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  1. Dr Arijit Saha
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Tuesday, June 22 2021
Hi I am Dr Arijit Saha, am planning to buy a car at around 10.3 lakh on road .Liked hyundai i20 asta optional based on the features, but then again not sure about built quality. Freestyle was a good option but again had to compromise on features. Nexon xms also seems value for money at this price, ecosport trend petrol is also something i have considered. If you can suggest me a car, which will meet my expectation regarding safety and features at this price point! Thank you.
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Dr. Arijit,

Greetings !!

As you seek consideration of
> Safety
> Features

its important to assess that every car has its own USP

Hyundai I20 Asta Option:
1. Fully Loaded Active and Passive Safety of ABS, EBD, 6 Airbags, ESP . Adding on Rear Defogger, TPMS, Seat Belt Pretensioner all do assist to provide safe ride experience. Yes I20 Crash test is not performed, but for all likely reason important to understand that
> Speed is what deciding force in providing safety.
> Driver skill to maintain distance, control is important
> Adding on Active Safety Features in car as Braking Bite, EBD, ESP along with Seat Belt Pretensioner
> Then comes Build Quality and Airbags as passive safety

Cars which perform 4 star or 5 star at 64 Kmph crash, there rating can come down significantly to 1 star or 2 star at 80 Kmph and no car in world can sustain crash at 100 Kmph.

So - important is yes, safety is important but speed, driver skill plays an important role
I20 loaded with almost all essential safety features as required in modern age car and can consider it to be reasonable safe is driving in till controlled speed.

2. I20 is ideal if you seek
> Space as important criteria - as the most spacious among lot
> Maximum Drive in city and occassional trips on highways
> Seek Lifestyle features, reliability and cost of ownership as important criteria
> Engine NVH, refinement is another preference

But, yes
> High speed dynamics
> High speed handling

is pretty average.
So - if you are someone who would drive on controlled speed and maximum use in City then I20 Asta Option is a great choice as spacious family buy.

Tata Nexon xms
Now this car has USP which matters the most for
> Immaculate Build Quality. Any user who just dont want to compromise on build aspect in any sense
> Turbo Petrol Engine with Sports Mode is very fun to drive, revv friendly
> High Speed Steering Dynamics are quiet impressive
> Value Pick for a crossover car with 5 star build, standard convenience features

However, yes
> You will miss on lifestyle features. No Touchscreen, no android auto, no alloys and lot many misses on lifestyle features
> Car Visibility dynamics not great for in city drive
> Ingress and Egress not great for taller passenger
> Engine Noise Levels on higher side
> Tata After sales service is still a question to it
> Fuel Efficiency not as great as I20

So, although Nexon is a great product in performance, high speed dynamics, safety but you will will miss on Refinement aspect, Engine Noise levels, After sales service and somehow in city visibility not as great

Consider Nexon - if you seek Performance, highway dynamics and uncompromised build as key idea

Ford ecosport trend petrol
What you will love in Ecosport is a SUV'ish feel
> Immaculate Handling
> Best in class steering feedback
> Rear Seat Under-thigh support is great, very good recline angle, class leading headroom. If rear seat are to be used for someone with height of 5'5" or below or senior members with average physique they will admire in rear seat space, ingress, egress
> Build Quality on lines of Nexon is top Notch
> Acceptable performance for relaxed drive
> Scheduled Service cost are fair competitive

> Suspension is on stiffer note, its not a comfort oriented ride in city
> Mileage if getting in around 10 Kmpl in city can be called a reasonable expectation
> Miss on Lifestyle features and advanced Safety Features.

Overall Recommendation
So it all depends on driving style and driving conditions

Choose I20 - if care for best of lifestyle, safety and care to drive on controlled speed on highway with maximum in city use
Choose Nexon - if care for highway dynamics, uncompromised build quality and seek fun to drive experience in sports mode
Choose Ecosport - if have senior members in family for superior ingress, egress, relaxed drive on highway as core aspect

Hope should help !!

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Arijit Saha Accepted Answer
If I stretch my budget to 11-11.5 , I am getting Kia Sonet htx imt and nexon xz+s, also ecosport titanium... Which one would you recommend at this price point considering same parameters as before, that is safety and features...
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Admin Accepted Answer
Hi Dr Saha.

