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  1. Prasad
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Wednesday, July 21 2021
Hi Mr.Gaganji

I had pushed my purchase and have now ruled out XUV300 due to low boot space and huge wait times.
(Made payment again and have attached screenshot as support validity expired)

I want to buy an automatic car(preferably CSUV or Sedan - Any fuel type) which I will be retaining for at least 7-8 yrs..
Previously I owned an Alto K10(MT) and have also driven considerable kms in friend/family's Swift/Rapid/Jazz (all MT).

Budget: upto 14L (On road) running mostly in Bangalore City traffic and highway 60%:40% running. Annually 11000km.
Will be buying the car in Hubli, Karnataka.

Booking Time: This month (July)

Priorities (in that order):
* Safety features
* Comfortable suspension
* Ingress/Egress for senior citizen
* Mileage.
People sitting in the rear a 2.5yr kid and people <5' 5" - space/legroom not important but nice to have.

Test Drives/Shortlists:
I test drove a Nexon AMT Petrol and Rapid automatic last week.
I liked the drive in both.
The drive is very smooth(TC) and comfortable and confidence inspiring(have driven many kms earlier).
I'm concerned about the purchase of Rapid due to no stock/production stop and uncertainty on delivery of the Ambition variant from the dealer.
Also I heard the present generation Rapid will also be discontinued this year.
Is it still worth considering this car?

I have now considered the Nexon XZA+S due to better boot space requirements and family preferences like Cruise Control, Sunroof.
1. Do you think it fulfills my requirements (above list)?
2. Are there any unresolved long term ownership issues with this car?
3. Is it worth going for xza+s from a value point of view?
eg: Ecosport offers TC and 4 extra airbags at similar price but ruled out as I heard it has stiff suspension, low mileage and Ford future uncertainty.

I've asked the dealer to give a deal and he has shared his best as below.
Can anything be negotiated on this?
What are the accessories you suggest from the dealer - safety point of view?

Thanks and Regards
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hi Prasad Sahab,

As i understand :-

> Road conditions are not good in Bangalore
> One of your parents has spinal surgery hence rear seat suspension dynamics is of utmost important and is something which needs to be taken a due consideration
> Ingress and Egress too is an important factor too

I can confirm you - Nexon is not the right choice for need as specified

> Do note that ingress and egress from cabin is not the best in Nexon for some one with orthopaedic / spine issue and been relative short 5'3" height - do note that cabin door is placed at height. People with relative short height wont be as ease and kind of medical issue mentioned - its really not going to be as comfy in egress (going out) too.

> Kind of Suspension as suited is Soft Suspension and somehow the suspension dynamics as what offered in Creta / Duster / Kicks in SUV or Honda city / Maruti Ciaz are rather lot better in offering comfort oriented ride as against Nexon

Considering requirements as stated and budget too as factor including bigger boot space too, somehow yes

> Creta
> Duster
> Kicks
goes beyond budget as specified

If you not concerned for resale
My Strong recommendation basis medical issue as referred of senior family member, suspension front is to check out Toyota Yaris CVT Automatic

> Fair Easy Ingress and Egress - infact the best in Mid Sedan Segment

> Suspension dynamics are pretty well sorted. Not as stiiff as Ecosport and neither as Nexon too, but not as soft as City - its the right matured suspension as what required for Indian roads. Just go slow and easy on roads with potholes would be home

> 175mm Ground clearance as near best in Sedan Segment

> CVT Automatic is light and relaxed to drive in

> Toyota After Sales, Sturdy Build, Reliability is another feather

I strongly recommend for Toyota Yaris J CVT (to save money and value pick) or G Option CVT and upgrade with Touchscreen at Toyota dealership as accessory.

Be assured if not concerned with resale and loves relaxed drive - basis preference factors as specified Toyota Yaris J CVT is what the best for your need and suits in lot better

Hope should help !!

Feel free to connect for any queries on same.

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