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  1. subhangkar banik
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Wednesday, July 14 2021
My daily running is 10 kms currently (house to office and back). For office it can max go to 30 kms a day . Highway running maybe once in 6 months for 600-700kms to and fro. I drive on 100% bad roads with crater like potholes and whenever there is rain there is water logging so much that i have to wear gumboot and drive.

Currently drive Honda City 2012 model and could drive only 48k kms till date . Like to drive . I can either buy one car of 15/18/20 lakh range . My garage width is 2414 mm length 5000 mm and height -1890 mm. I do not want any car which is wide ( more than 1800 mm) due to lack of turning space.

I can buy two cars-One small car for daily use (majority time shall drive alone) and one SUV/C-SUV for using sometimes. Ground Clearance has become a main factor in the choice of cars. With the rising petrol prices i need a logical suggestion. No. EVs currently due to lack of charging infrastructure at Kolkata and price of the cars are not near to the value they are giving. Have driven available EVs in kolkata. You may also suggest one car as Jack Of All..

The Service centres near my house are Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Honda(no more Honda Please), Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Renault. Both Tata and Mahindra are far off . Sales process of both Tata and Mahindra is substandard and I wonder what will happen to service. All the best and keep up your good work.

Subhangkar Banik
Admin Accepted Answer
Hi Subhangkar ji,

Greetings !!

First of all how are you able to drive in Honda city in such pathetic road conditions
Must be commendable driving skills needed to take on city in such conditions

Basis road conditions as referred - off roader like Thar can be a great call, but yes
> somehow prices increased considerably to extent of 1 Lakh
> Long waiting still on the car
> Mahindra service center proximity is a question

Secondly, Isuzu MUx is a great differentiating choice, but somehow your garage wont take in this car
Also, again service center proximity would be question

Force Gurkha again next alternative due for launch
But from service aspect and dimensions would be an issue

Now. whats left
See - as none of the off roaders coming in, best option left for you is Renault Duster or Nissan Kicks where
> Suspension dynamics
> 205 mm Ground clearannce in Duster / 210 mm in Kicks

Although Width is mere 13 mm to 22mm more in Kicks / Duster, but am sure can be managed in basis garage

and still basis overall conditions, requirement is reasonable better against conditions as referred
Suggest to experience these cars
Yes - car fuel efficiency is not great, but somehow your average monthly usage too expected to be on lower side
For convenience aspect - choose CVT in Turbo Engine as somehow has higher lag in Turbo Manual Transmission
> choose engine and gearbox protection cover as add on coverage in insurance
> Also opt for extended warranty for highest number of period,

For local Usage for city Drive
Suggest to check out Maruti Ignis if in case you seek second car
With 180 mm Ground clearance, suspension tuned towards stiff side.
Somehow has seen earlier due to soft suspension - other cars with raised ground clearance like kwid with 184 mm can scrape in underbody

Hope should help !!
Feel free to connect for any queries

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subhangkar banik Accepted Answer
Thanks for your response. The road was good initially but sudden construction of the longest elevated road of Kolkata led to such bad condition of the road below.
Anyways i had test drove the following:
1. Ford Freestyle diesel/petrol- Liked the diesel very much. But the price of the top mode does not seem to be justified
2. Ford Ecosport Diesel/Petrol: Liked both especially the S diesel model. Great to drive . Required features and lovely suspension that just went through and great ground clearance and good water wading capacity. Diesel clutch was hard
For the above too i am concerned seeing Ford's current condition now. Also the rear seat is not for 3 people
3.Suzuki S-cross- Did not like the engine at all . Though the car is decent the engine has no punch at all and it does not justify the premium price its sets in alpha though zeta is a good buy
4. Hyundai Creta Petrol-Lots of features . Too much waiting period. Steering is too small.3 people can sit at the back. Suspension is damn stiff. We felt the bumps and potholes. They said no diesel for test drive and it was same for all dealers at Kolkata. Nios-wanted this as the second car bt no diesel option or cng option to Test Drive but can be seen in the showroom.Creta has a waiting period of 24 weeks
5.XUV300- Asked for diesel brought petrol . Said no diesel for Test drive. Told to Mahindra also no response. The car is good but seems dealership not good here.
6. Magnite Turbo auto-Terrific drive on my road. Only the steering seems dead and some lag at the lower end. High waiting period of around 20 weeks for top model
Waiting for Tata motors for Nexon. Utterly poor response.
Ignis-I need to know whether the steering and bumpy ride issues has been resolved or not. Is the top model good or do you suggest anything else.
How will be Figo Petrol/diesel as the alternate car?
Now coming to your suggestions-
Kicks/Duster- Shall do a TD and then come to a conclusion. Right now the feedback for Renault is they are having spare parts issue. Even for body repairs cars are waiting.Also the attitude of dealer of Renault was very poor. Nissan is very responsive but only one dealer here. My issue with both kicks and duster is that they are not in diesel. C_SUV,MID SUV or SUVs i intend to keep diesel only.
The distance of the dealers from nearness to my house is as follows;
1. Hyundai,Suzuki
3 Toyota
4.Ford, Renault
Subhangkar Banik
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Admin Accepted Answer
Hi Subhangkar ji,

