend in :
> Rs 15K for Tyres
> Rs 3000 for Battery
> Rs 6000 to 7000 for Car Service

So another 25K is what you would be required after immediate purchase.
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Sai Accepted Answer
Thank you, this is helpful.
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