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  1. Pavan kumar
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Sunday, June 20 2021
Hi Team/Modi,

First, Thanks for the very good educational videos you do on youtube. They are really very informative and sure helped many people like me.
I'm shifting from Bangalore to Hyderabad and planning to sell my "Tata Zest XT Manual" 2015 model and buy a new car in Hyderabad. I'm very much keen for a Sedan car, but due to the lack of interest by the manufacturers towards that segment there are very few I can choose from.

My Criteria/requirements:
1. My Budget is 20L and to the Max extend it to 24L.
2. Good build and safety.
3. Should seat 5 people comfortably. A Family car
4. Good driving dynamics, stability.
5. Preferably Automatic, My commute will be 70% city and 30% Highway.
6. Easy to maintain. NO need for the sun roofs.

I liked the "Honda City 5th gen ZX CVT". Test driven and liked the space and the driving, but as am 6.3" the head room has only 2 fingers gap. Is that enough and safe headroom?
For the above reason I am looking for a Tata Harrier XZA variant, yet to test drive but thinking of the heavy body. I feel Sedans are easy to drive and are really fun to drive.
I Am also thinking of "Skoda Kushak". Although I like the Skoda Rapid, my family doesn't like the interiors and the space.
Should I wait for some for next year if any really good cars are expected.

Should I keep my Tata Zest only and transfer to the RTO as the car is only 20K km, good headroom and in very good condition.
The issues are it is manual ( a pain in the ass in Bangalore traffic ) and on long drives since the footwell dash touches and is a little cramped, My legs hurt a lot. Also the car, i feel lacks the punch and fun to drive feel. But it just serves the purpose.

Please provide your valuable advice.

Thanks and Regards,
Pavan Kumar K
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Pavan Sahab,

Greetings !! Happy to assist

First of all for Zest 2015 model - well you drove in just 20,000 Kms in close to 6 yrs
Is that going to be average run for your next new car too, as thats pretty low - less than 4000 Kms a year

Hyderabad is a relative small city as against Bangalore and although traffic is higher during peak hours, but not as bad as in Bangalore
Reason: I mean Zest if just 20,000 Kms driven and is in near flawless condition. If your proposed drive going to be that less can consider transferring to Hyderabad - although for same you may have to shelve in almost 9% of invoice price means near around Rs 65,000 for re-registration transfer fees

But trust - the kind of
> Headroom Space
> Shoulder room space
which Zest enjoys has no other car in Sub 4 meter segment in present times matching to it.

Also, been Hyderabad traffic not as bad and distance going to be covered in lesser time - if your proposed running going to say even match in existing average annual running - then holding your existing car can be a better call, and may consider going for EV Segment in next 3 to 4 yrs

Think about it !!

Rest for Upgrade
If Harrier: See Harrier XZA is going to be great pick, but Mahindra likely to plonk in all new MStallion Petrol Engine in upcoming XUV700 (next gen XUV500) which will deliver in almost 185 BHP Power in 6 Speed Torque Converter Automatic Gear box

and Mahindra developing this SUV although as 7 seater one - but can well use in as class leading spacious cabin for 5 seater and flap down 3rd row. Adding on class leading styling, segment first features and comfort oriented suspension would be what aim of Mahindra

If your average annual running going to be low - it makes all reason to wait for XUV700 - due for launch anytime in next 3 months

Sedan Choice: Well, by God grace you got a real good height. Sedan will always be challenging for you in terms of limited headroom space. Also, rear center middle seat is slight raised and not well comfortable except kids on to it.

Skoda Kushaq: Skoda Kushaq too has this challenge of raised rear center middle row seat and slight limited width again makes it best suited for 4 adults. Rapid, Vento too are best as 4 seater.

Infact i suggest to experience in Hyundai Creta Sx Option IVT if you considering in Kushaq.
> Soft suspension delivers comfort oriented ride
> Light steering for city drive, although on highway do not gain as much feedback as german rivals bit still not bad
> Yes space wise feels better as against Kushaq
> Very reliable and low maintenance product
> Somehow will get all blinge features too whether you want or not - but no harm - there are better lifestyle features
> Light steering, good space in terms of headroom, shoulder roo

I suggest to check it out - its a more wise choice asgain as against Kushaq

1. Consider retaining Tata Zest
2. If you still want to sell then from existing cars Creta Sx Option IVT is better
3. If seek to wait then XUV700 Top of Line Petrol Automatic may be worth a wait

Hope should help !!

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Pavan Kumar K Accepted Answer
Hi Gagan Modiji,

Yes, I know that my usage is very less with Tata Zest, as my offices were far and with very heavy traffic along the whole stretch, So always preferred my RE Thunderbird or public transportation and stopped hurting myself and the car. In the 20K, I have used only 2.5K in the city.

As you have rightly mentioned Hyderabad has comparatively less traffic and for the hot weather of Hyd, I intend to use my car for my daily commute to the office and also I will be dropping my wife as well at her office. I Intend to keep the car for the next 10 years. That is the reason to look for Automatic Transmission. So definitely it will be more miles now. :) it may go around 8-10k kms per year now.

