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  1. Sanjay Bhattacharya
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Monday, July 12 2021
Dear Gagan Ji ,

Very Good Morning and hope you are doing great .

I am an ardent viewer of your YouTube channel and I like your style of delivering the speech. In fact its the honesty and confidence in your voice which has forced to me to reach back to you among various other similar services in India.

So coming to my real question, I was never so confused in my life while doing this R&D to choose a car . I even not in a position to think of my personal preferences and thought to leave everything on you . Here are my data points

1. Want to keep it at least for next 8 years . So hassle free ownership and piece of mind should be a factor.
2. Should be safe with a premium feeling. FE might come next. Can survive without jazzy features.
3. Budget 15 to 17 OTR ( Only hard exception may be Kia Seltos GTX + DCT )
4. 80% in Kolkata City traffic and 20% Highway with a monthly run of 1200km (max 1500km )
5. Mostly used by 4 persons (Me, wife ,kids aged 9 and 15 years ) . Parents occasionally will come but within city only
6. Should be Automatic preferably with a paddle shifters and I am inclined towards a simple petrol NA engine considering the long term
possession though you can suggest me any other engine on the matter as I am not at all an expert . I am a light pedal driver but likes to
7. My shortlisting was Creta iVT ( appearance and looks not liked by family ) , Honda City ZX CVT 5th gen ( Too long in length and
maneuvering the vehicle under terrible Kolkata traffic might be an issue to me being a 5'5" though few of my friends said the handling
is very precise though they own non 5th gen versions) . Seltos GTX + DCT ( Liked very much by family but I am still not sure whether
it is worth to spend 20 lakhs on a turbo engine on a car mainly for city commutation , Seltos iVT doesn't have paddle shifters ) . Kushaq
has disappointed me with just 2 airbags on 1.5 TSI and spending more than 16 lakhs for a 1 liter turbo probably is not justifiable.
8. I wont buy the car before Oct/Nov so can wait if you suggest me to wait for something new.

Thats all from my side. By now, you must have realized how badly confused I am. And apart from first 2 points you can overwrite all of above points and suggest me something suitable for my family .

Last but not the least , kindly suggest me a good portal to sell my existing Wagan R with an expecting price ( Jan 2017 model, AMT, Optional version with airbag, Sony touch screen infotainment retrofitted , around 30000 km run and all 4 tires have been changed on Dec 2020 and the car run max 1500 km after the change, no dent )

Will be awaiting eagerly for a response.

Sanjay Bhattacharya
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hi Sanjay ji,

Appreciate sharing in detailed info. To make it easier - heres point wise
1. 4 Seater Petrol Automatic Car with sheer Comfort
2. Primarily for City Usage
3. Yes Reliability, Premium Feel, Safety Aspect with 6 Airbags, ESP for peace of mind
4. Not Very Tall Members in family

and ready to shelve out 15 Lakh to 17 Lakh.

See - starting with
Honda City first: It seems you are slight not comfortable with length
Yes its a 4549 mm car and compared to Creta is 249 mm longer - but thats just a number. Look at this way too
> Car Width plays an important role and somehow City width is good 50 mm short against Creta
> In Length 249 mm means just 10 Inches - its not even a feet longer than Creta

Dont be apprehensive in owning a City.
New 5th gen City is what an excellent call for anyone looking for
> Comfort Oriented ride
> 4 members with class leading legroom experience
> Plush seats for a great seating comfort
> Highly reliable industry acclaimed engine
> Now Service aspect is modified with service schedule revamped to 1 year / 10,000 Kms (till 4th gen city was 6 month / 10,000 Kms). wherein 3 yrs / 30K Kms Service pack offered for just Rs 15K including Synthetic Oil.

> Lifestyle features
> Seating Comfort
> Honda Impeccable reliability
> Suspension tuned towards Comfort
> Lot of Space

You can enjoy a great all round experience with City 5th Gen. This car available in Vx and Zx CVT
Somehow Zx CVT Lane watch camera has grainy visibility
But for
> LED Headlights
> Leather seats
> add on 4 speaker
> Ambient Foot Light

do not hold value to spend in additional rs 1.1 Lakh
My suggestion is to consder in Honda City Vx CVT - a great all round car and basis overall requirement as assessed
I suggest to test drive in with a mindset that
> length is just few inches longer than Creta
> Width is narrower

Be assured it would be an easy drive for a great experience.
City Vx CVT On road will cost in around Rs 15.5 Lakh On road with Life time tax / under Rs 15 Lakh for 5 year Tax Option
Will comfotably suit in

Hyundai Creta Sx Option IVT: Now when you plan to take budget higher to almost 18.5 Lakh levels - will rate Creta a notch above City basis
> Even superior Lifestyle features with Panoramic sunroof, Bose speakers (but that doesnt count much importance as you not into gimmicks and be assured City sound clarity is reasonable impressive)
> Creta is an excellent choice too basis ride comfort (but been your family rejected looks - why to consider same)

I dont see a good reason to exceed your budget and go overboard for a car which your family dont like.

