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  3. Monday, July 19 2021

I am planning to buy a new car , budget estimate is around 8-10 lakhs (possibility of stretching further).

I am a new driver with driving limited to driving school classes. Should I be looking at automatic or manual. My family is just 2 people who don't know driving either. Looking to buy a car from safety, ease of driving and reliability perspective (after sales support). My native place has Ford/hyundai/Maruti/tata/Honda showrooms.

From a usage perspective, I probably will use the car may be around 20-30 km a day (assuming covid reduction and office openings). And a weekend drive over highway of 200 km. I am confused about whether should I look for a hatchback like swift/i10 (safety wise concerns), tiago (amt performance and ease of usage). Or jump to Baleno/i20 (same safety concerns). Relatives suggest brezza automatic model (vxi aur zxi, which seem costly as I stay in Telangana so the on road price jumps to 12/13 lakhs).

I am planning to spend 5-7 lakhs , whatever extra is loan ? Is it prudent to go for compact SUV ? Also is Ford Figo/freestyle okay for new car drivers since their pickup is strong ? (Also the confusion around Ford's exit from India).

To be Frank , I haven't taken test drive of any car as they only have manual models and I am not that confident about the initial clutch/gear release.
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Vishwajit ji,

Greetings !!

An Automatic Car anyday is what
> More Convenient to drive in (no clutch pedal and no need to change in speed gears while on the move)
> Offers creep mode where in bumper to bumper traffic driver just need to press brake and release it (without any need to press accelerator as car will drive in at speed of 7 kmph)
> Unlike Manual Transmission, an AT or AMT Car do not stall in
> With relaxed left foot - both hands on steering without any change of gears, clutch - its Stress free drive in city conditions

For a new learner - an Automatic car should be what default one for convenience and changing times

What Car should buy
Been Family of 2 Members and looking for
> Safety
> Performance
> Reliability

wherein you look like apprehensive on safety concern with Maruti Cars, and AMT & After sales concern on Tata Cars

My strong recommendation is to check out VW Polo TSI Comfortline Automatic with reasons
> You never have to complain for Build Quality in Polo - its a notch better above Maruti, Hyundai and 4 star rated car
> Proper Automatic Transmission in TSI Petrol Engine - an engine which is responsive and 6 Speed Torque converter which is highly reliable
> Polo as a car is driver delight with very impressive Steering dynamics and top notch suspension which compliments driving character in both city and highway for grip

Now some more facts
> This car biggest downside is rear seat which is placed low and has limited legroom - thats the reason why Polo is not a hit and somehow is something which is not concern area in your case been family of 2 members

> For after sales - do note VW Group investing heavily on localisation and somehow scheduled service cost (which used to cost pretty higher earlier) are in present times entered in competitive zone. VW offering
a) 4 year / 1 Lakhs warranty with car as standard, which also has extendable option for 6 yrs / 1.5 Lakh Kms for Rs 30K
b) Prepaid AMC Package been offered where VW as group offering 5 Year Service Value Package for Polo TSI at all inclusive cost of Rs 39K - also includes some wear & tear items

By spending this Rs 70K - can have peace of mind ownership for almost as good as 6 yrs - been only cost to bear would be 6th year service cost from scheduled service pack

> Comes loaded with all standard modern age features as required as basic essential in modern age car

Offer Price: With a offer price of Rs 8.34 Lakh for Non Metallic / 8.44 Lakh for Metallic along with additional 12% road tax in Telangana, Insurance and service pack - final on road price will fall in under 10.5 Lakh zone including 6 yr warranty and 5 yr AMC Maintenance Plans - which is what good consideration deal

Recommended to test drive and experience.

Hope should help !!

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VISHWAJIT R G Accepted Answer
Thanks for the recommendation. Volkswagen showroom/service centre isnt close-by (Have to travel almost 100km) (Reason i had scratched it off earlier along with Magnite). Also should point out , older relatives with back/leg pain might also be travelling (Albeit not drive the car)

Thanks for clarifying the easy to drive aspect of AT/AMT cars, Can you suggest couple of other cars which can fit in to my consideration (As i had mentioned earlier TATA/HYUNDAI/MARUTI/FORD do have showroom/service centre close by). Should i consider Ford FIGO Automatic (Rumoured) , does the rumoured exit of ford from india affect buying it. Is brezza VXI/ZXI AT VFM as people keep harping about ? (For added social status)
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Admin Accepted Answer

Okay - well thats sad for VW to not to have network across and lose in customers

anyhow, appreciate sharing in updated info which is quiet important
> basis proximity network as referred
> basis fact that senior members of family too will be driving having orthopaedic issue

Yes - should consider buying a car where elderly do not need to bend there back and can easily ingress and egress.
Also have good amount of legroom space on rear seat too is important

Although Mahindra XUV300 W6 Petrol AMT is there but I endorse in your friends and relative view - Brezza Automatic is what should go ahead with
> Although a great car from performance, handling, build, 5 star safety and yes offer comfort oriented ride with good recline angle on seat but the biggest issue would be in city drive where one can experience the jerks /pause effect of AMT gearbox.

