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  1. Nimit Arora
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Saturday, July 24 2021
Hello Gagan Sir.

This is Nimit from Kanpur (All authorized service centres available here )
First of all, I am a big fan of your knowledge base & the way you present it in your videos sir.

Sir, My father wants to buy a CNG Car. Please guide.
I request you to analyse the following requirements, options herein & advise –

? My father (Age 61) currently owns a swift 2010 Vxi .He is planning to sell it is asking for lot of repairs.

His requirements of new/Used car are:
City Running is 1100km per month
Highway Running is 800km per month
Some portion of Village Road 100km per month.
He wants a CNG Car with some boot space. Atleast 1 small suitcase & 1 handbag.
His budget is 5-7 lacs.
Doesn’t want a Maruti Suzuki .

How we plan to Approach the Situation :

Option 1 –
My father is planning to buy Aura CNG which is on road for 8.6 lac (had to extend budget due to lack of options)

Additional relevant info :
o ?My mother (Age 58) is currently driving 2.5 years old Honda Amaze E variant (2.5 years old and only 15000 km driven) running on only petrol.
If my father buys Aura cng , my mother continues to drive the same Honda Amaze petrol car .No major problem here.

Option 2 –
Father takes over Honda Amaze and gets CNG installed from outside. Please tell-

· Is Honda Amaze safe and success with CNG?
· If yes, any known CNG brand you would like to suggest.
· Any particular point which needs to be taken care of while fitting CNG in Honda Amaze.
· Generic important CNG fitting related points.

In this case, Mom will be given a new car by father using the same 5-7 Lacs budget.
Her requirements in respect of new car are
City Running is 1200 km per month.
Once in a blue moon highway running.
Wants an easy to drive city car.(preferably hatchback)
My mother is little image conscious . She does not want ki Honda Amaze se bohot niche downgrade karne pade unko personally . That is why she is not preferring Maruti suzuki ( aap bolonge toh consider karenge- but not wagon R sir )
Not preferring santro ( aap bolonge sir toh mom ko bolunga thoda)
She can go for CNG or only petrol, whatever u suggest.
She is a little hesitant to buy diesel hatchback due to maintenance hassle, although I suggest her otherwise. What’s your take on this point and if you give green light, which car?
Please suggest a new car for mother as per above requirement. We can look for purchasing a demo car or a used car (with less than 10k on speedometer) - if you suggest the same and if u have any specific car in mind.( but finding demo car is a task ). Budget 5-7 lacs sir.

Option 3 –

My father decides to go for a used i20 2-3 year old model & get a CNG installed in it. i20 after CNG kit installation would definitely leave some good boot space. Please tell –
· Is Hyundai i20 safe and success with CNG?
· Any Specific i20 model year you would suggest .
· If yes, any known CNG brand you would like to suggest.
· Any particular point which needs to be taken care of while fitting CNG in Hyundai i20.
· Generic important CNG fitting related points.

Keeping this i20 idea aside, any car which you would like to suggest to my father keeping his requirements mentioned above in mind ( main CNG lag jaye and space bach jaye). I don’t know if I might get an old Honda city in my budget and whether cng would be good in it.Actually Sir, 8.6 main new Aura aayegi .kuch funds bache sir toh I will pick Honda city. Whatever u suggest sir.

My mother continues to drive the same petrol Honda Amaze car. No major problem here.

Option 4 -- If you suggest something totally different , that would be great too.

Net -Net →

→ I hope I am unable to communicate my needs and the current situation.

?Option 1 can be considered but it’s expensive. We may extend our budget & go for this option if you strongly suggest the same.

?Option 2 or Option 3 or Option 4 ,i feel can help us save money (around 1.75 lacs can be saved ).

Also, our house might have 2 CNG cars( if we go down that road ). So, we would be quite future proof in respect of running cost.

All my cards on the table .Waiting for your valuable advice and wish you good health gagan sir.

Regards ,
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hai Nimit ji,

Greetings !!

Pls find inputs

Although on face of it - looks perfect, but why to go way ahead desired budget
A big decision in car buying is to set initial budget first and if you decided to set in range of 5 Lakh to 7 Lakh - i wont recommend going beyond it

Option - 2
Hows your Honda Amaze feedback on
> Highway Running
> Village roads

Reason - whenever we took it for a spin on higher speed - did not found inspiring feedback on highway and on village roads a car with such soft suspension do not perform well. Adding on if CNG Kit Installed to it with added weight on to rear - am quiet skeptical of this change

With just 15000 Kms on Odometer - i suggest your mother to continue and enjoy the experience without any need to change it

Option - 3
Yes, this seems a lot better choice but why Hyundai I20
I mean BS4 I20 used to weigh in higher and CNG as fitted by some users would cost them slight performance loss
Also, boot space was rather small at 285 Litres, wont have much space left in

Yes - Used Honda City too is an option - but for CNG Compatibility Purpose and from Value price point my recommendation is to check out Used Toyota Etios and modify with sequential CNG Kit

Why Etios despite been discontinued ?
> Toyota Etios compatibility levels are pretty higher on CNG. Scores of cab operators using with retro fitted CNG and pretty happy for niggle free experience.
> Big Boot Space of 595 Litres, even after CNG Fitment expect good 300 Litres boot space as left to take on luggage to considerable extent
> Toyota Bullet proof reliability with spares, Quallis which was discontinued way back in 2005 when Innova was launched had spares available even till 2015 readily. Etios and Liva were in production from 2010 to 2020 and we dont expect any issue in spare atleast till 2030
> Toyota Bullet proof reliability and superior after sales service network is a big positive
> 4 Star Safety rated car with bigger 1.5 Litre engine and has lot of grunt at low end

Basis road conditions - a good Condition Etios 3 to 4 yr Old can be near perfect and in terms of price can get in around rs 5 lakh. Modify with sequential CNG Kit from Italian Brands. Infact BRC CNG Kit was pretty popular to the best of my memory in 2018 - 2019

My suggestion - avoid going with already fitted CNG one.
Go with Petrol one and retro fit in with original CNG Kit at your end

So- choosing Option 3 but with car like Toyota Etios would be the best call.