For Ignis - i have recommended as secondary car, been you specific asked for 2 cars with primary been duster / Kicks

> Ignis Sigma (base model) for city use is value pick for local usage where your running would be 10 Kms a day (home to office and back)

> Figo Ground clearance would be an issue, wont be ?

> Renault /Nissan ; Ok, so if Diesel is call then these SUV wont be in contention zone.

With regards to proximity to service center location
> Hyundai : Has none of cars which meet in road conditions as specified. Venue although has good GC but space is quiet limited in rear seat
> Among Honda, Nissan, Isuzu : Well from
a) Diesel car perspective Isuzu V Cross is there but again as specified would be an issue in parking in your premise
b) Nissan : only selling Petrol one. As secondary car could have recommended Magnite XE but theres waiting of 8 months, XM too has 5 to 6 month wait. Kicks as primary car in Petrol
c) Honda : Here theres an opportunity to choose in WRV Diesel. Although Ground clearance is not very high, but still reasonable at 188 mm. Suspension dynamics are fairly sorted. Excellent legroom, but issue is rear seat headrest which are almost non-usable and headroom which is relative limited for taller passenger. I suggest to experience WRV Diesel
d) Toyota: Innova is there but is an MPV and somehow has stone guard underneath where ground clearance is not very high. Also dimensions may exceeed as doors are relative more longer.
e) Ford : You have already experienced
f) Renault - Duster is in Petrol only,.so rejecting same

Basis updated requirements of Diesel car as primary SUV: WRV Diesel
Secondary Car: Ignis Sigma Petrol

Hope should help !!
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subhangkar banik Accepted Answer
I had mentioned in my earlier e-mail that i will notbuy Honda in future. Their service centres are very poor at Kolkata and they disrespect the customers and Honda also sits quiet nowadays. Moreover WRV diesel is not at all a good car for bad roads. Kindly let me know alternate suggestion
Subhangkar Banik
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Banik Sahab,

Greetings !!

I read your entire case details where in you specified
> 100% bad roads with crater like potholes
> Diesel Car for primary car perspective
> Service center proximity with Hyundai, Maruti, Isuzu, Nissan, Ford, Toyota
> Apprehensions about Tata & Mahindra. Also rejected Honda basis your existing experience so not considering same
> Rear seat where you commented that Ecosport is tight fit for 3 people. Implies you considering car where 3 people can relative be better
> Garage which is slight tight in dimensions basis (5000mm*2414mm*1890mm as L*W*H) and referred proposed car width not to be more than 1800mm

and budget specified from 15 Lakh to as high as 20 Lakh for 1 car

Options for you
Basis road conditions as specified
1. Isuzu V Cross Z 4x4 is closest bet (except parking & price) for you in terms of
> Driving on such poor underconstructed roads
> 18 Inch Tyres R255 Tyres with a 4x4 Wheel Drive will ensure clearing roads easily
> Very Powerful 1.9 Litre Diesel Engine with 160 BHP Power
> 3 People can sit on rear seat in terms of good shoulder room space

However, On road price will exceed in 23 Lakh and also parking this car will be an issue basis your garage

2. Jeep Compass Sports Diesel: A great all rounder in
> Performance
> Suspension
> Capabilities of this car
> Price almost will touch in around 21 Lakh on road with 5 yr tax

> Fitting 3 people on rear seat would be a challenge as center middle backrest is quiet hard.
> You have not specified anything about Jeep (FCA) Service network

I understand that these 2 cars have there own challenges, but unfortunately - basis present options and preference criteria as specified - no other car will come that close to your requirement as these 2 are.

May suggest to check
> Compass Sports Diesel provided service center proximity is there
> or exceed in budget for Isuzu Dmax 4x4 Z

or modify in preference set..
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