Somehow Petrol AMT gearbox as used in XUV300 is not as smooth as what Torque converter unit in Brezza - which is like a conventional Automatic gearbox and to view Brezza scores in driving aspect for someone whos recently learned drive.

Brezza USP
> Relative easy ingress and egress. Unlike Nexon which has sloping roof and relative raised ground clearance which may be slight problematic for senior members - they would be better in Brezza
> Rear Seat Legroom Space is good
> Athough Rear seats are placed in slight, but considering maximum use within 2 members and only at occassional use where rear seat to be used - this point is not a deal breaker
> Suspension dynamics offers comfort oriented ride
> Very reliable and top notch in after sales

Downside of brezza
> Interior aesthetics and plastic quality which is quiet mediocre to view.

Last:- Experience in Toyota Urban Cruiser Mid Automatic instead of brezza if have proximity to Toyota
> gets 3 yr warranty
> has better after sales with less crowded experience in service center

Now what to buy - Vxi or Zxi / Mid or High AT /. If budget permits consider going ahead with Brezza Zxi AT or Urban Cruiser Premium AT
> Cars are bought for long term use
> Will always cherish in with
a) improved convenience features as Auto Climate Control, Touchscreen with Android Auto , rear wash wiper, height adjustable driver seat, defogger
b) Interior with Piano black finish
c) exterior styling with Alloys and

Somehow Brezza Vxi AT just looks too basic and when an individual going that far away to cosider in model by spending in close to 11.5 Lakh. Improved features delivers superior ownership experience and no harm to extend budget by 1 Lakh.

Ford Figo Automatic
I cant really comment about Figo Automatic as of now as
> not driven
> really unsure on how would 1.2 AT will experience in

Been in the past Figo AT used to be available with 1.5 Litre Engine and that was a gem with power coupled with handling, dynamics but the car could not sustain longer due to mileage issue and secondly it was available at a cut-throat price which was not harnessing much of margins (to guesses at that point of time)

1.2 Litre Dragon Engine feels average across as used in Ford cars - so unless i get my hands on cant recommend it.
Lastly - basis fact for senior members of family - i dont think Figo would be a good consideration

Final recommendation: Urban Cruiser High AT or Brezza Zxi AT

Hope should help !!
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VISHWAJIT R G Accepted Answer
Thanks for the reply, but due to some constraints, I am thinking about limiting the budget to around 10L on road (Telangana). Brezza ZXI might not cut it as on road is closer to 12.5L -13L. Brezza vxi seems a bit basic as mentioned earlier. How does that narrow the options in terms of automatic cars. Are AMT's that bad as driving enthusiasts keep claiming. Would that even make a difference for a new driver. Nevertheless what is the opinion on Baleno/jazz/i20 CVT (imt turbo for i20). These options are around 10L. Or is it okay to settle down for a swift/i10 nios/tiago amt (as mentioned earlier my drive would be 50/50 highway/city) Is i20 safer car even though it's not tested for safety. There are a lot of YouTube reviewers claiming that as the weight has dropped the safety profile has deteriorated (that weird correlation with door thump noise while closing). But hyundai claims to have used some high strength steel.
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Admin Accepted Answer

Safety has no relation with weight - its a nonsense facto

From requirement perspective,
> Opt for Jazz CVT : If like relaxed driving. Possibly V CVT will come in specified budget. This is for suspension and preference factor of relaxed drive


> Opt for I20 Sportz IMT Turbo: Selling with Rs 25K cash discount + few add on from dealer side for very first time. If seek more responsive performance but ready to upshift or downshift gears on own with a feel of manual transmission. I20 is more exciting and Sportz variant in comparison to Jazz V CVT is better equipped in features list

Basis preference where
> Suspension, relaxed drive, convenience - Jazz V CVT
> Performance, pickup, features list and even lower service cost - I20 IMT Sportz Turbo

Hope should help !!
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