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  1. swaroop raghunath
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Friday, June 25 2021
Hi Sir,
Below are my requirements, please suggest the best option. .

1. Car budget is max :20L ( On road Bangalore)
2. 5/7 seater doesn't matter but big space is must both for people and luggage space.
3.Resale of the car is a priority as I'm buying this on company lease. 4-5 years is my tenure for selling the car .
4. Need the car to be safe for highway rides and must not have body roll. Monthly running is 2000 kms with 70%highway.

Cars in consideration
1. Creta SX(O) Diesel
2. Harrier XT
3. Alcazar prestige 7S Diesel.

Please suggest other options too if it meets the requirements.

Thanks and regards,
Admin Accepted Answer
Hi Swaroop,

Somehow Body roll is something which is inherent in all SUV Cars and you can definite feel same in Harrier, Creta and Alcazar
Although OEM did a lot to control same and handling and body roll is acceptable, but if you ask in about SUV which even have superior cornering aspect then
> Jeep Compass
> Kia Seltos
> Renault Duster, Nissan Kicks

feels more stable and much lesser body roll.
I presume you may not be interested in Duster and Kicks due to resale aspect
Compass would be going out of proposed budget, so Seltos remains a default choice and Seltos has good resale factor too
I suggest to check it out

Anyhow in between Harrier, Creta and Alcazar
Basis fact you seek
> Space
> Resale
> Cornering Stability
> Lesser Body roll

There is no doubt that Harrier is pretty spacious and due to stiffened suspension feels with better grip levels
> Steering Dynamics feels lot better
> Handling Dynamics
> Unmatched Cabin space for 2nd row. Will feel more comfort
> Feels lot close to real SUV Feel Factor
> Superior Build Quality
> Better Road Presence, Grip Levels
But the biggest issue is Resale. Tata somehow still needs a lot to catch up in Used Car Market
Although, they building relaibility and improvisation in New Car Market but Used Car Market takes a lot of years and somehow Tata still seems far away from desired in Used car Market at present.

See Creta is a bigger brand in Indian Market. This SUV right the day was launched turned spark for Hyundai India
Sx Option Diesel comes with Lifestyle features . Diesel Engine flawless in refinement
You will love in everything as
> Engine refinement
> Performance although not explosive, but reasonable satisfactory
> Interior Aesthetics
> Comfort Oriented Seats
> Very Competitive Service cost
> Fuel Efficienct

Its a great choice for 4 Adults and 1 Average physiquie person on rear center middle row.
This SUV Offers comfort oriented ride and yes will love in fully loaded lifestyle features, top notch infotainment bose speakers, voice command to give a notch up lifestyle feel factor.

> Due to soft suspension - somehow handling dynamics not as great. Body roll is definite observed on corners (Selos has stiffened suspension, there body roll is relative lesser)
> Boot Space although decent at 430 Litre, but not that large too as possible in Alcazar

If you going to use it as 5 Seater - I see only 2 advantage of Alcazar over Creta
> Option of Recline in 2nd Row where in can slide back 2nd Row by folding 3rd Row for enhanced legroom
> Slight Bigger Boot Space at around 20% Bigger than Creta with near around 80 Litres more (if you fold in 3rd Row)

Although, The way Creta going strong as never ending demand. I dont think would be easy for Alcazar especially the way the car is designed
This SUV simply do not justify in price premium as what commands over Creta as offered in higher up variants

But - here you opting for Prestige Diesel which is like Base Model and available at price of Creta Sx Option Diesel
Important to note that as product Alcazar would be considered a level up product and the way features been stuffed in Alcazar Base Model - its still a class leading product in lifestyle experience

Anyone whos going to get Creta in Used Car Market may spend in a slight higher amount if getting Alcazar
From resale perspective - Alcazar will be an edge
Overall -
> Alcazar can offer marginally more space on 2nd Row
> Marginally more boot space
> Slight Better Resale Factor

Net All Recommendation
Body roll is definite present and from highway dynamics - Harrier yes is a better bet but yes body roll is there. However, you need to prioritize
> Tata Harrier : A Great choice, but after sales service cost and resale value is still a concern area

> Alacazar : Somehow Harrier has superior handling. But - If its between Creta Sx O and Alcazar Prestige - will pick Alcazar from space, boot and resale factor. Cornering capability of car is average.

Overall, if you dont like to push car to corners Alcazar Prestige Diesel would be best bet for need as specified.
But final recommendation goes in favor of Tata Harrier. Been 70% of your drive is on highway - its important that before resale comes the experience factor which Harrier can offer in better. Yes - is a notch better product offering on highway dynamics and will love the feel feedback with grip and stability levels as against cars with soft suspension as what Creta and Alcazar made of.