1. So do you suggest that I better look for the Crossover segment only for my height? Is the 2 finger gap in the sedan not safe? Liked the 5th gen City overall, except for the headroom, my heart strongly says go for sedan, :) but as I mentioned I am looking to hold on it for 10 years wanted to make a wise decision. Power,torque and milegeMy wife also liked it
2. I had the thought of Creta and Seltos GTx variants but was held back for the doubts on build quality and the NCAP rating, My wife dint like the looks of current Creta, but can convince her if that is the best option, what about Kia Seltos, heard that drivability is very good and fun.
3. I can wait for Mahindra XUV700, but in any case if I want to buy early, do you think Harrier is also a good choice? with 3L more dont you think Harrier would be best bet over Creta?
4. Will the EV segment can build up in the next 3-4 years? I though My next car after this can be a reliable EV car

For my height if I ask you choose :) between the below what would be your pick :D Gaganji
1. Honda City
2. Tata Harrier or XUV700
3. Creta or Seltos
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Great to heat that your usage would be relative lot better as what you been doing in recent past

Pls find below inputs

Honda City
Honda city is a great choice in sedan in terms of
> comfort oriented drive
> Space front with loads of legroom, good shoulder room too
> Fully loaded lifestyle features
> Highly reliable and now available in once a year service (till 4th gen was bi-annual)

Hyderabad city roads are good too without too many potholes or raised speed breakers too and that 2 finger gap is not a concern area in headroom. Only concern area to it is that you asked for 5 seater - somehow rear center seat is slight raised and essentialy is what a 4 seater car with utmost comfort.

Can you confirm whos going to sit on rear seat in terms of
> Age
> Height

If kids / teenager then is perfectly fine
However, if going to be senior members - i suggest to experience car with fully loaded with 5 members
As long as rear center middle seat is not a concern - its a great pick in reliability, convenience, space, features

Creta / Seltos
I suggest to drive in Creta back to back. Its a SUV which on lines of your experience in City comes with soft suspension too
Seats comes with soft neck pillow, comfort oriented ride, even better head room space
Yes - rear seat shoulder room not the best but rear center seat is not raised as whats there in city (yes rear center seat back is slight on firm note) but still to view is better as against City

If you have senior members in family whos going to sit on rear seat - will find experience better
Seltos has relative stiffer suspension and slight limited under-thigh suppport on rear seats - so Creta from seating comfort and plush drive is better

Its a legaue up car and for those who seek
> Close to Real feel factor of SUV experience
> Power Performance
> Excellent high speed performer - you will love stability, grip, handling dynamics
> A class leading spacious SUV for 5 with better headroom, legroom and shoulder room
> Yes been diesel has slight lower running cost

Although you been a Tata Car Owner and has a definite strong feedback on after sales but
> if you ask from reliability perspective in terms of niggle free ownership - have apprehensions as of now
> Despite spending over 20 Lakh - some misses remains like touchscreen experience is very average, fit and finish not the best
> Service cost on annual basis would be like 2x the scheduled service cost against Creta / City (this may be set off against lower running cost in Harrier to an extent)
> Insurance premium for later years would be much higher in 2 Litre Diesel engine car as against 1.5 Litre Petrol Engine car
> Hydraulic steering although feels very well connected on highway but not well preferred by users in city condition

1. I suggest to experience in City and Creta back to back and experience car with all 5 family members
2. If Harrier in context, i still feel would be worth a wait for XUV700

Hope should help !!
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Pavan Kumar K Accepted Answer
Thanks, Gaganji, For a very detailed explanation and for helping me in quickly rounding on the options and deciding

Mostly, will be driven with my Wife(35), Kid ( ~3 years), Father and mother (around 65)
For kids safety, we always use a Safety car seat. so maybe for 1 to 1.5 more years, we will use it.
My wife also drives sometimes.

So I have rounded off between Hond City and Creta. Test-driven new City and driven friends Creta, but of course not test then back to back. My family liked the space and looks of Honda city, but these are not only things to choose a car

If we can go by weighting the requirements. Can you please help me by rating the below points out of 10
How about going for 1.4 turbo DCT in case if I choose Creta. Will more power and extra torque be handy during hill climbs and bad roads/mild offroading?
Also if I choose City will upgrade the tyres to 185/55 thus increasing the GC as well, so do you think the 20mm GC can make a big difference? I can drive slowly and carefully on a bad road.

Honda City Hyundai Creta
Driving Comfort (long drives)
Power and Refinement
High Speed stability
Seating Comfort
Value for money
Maintenance costs
Other Features

Also as am looking to opt for gold support during my purchase process, will that support be through WhatsApp or a phone conversation?

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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

> As you referred in family of : 4 adults and 1 Kid
> For Hill Climbing
> Bad Roads / Mild Off road
> Highway Dymaics

I strongly suggest to consider in Hyundai Creta as against Honda City
Except Space and higher up features at lower price point - somehow Creta as product is superior as against City

1. Its easy for senior members to have easy ingress / egress in Creta as against City
2. If you opt for DCT can get in Exclusive Drive Convenience in terms of Drive Mode Select and Traction Mode (Snow, Sand, Mud)
3. Much More Fun in Performance aspect
4. High speed grip feels better in Creta in larger 17 Inch Wheels with Wider R215 Tyres
5. No Concern while clearing slight bad roads due to raised ground clearance and suspension set up. Although Creta has soft note suspension but is better tuned against City
6. In terms of driving comfort on long drives - be assured that 4 members with 1 Adults with relative superior neck comfort and comfort as against City

Overall will comment on
City is good and can be a decent pick for anyone with limited budget and seek maximum features, space in lesser price
But flexible on budget - Creta grip, handling, dynamics, performance, handling and comfort for passengers is a notch above and thats why Creta DCT commands 3 Lakh premium over City and thats worth to consider in.

Hope should help !!
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Pavan Kumar K Accepted Answer
Thanks Gaganji,

For clearing my doubts and detailed explanation. I Will take a test drive of the 1.4 turbo dct and finalise.
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