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  1. Shailesh Devadiga
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Sunday, May 30 2021
I had booked Hyundai Nios Grand 10 Magna automatic in March 2021 for delivery on 1st May 2021 by paying booking amount of 10k. Car in bangalore was expensive as compared to other city due to highest road tax in India, costing me 7.80lakh. Due to lockdown , car delivery is being delayed though they gave me my car vin number which is still in carshed. Now delivery expected only 2 weeks after lockdown is lifted.i end up buyin March manufacture car in June or July.
So my query is should I cancel and wait till other new cars are launched as I see Tata HBX launching soon in range of 5 to 8 lakh or Citreon C3 for same range , if not should I ask hyundai to deliver me latest manufacture which I doubt as Hyundai has stopped manufacturing in Chennai for 2 week or ask for discount as they are saying car price have increased but they will still give for 7.75 lakh which is still on high side...Please advice
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Shailesh,

Greetings !!
Yes Karnataka has one among highest road tax & registration charges
For a car like Nios Magna AMT - an individual has to shell in more than a Lakh in form of registration & tax, which is like 2 times the tax & fees as required to be paid in Delhi

Yes - this does make car prices at higher side

Nios AMT
Having said same - Nios Magna AMT is one among most affordable AMT Cars in 1.2 Litre Engine. Having ex-showroom at Rs 6.62 Lakh - what you get in Nios is
> Segment best response in AMT. Yes better than Swift, Tiago, Tigor- too. AMT unit in Nios comes with electric actuator which is tuned to deliver seamless response. Although - a pause effect is inherent in AMT Cars, but when driving in linear way Nios AMT feels almost as good as like a regular Torque converter car, with minimal pause effect during gear shift change.
> Suspension dynamics are well sorted
> A Car which is what designed to be ideal for city use - light steering, good cabin space
> Reliabity and Low Maintenance is what another USP

Yes - this car do not come with high speed handling or superior power pickup delivery at higher speed, However, If you considered Nios AMT till now - its important to know that anyone who's maximum usage is in city condition has Nios AMT a near perfect car.

Buying March Manufactured Car in June
Its Perfectly fine, Car is what mechanical in nature
Having 3 to 4 month old car does not make a difference at all. Issue happens when car standing in stock for more than 6 Months
Been the car in question is March Manufactured one and would likely be sold in June - its perfectly fine and can very well consider it without any apprehension. If you go ahead with it then your car warranty will also start from June 2021 itself

Tata HBX
If you considering AMT, be assured Hyundai is a notch ahead in AMT Responsivenss as what observed in Tata AMT Cars like Tiago & Tigor
If indeed HBX is launched in AMT then do note that existing AMT as whats in Tata yes is improvised, but needs lot more improvement
> initial response is slow
> AMT has relative higher jerks in Tata
> Hyundai After sales is notch ahead

Lastly this lockdown has dirupted plans of OEM
HBX if introduced will only come in around festive season of 2021 i.e October

Citroen C3
Dont think this would be in Nios Price zone
Its to compete against Venue, Sonet and base model as and when launched in Manual Transmission can start from 7 Lakh making On road price at around Rs 8.4 Lakh zone in Karnataka - needless to refer AMT will cost higher

Also, can state that launch still has good number of months - cant be sure if coming by 2021 end or early 2022

Recommendation: Opt for Nios AMT - if seek better lifestyle experience may check out Nios Sportz AMT by increasing budget by 70K, else Nios Magna AMT is reasonable value buy.

If you concerned of price at 7.75 Lakh, Somehow high taxes would be responsible for same
> Almost close to 1.45 lakh goes for GST & Cess
> and 1 Lakh for Road Tax & Registration charges

So eventually you paying in 2.45 Lakh tax on a car which comes at basic cost of Rs 5.1 Lakh - add on insurance premium to it
Cant beat in taxes, but Nios AMT is worth a consideration if majority of usage in city.

Hope should help !!

Shailesh Accepted Answer
Thank you so much mycarhelpline, this is why I always watch your video and rely on your judgement, thank you once again for clearing my doubt and helping me to take final decision, I will stick to my Hyundai Nios AMT as my usage will 65:35 city:highway usage...
You explained me in detail and helped to bring clarity
Shailesh Devadiga Accepted Answer
Thank you so much I have finalised Nios Amt Magna and got a query, I had paid booking amount of 10k and applied for loan , even loan for 6.50 is sanctioned, delivery is on 24 June , now sales person is saying to make down payment i.e balance amount of 1.15 lakh so that they can get car delivered from stockyard to showroom by 21, so I can do PDI at showroom and post that they can start registration, I was wondering why to pay all amount , can't I say them to get from stockyard as loan is cleared or should I pay 25 k and ask them to get to showroom and pay balance amount once I do pdi there itself..
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Shailesh,

Have you asked dealer VIN Number and have you decoded that if its a latest make lot ?

If dealer has shared with you the same and have decoded that indeed is latest make one, its perfect fine to make rest of payment except :-
> Insurance and RTO Registration, road tax amount
> dont sign in Bank Direct Debit Mandate / ECS Form so that disbursement do not happen

Once you do PDI can then release in registration, insurance and can also sign in bank debit mandate form
There is no harm on same

Rest - if you are not comfortable in paying balance amount upfront and wish to do pdi first - its upto terms with dealer
You may tell them softly that you wish to do pdi first and then can release in balance down payment. If dealer is customer centric - then possibly he may accept the wish too.

But having said same - still there is no harm in paying balance payment (Except registration, insurance & loan disbursement docs)

Hope should help !!

Shailesh Devadiga Accepted Answer
Thank You , yes I was given vin and engine back in April 2021 as I was expecting delivery on 1st May but due to this lockdown everything was delayed,
Now Bank has cleared my loan and has also paid Hyundai 6.5 Lakh, apart from that sales person is saying to balance ime 1.5 to complete registration and other work so that they can get car from stockyard to showroom.
Can't they get car from stockyard to showroom now since bank has paid them 6.5 lakh , why they asking for balance amount, should I pay that 1.15 lakh or tell them get car to showroom and I will pay there itself after pdi.Theybare saying if I want delivery on 24 June, then they need to do registration before that and for registration car needs to be in showroom and for car to bring to showroom they need balance amount.Please advice, happy if I can call and clear doubt, as
Admin Accepted Answer

Generally Bank loan disbursement happens after doing PDI
I thought by sanction means approved and not disbursed.
But, seem other way in your case where you already pre hand disbursed the loan without doing PDI.

Anyhow, If Bank loan is disbursed then absolutely can ask dealer consultant or speak to showroom manager to bring car without any further payment. There should not be any issue in bringing car to showroom for doing PDI or you may even visit there stockyard (generally stockyard is in max 50 Kms radius) .

If sales consultant still ask to make further payment, I presume that sales consultant is either naive or just trying show his inexperience.
In that case Speak to showroom manager / GM - tell him loan already disbursed and post pdi you will clear registration amount on same day itself.

I can tell you that registration happens within 1 day in even remote location too and in metro cities even on same day.

Hope it heps !!
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