Resale is something which although takes time and the way Tata Motors growing strong - who knows 4 years down the line we may witness strong demand of Tata Cars in Used Car Market too.

Hope should help !!

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swaroop Accepted Answer
Hi Sir,
Thanks for the opinion. I have closely followed on the lines you recommend. Over the weekend i got a chance to check the Hyundai Creta.

Creta ( My opinion).
- Suspensions are tuned for soft and comfortable city drive.
- Features are plenty - I dont think i need so many features which i will not use.
- Max Safety only for SX(O) which is almost in the Proper SUV territory .
- Higher versions are overpriced hence resale will also be hit over time. Especially since lower variants are upgradable , no one will buy Higher versions with a premium.

Alternatives under consideration ( since the budget is almost reaching 20L and resale is important).
- Harrier XT
- Innova Crysta G diesel / GX petrol-2021 version

Please suggest if i need to consider the above 2 if Hyundai is not an option. Should i give Innova Petrol a consideration or ignore since bad resale?

Advantage with Innova over Harrier
- Proven Engine and Toyota reliability .
- Additional option for captian seats over Harrier.
- Guarenteed resale atleast 20 % more than Harrier - I consider this as 20% discount while buying.
- Safety is also good with 3 airbags in Base G model.
- All basic features ( Infotainment etc are present even in Base variant ).

Sir please suggest between harrier and Innova G Diesel and Innova GX Petrol which one should i consider?

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Admin Accepted Answer

Innova crysta is a great but important to note that you need to experience it first
> Its a rear wheel drive, has relative higher vibrations
> Steering has much higher weight
> Takes an effort to drive and experience in

In contrast to options like Creta, Harrier, Alcazar - its a lot different car in drive and handling response.

> Highway dynamics are unmatched
> Excellent Grip and Stable car
> Resale Perspective
> Spacious

But driving an Innova in Manual Transmission is lot different as against other cars in segment. Its more MPVish
I suggest to check this video, although old one - but still can give you feeler
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Swaroop Accepted Answer
Hello Sir,
After test driving all the above mentioned cars , below are my thoughts.
1. Your opinion about Harrier were Spot on. The way car handles and the sheer joy of driving it is really good. However i have one confusion in my mind as to whether opting for Base harrier would impact resale of the vehicle. Also XMA version is not well equipped with features .
2. Additionally i'm just thinking to consider one segment below since my budget upper limit doesnt allow me to buy top end Harrier. Could you please suggest an alternative which can fulfill my criteria of Space, Safety for highways ,Resale criteria ? Im fine with a slightly lesser boot space than Harrier , however i need a bigger boot space than XUV 300.

Note: XUV300 doesnt have much boot space, Nexon Top end is a good contender . Should i look for anything else? will Nexon be as spacious as Harrier from inside seating ( headroom/ knee room /boot space)

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Admin Accepted Answer

Although Nexon Diesel AMT in itself is a good but, but incorrect to presume as Nexon been alternative to Harrier

Nexon is not all a contender to Harrier
> Lot difference in between engine Performance
> Transmission choice as AMT and Automatic
> Space Aspect too

Harrier Automatic feels like 2 segment up car than Nexon basis
> Space
> Performance
> Smooth Transmission
> Handling, Drive
> Road Presence

Still suggest to experience in Nexon XZA Plus AMT Diesel
Its a good choice on its own, as the car appeals interest of buyer in Sub 15 Lakh Price segment in its own range.

Hope should help !!
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Swaroop Accepted Answer
Hello Gagan Ji,

A little off track from your suggestion ( please forgive )After all the test rides and analysis ,I have booked Honda City 5th Generation V CVT. Below are the things which satisfied all my needs and saw your video about so called SUV ground clearance difference which finalized the decision.

1. Good resale for Honda City and Rock solid reliability and after sales. Total peace of mind.
2. Fully loaded in terms of safety for Highways - Both Active and Passive safety features even in base V variant . 5* rated,4 Airbags, Hill Hold, ESP,ABS,EBD.
3. Boot space, Back seat comfort , No Body Roll ( like SUVs )
4. Just the sheer driving pleasure of CVT + Manual mode in paddle shifters + Cruise control just bring lot of smiles on the face.

Additionally I feel within 5 more years Electric will become mainstream . So kept the remaining budget in investment for a future date to buy EV.

Thanks for guidance and all support :)
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Admin Accepted Answer
Indeed its off track as we started with SUV & MPV
But anyway - Honda City is a great value buy pick and happy to see that you enjoying in experience
You can join us as Owner in Honda City Community Group
Pls whatsapp Owner on 85957 93939

Wishing great Motoring Experience !!
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