Hope should help !!

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Nimit Accepted Answer
Hi gagan ji !
Hope you are doing well & are in good health

After many discussions with my father

Currently the situation is -

My father's requirement are

Running remains same as mentioned in the above question

---Boot space - 2 small suitcases and 1 handbag
---If CNG, then factory fitted only.
--- we r gonna give a DP of 3 lacs.

Options we are finally considering

1. 2020 model brand new grand i10 nios sportz petrol only @ 6.9 lacs ( 1 year purani but we will be first owner )

2. Hyundai S Aura s cng at 8.9 lacs ( car cost plus ghar ka gate extension cost )

Sir , doubt yeh hain ki finally petrol hatchback main jaaye ya fir cng sedan buy kare . please answer considering the following factors-

1. Petrol here is 98.63/litre & cng is 63.55/kg
2. Real life avg mileage in city and highway seperatly of above 2 cars as per your knowledge
3.Considering the resale value of both cars.
4. My father used his last car for 10 years.

Sir aura ke liye we are paying extra 2 lacs plus interest component bhi thoda sa bhadega accordingly.

So , should we actually go for aura or not ?
Plz tell considering mileage and thr running requirements as mentioned above and how many years will it take to recover the extra 2-2.5 lacs we r paying for aura.

Kaunsi deal beter hain ?

Plz Guide as soon as possible. Thankyou .
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

Pls find point wise inputs:-

see Mileage as you would be aware of lot of factors, but a reasonable expectation should be
> Grand i10 Nios Petrol - 13 to 13.5 Kmpl in city and if cruising at speed of 80 to 90 Kmph on highway can get in 18+
> Aura CNG - 18 to 19 Km/kg in City and if cruising at speed of 80 to 80 Kmph on highway can get in 23 to 24 km

Primary factor of resale would be vehicle condition and service history and thats core
For a very long term - say 8 to 10 yrs down the line - cant comment on how the industry will shape us basis fact EV would be a transformation and would be at very high growth stage

But considering fact of future hike in Petrol price - factory fitted CNG Kit Car would definte be in hot demand in next 4 yrs to 6 yrs
Already many Factory fit CNG Cars are due for launch.
Refer - Upcoming CNG Cars

Best to Buy
See your father has relative high running of 2000 Kms a month
Presuming car will be used in CNG Mode in City and on Petrol Mode in Highway (due to limited CNG Gas refilling stations on highway)
With 1100 Kms a month and basis Present fuel price difference - you will be conservatively saving in Rs 50,000 a year on fuel cost.

But Factoring in difference of
> Insurance premium
> service cost in terms of CNG Kit cartridge
> other hydrostress one
> Interest Cost for taking extra Rs 2 Lakh loan which would be like Rs 10000 a year

The benefits would come down to Rs 35,000 a year - which will take close to 6 yrs for break even and thats a pretty higher period along with the fact of
> CNG Gas refll every 4 to 5 days
> Performance loss in car
> Less features in Aura S against Nios Sportz

Recommendation: Choose in Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Sportz Petrol.
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Nimit arora Accepted Answer
Hello gagan sir,

I studied your last reply . Compared nios petrol and aura cng by making a detail excel cost sheet and considering cng availabilty on our routes.

Turned out almost same cost of ownership for first 5 years -- we finally selected aura cng.

We already booked aura cng but we feel that having 2 sedans in the house is not ..amaze and aura cng is not a really attractive decision for us.

Now ,

We have decided to to install cancel the booking of aura cng , get installed CNG in honda amaze BS4 and chip in some extra money to bring a compact suv (petrol only- to be futureproof for Cng ) in the family..

The only option we like is the Brezza Lxi petrol model.
We are unable to find Lxi brezza in the used car market.
So chipping in some extra bucks to buy new , which is alright with us.

Wanted to know ( only in respect of LXi MT petrol Variant )

1.How much more time for the new brezza model .

2.Expected cost difference in new brezza lxi and current brezza lxi.

3.If there is surety of new brezza next year much many we can expect to save on the old Lxi variant by booking it after 3-4 months - coz year end factor and new model around the corner.

4. What is current mileage of brezza in city. Mother will be driving at around 40-60kmph in city.

5. Expected feature diff in new and old lxi model of brezza

Sir have some specific questions regarding cng -

1. any news regarding govt allowing retro fit cng in bs6. If the govt gonna allow cng fit in the next 2-3 months, we will get cng installed in brezza instead of amaze.

2. Will the 2022/ new brezza model be seen with factory fitted cng in the upcoming launch .
If yes , expected variant of cng and expected ex showroom price.


Should we buy brezza right now at 8.3lac (on road) or wait for december ( if substantial dicsounts then ) or wait for new model next year/ whenever launched .

Please guide
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Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Nimit,

Thats a separate question been requirement preferences changes and not related to original one,
We make all effort with research based answer to assist in consumers.

Somehow premium support enables 1 question with follow up queries related to same.

Still as an exception to assist on - here are some details which can explore on Brezza
Brezza Facelift

CNG in BS6 Car

Existing Brezza Mileage: Check Maruti Vitara Brezza Review

Possibility of Factory Fitted CNG: Yes, is there but cant really comment if CNG would be available at time of launch or not.

Hope should help !!
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