Well if you are flexible to increase your budget then of the 3 cars as listed in
> Kia Sonet HTX Plus
> Tata Nexon XZ Plus
> Ford Ecosport

Well Ecosport would be like out of context here. As
> Car do not feel as upmarket in features as in Sonet and Nexon
> Neither the performance in Petrol engine matches as against Turbo petrol Engine in Nexon and Sonet
> Also, fuel efficiency would be relatively be lower

In between Sonet and Nexon - important is to understand 2 key differences which is of like

1. Build Quality
While Nexon Proved itself with 5 star build quality, there are some apprehensions towards Sonet Build been the
> car still not crash tested in Global NCAP
> Sonet sibling Seltos scored poorly with 3 star rating

2, Transmission
Although both Sonet HTX IMT and Nexon AMT at core is Manual Transmission only and yes both cars do not come with manual clutch pedal But
> Nexon AMT is slight more convenient to drive in as car gear shifts are changed automatically while on the go, While in Sonet you need to change gears manually
> Although, its lot better in BS6 and AMT response is much improved but Slight jerks / or say a kind of pause effect yes is observant in Nexon AMT when you push in accelerator pedal as against Sonet IMT where in no such pause effect as gear dont change Automatically

Having said same,
> Standard safety features are what similar in both cars
> Speed is what a deciding force along with driver skills. If you follow speed limit, follow safe distance and traffic rules - Sonet too can prove in safe experience. Yes, Sonet is also loaded with ESP, Traction Control now as per latest updates
> A Car which performed 4 star or 5 star in NCAP at 64 Kmph crash can have safety rating reduced substantially to unstable one if crashed at 80 Kmph and no car in world can sustain crash at speed of 100 Kmph. So speed is a very important deciding force
> Sonet feels lot more fun from enthusiast perspective as agaist Nexon. Superior Power Pickup Delivery
> Engine NVH Levels and sound insulation levels are rather lower as against Nexon
> Sonet Car Visibility levels feels better as against Nexon
> More Stylish and Upmarket in both Interiors and Exteriors
> Feels more upmarket in Lifestyle Features and Convenience
> Lower Scheduled Service cost and Better Fuel Efficiency will ensure lower cost of ownership
> Ingress and Egress is slight better for taller passenger

> Nexon offers better Rear Seat Legroom Space as against Sonet which too is a consideration

So, it ends down to preference
> Sonet: Great pick basis styling, features, performance, Engine NVH and Cost of Ownership
> Nexon: For no compromise on Build Quality, Better Space and more Convenience to drive in

I will say if you follow speed limit and controlled speed drive - can well pick in Sonet HTX IMT as great pick
Hope should help !!
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arijit saha Accepted Answer
In between ecosport diesel titanium(11.20 lakh) and nexon xz+s petrol manual (11.50)please suggest me one, which one would be better

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Admin Accepted Answer

Dr Saha - no comparisons actually in between a Petrol and Diesel Engine

Ecosport Titanium Diesel is
> More Fun to drve
> Performance Oriented
> Even superior Handing dynamics
> Lower Running Cost
> Better Ingress and Egress
> Better all round visibility
> Excellent Choice for Highway Dynamics

Tata Nexon XZ Plus Sunroof has USP of
> Space aspect in rear seat
> Relative better interior aesthetics
> Relative light Clutch so slight more convenient to drive
> Suspension not as stiff as Ecosport, so wont find broken roads felt in cabin as much as in Ecosport

But, Ecosport Titanium Diesel is definite value pick.
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Dinuraj Accepted Answer
Is a good idea to buy XUV300 W6 model this time? i was waiting for that car last 6 months, now delaer is says company remove Infotainment System from W6. If not , please refer a good family car
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Arijit Saha Accepted Answer
Please suggest ecosport diesel titanium at 10.80 lakh vs sonet htx diesel at 11.70 lakh whick one would be a better buy considering safety and features and comfort.
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

We discussed many cars before. If you finalized in Diesel Model and from aspect of
> Comfort : Kind note that both cars comes with stiffer suspension set up. Somehow tuned for superior highway dynamics and grip with stabiliy
Neither offers comfort orinted ride if thats the prime objective. However, sonet suspension not as stiff as Ecosport and clutch not as stiff too - will rate it marginally better.

Having said same from under-thigh support, recline angle of rear seats - Ecosport would be marginally better from seating comfort perspective

> Safety: In terms of active and passive safety features as ABS, ESP, Braking, Dual Airbags etc - both cars comes with close similar active and passive safety. However from build quality aspect - a questionable factor is basis Seltos crash test rating and in no way Sonet can be called to be of superior build unless proven by Global NCAP. Ecosport has an edge

> Features: Well Sonet HTX Diesel definite feels more upmarket, better loaded with features and yes more stylish and premium too
Add on interior aesthetics are more premium in Sonet.

If you decided for Diesel Model Variants of Ecosport and Sonet then although Sonet is
> more premium
> feels more upmarket
> Better feature loaded
> comparative lesser stiffened clutch and suspension

But basis
> Build Quality
> Seating comfort
and fact that Ecosport Titanium Diesel Model prices remains same at 9.99 Lakh as was 2 years back and now with improved features calls it value,

Hope should help !!
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