Seltos DCT Turbo: Spending in 20 Lakh and that too for DCT Turbo in a car makes less sense with fact
> Majority of drive going to be in city
> You yourself stated you are driver who likes light pedal drive
> You have to really stretch your budget by good 5 Lakh

Turbo SUV: Not much suited for drivers who seek comfort
Somehow even Turbo one
> Seltos
> Kushaq

by anychance been taken for a call, there suspension is relative stiffened up so wont offer as much comfort as there in City

Other Sedan: If you choose in Rapid Auto / Vento TSI - you will miss on 6 Airbags and wont also get Paddle Shifter

Alternate Choice: Hyundai Verna Sx Option DCT Turbo
Now here you get in Turbo Charged Petrol Engine in DCT, but this car is a great alternative to Honda City despite maximum city use
Instead of letting you know pros here and reason why i still recommending DCT for city - i suggest to test drive in Verna DCT Turbo despite of fact you like relaxed drive. Except rear seat space (which is not a challenge in your case been not very tall) - Verna DCT Turbo has everything which can knock down Honda city

But rather than putting in words - its important to experience same and very important that you drive in same.

My Final recommendation
Check out in between
> Honda City Vx CVT
> Hyundai Verna Sx Option DCT

as those are best buy for need and once you drive in Verna - you possibly will love in more than City Vx CVT too
Hope should help !!

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Hi Gagin Ji ,

When you receive an answer exactly on the same time it was committed to provide with precise accuracy and so much of logical details , you do not left with much option not to adhere what has been suggested .

So it is the City and Verna I am going to check now . The only thing I was forced to check these taller cross overs is the longer overhang of sedans specially in city. I was skeptical whether I can see and manage the front left being a 'Sachin Tendulkar' in height ..... :)) but now I am feeling more confident to go ahead and do a test drive.

Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback . I will definitely let you know the final outcome once decided.
  1. more than a month ago
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Dear Gagan Ji ,

Everything was going perfect as par your suggestion and I test drove nothing but City and started loving it in the next minute behind the wheel. Family liked it as well and I am supposed to start the buying process from first week of Aug (its a company leased car for me) . Every stakeholders intimated and I was now waiting to sign the paperwork. Then this happened and am back to square one and only your piece of advise can save me from this dilemma.

As a matter of a coincidence, I got to drive a Seltos GTX + Diesel AT and I find it extremely thrilling to drive even with a light pedal. I can feel the punch of torque which is not present in City. Coupled with its sheer road presence and some premium cabin feeling with loaded features it has started influencing my decision. As I told you, I can leave without jazzy features but at the same time I cant ignore the one inside Seltos .

So my question is, if I somehow can manage budget , will it be wiser to reconsider my choice towards Seltos GTX + Diesel AT considering these three points only

1. I want to keep the car at least for next 8 years
2. My 80% driving will be on city (Kolkata) .
3. It should at least return me a double digit fuel economy in city driving .

Kindly help .

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Admin Accepted Answer
Hai Sanjay ji,

Indeed Kia Seltos 1.5 Diesel Automatic is a different experience
> Relative Firm Steering
> Firm Suspension for superior high speed handling
> Punchy Diesel Engine with 250 NM Torque
> Top of it - its a 6 Speed Torque converter

and GT Line is top of line with a premium rich experience in safety, styling and convenience
Thats the reason Seltos GT Line Diesel commands a premium of over rs 3.5 Lakh over City Zx CVT

Its a level up car and if ready to shelve out 20 Lakh for thrill of drive, highway dynamics, performance and superior handling - be assured Kia Seltos GT Line Diesel offers a lot more to engage a superior drive experience

Hope should help !!

  1. more than a month ago
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Hi Gagan ji ,

I went ahead and booked Seltos GTX+ Diesel AT yesterday after rounds of extensive test driving. Hopefully my journey will be smooth and trouble free.
However, thank you so much for all these valuable and precise feedback. Your video on Diesel SUV also eased out my decision. Thanks again and keep on enlightening us like this way.

  1. more than a month ago
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Admin Accepted Answer
Great Choice.

Wishing all the best !!
Do join on MyCarHelpline community group for Seltos Buyers & Owners by sending whatsapp hi on 85957 93939
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