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  1. Shashank Raj
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Tuesday, June 29 2021

My name is Shashank.

I am looking to buy a hassle-free car which I can own for at least 8 to 10 years.
We are 4 in the family and no one in my family is higher than 5 feet 7 inches.
My budget is 8 to 10 lakhs. Can extend upto 2 lakhs more if required.
I drive more than 90% in Bangalore city traffic and annual usage is less than 10k kms.

I love an occasional long drive. I am not a rash driver but, like to have fun slightly once in a while. My previous car was Ritz diesel. Was happy with this car but, had to sell it as I had to relocate for work. Now I am back to Bangalore and looking for a car which has same or better build quality than Ritz.

I prefer automatic car that is also not too compromised in fun aspect. I am not too much into hifi features. For me, car as a machine is more important than as a gadget. Some of the cars/sub-compact SUV's I considered are below.

1) Polo Comfortline Automatic (torque converter) - have concerns of maintanence cost as friends and online info have shared some horror stories. I am ok to spend 10k per year as service cost but, don't want to end up paying a lot more for parts replacement etc.
2) Hyundai Venue imt - is this value for money? Need to understand if imt is reliable in city traffic. What are your thoughts on how comfortable will the city drive be in this car imt version.
3) Baleno CVT - this will be a reluctant buy; just following herd mentality to be safe.
Ruled out Honda cars as I don't see them making big investments as against VW and Skoda in India.

I don't want AMT cars. I have not driven CVT or torque converter to be honest - Need your advice here. I want to stay away from DCT as it may be costly to maintain, especially since I have heavy city usage.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Please feel free to ask me any more questions if you want to understand my requirements.

Looking for your reply.

Thanks and regards,
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Shashank,

Let me share in views on 3 Cars as you considering to buy

1. Polo Comfortline TSI: An excellent choice basis needs as specified. You will experience in
> Class leading Build Quality
> Top Notch Handling as delivered by accurate steering and suspension feedback
> You will love in 1 Litre TSI Petrol Engine which is what there in 6 Speed Torque converter for reliability

See, Polo biggest concern always used to be space, but basis average height as mentioned and 4 family members - trust this wont be deal breaker in your case as rear seat space feel compact when someone of 5'10" or taller sit in front.

Now in terms of Cost of Maintenance and Reliability, see
> Polo TSI available with 4 year warranty which can be extended to 6 years by paying just 2% of car price
> Localisation is increasing in VW cars and there spare part prices in 2021 are actually lesser than what it was 5 years back
> VW India offering in 4+1 AMC Prepaid scheme as VW Hi5 Service pack where in can have 5 year comprehensive service plan all included with inclusion of some common wear and tear items too at just Rs 39,000 approx

Point is :- when you spending in Rs 55,000 approx as additional amount what it offers is
> 6 Year Comprehensive Warranty on car
> 5 Year Prepaid AMC Package

and will deliver in superior experience with all inclusions.
With fact that localisation percentage on an increase, expect spare part prices to be competitive and add on this is the best car in terms of driving potential we have in hatchback segment

A Strong recommendation for it

2. Venue IMT: Although this takes away 50% stress as no manual clutch pedal is there
But effort somehow is required while changing gears, also for someone who wont change gears, like driving at speed of 20 while on 5th gear can make ar enter in limp mode.

I dont think Venue IMT is as good a choice for your need and budget specified as Polo TSI

3. Baleno CVT: CVT yes is ideal for city usage
This car is more fuel efficient and even has lower scheduled cost. But if you ask me
> Plastic Quality
> Build Quality
> Handling Dynamics

dont feel it to be coming close to Polo

My Strong recommendation: Check out Polo TSI
Only big con considering your need, requirement is that seat are placed quiet low. So if have senior family members - ensure that they also come along with you while seating on rear seat and check on Ingress and Egress factor.

They should not be at discomfort in it

Hope should help !!

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Shashank Raj Accepted Answer

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Much appreciated.

Will plan a visit to the showroom and test drive Polo automatic next weekend.

Can you please let me know if you have any suggestions on how do I take the test drive to cover my requirements and also what points/queries do I ask the SA? If there is any video you have regarding how to do a test drive and what all info to ask SA it would be helpful if you forward me the same. I want my visit to the showroom and test drive to be as informative and useful as possible. There are times I felt to have missed out on checking or trying some things.

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Yedu Krishnan Accepted Answer
The VW Polo Comfortline AT is a very tempting offer at this price range with excellent build, handling and suspension, having requisite features for a car and offering wonderful performance.

Indeed a Very Good Choice
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Admin Accepted Answer

Hi Shashank,

Rather than visiting dealer place - i suggest to call them up and tell dealer showroom about your interest in buying Polo Comfortline TSI Automatic
Ask him if he has Comfortline TSI Automatic in stock and whether can he show the same car to you if in showroom or any delivery expected.

If Polo TSI Comfortline is available in showroom then best is to visit showroom and experience car in observation, else if he states that Comfortline TSI AT not in showroom then ask them to bring test drive car at your residence place and also tell him that you will take slight longer drive to experience car, (do note that test drive models are generally top end model variant - so Highline Plus Automatic would be what likely be available for drive).

For Test Drive its important to spend in few minutes with the car first.
Its like that getting a feel of same. Pls ask person to spare in 5 minutes to get a feel of
> space by having you seated on front seat and adjust driver seat according to it, and feel space on rear seat then
> Sit and experience in under-thigh comfort, back seat posture, neck support, head room
> Experience Ingress and Egress
> Have your family member seat on to it, check on underthigh, recline angle, shoulder room space.

Before Driving
> Adjust driver seat in best position you feel comfortable. Also adjust steering wheel as in Tilt Steering
> Adjust IRVM & orvm for best visibility position
> VW Cars has indicator on left side and wiper stalk is on right side

While Driving
Preferably go with 1 to 2 family members on rear seat
> Drive at slow speed, medium speed and slight higher speed. Observe Pickup and Handling Character of car
> While on higher speed observe braking by applying sudden brakes. Do tell your family members about it if applying brakes at higher speed.
> Check on by taking U Turns at Red Light to inspect Steering feedback
> Observe Visibility aspect while taking corners
> Take route on slight bad roads, speed breaker to observe suspension feedback so that it should not be discomfort for rear seat passnegers. no unnecessary bounciness
> If possible, have a basement in complex, take car down and uphill to observe pickup so that should not be discomfort
> Lastly observe for noise levels too so that it shouldnt be discomfort for you.

Finally drive in moderate way to experience the car as you wish to drive in.
For any queries while on the go discuss with VW Person whos going to accompany you in car.

If you like in all, then comes second stage which will be of Price Deal and all
Refer to him for
> Quotation
> Discounts
> Optional Part in Quote
> Financing rates

and best offer with availability status and color preference
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