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  1. Rakesh Bokadia
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Monday, May 24 2021

I have booked nissan Magnite XE in December now car is ready for delivery.
I want car for long-term 7-10 year and my monthly running will be 400-500 KM almost City running. Is this car reliable? Should i buy this car? It will be my first car.


Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Rakesh,

Greetings !!

As i understand its going to be your first car, and you booked Magnite way back in December 2020 for which delivery yet to happen in
See - some key USP

> Nissan India offering price protection to consumers who booked car during specific time period. As its a December one car - despite of current exshowroom as 5.59 Lakh - the car will be billed to you at Rs 4.99 Lakh (i.e. the price as was in December 2020) - current waiting period on new bookings is 8 months

> This Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine is ideal for city use as specific mentioned. Steering is light - yes you do not feel stable at higher speed and miss the kind of feedback which is required for high speed handling. However, till speed of 80 Kmph no issues - you wont complain and for day to day city use wherein speed will be under 60 Kmph will love in light steering of Nissan Magnite

> As specific referred for city use - do note that Magnite is ideal to be used for city use. Had you referred, highway or high speed use - i would have said NO

> Although the car is not performance oriented and power delivery seems low at initial gears, but Its all about getting adjusted towards the car. ​

To Offer peace of mind ownership
Recommended to opt for
> Extended Warranty. Additional 3 year warranty cost Rs 12,500 making it complete 5 year warranty protection
> 5 Year Gold AMC which include Regular service along with Alignment, Balancing & labor charges for scheduled service - Cost Rs 16500 approx

Trust this Rs 29,000 as spent of 5 year Gold AMC + Extended Warranty will ensure to offer long lasting peace of mind ownership

Overall Recommendation
Price determines Value appeal of car. At
> Rs 4.99 Lakh Billing Price
> Usage requirement of mainly city drive
> Package of 5 Year Warranty + 5 Year Gold AMC

all deliver superior value ownership and thus is Magnite XE recommended as value buy pick for need, requirement.

Hope should help !!

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Rakesh Bokadia Accepted Answer
Thank you for your Reply

I have seen videos on youtube that in Nissan Magnite there is steering problem it won't return self. Is this big problem or it is Manageable.

And this car comes without any Music System, In showroom they are asking 40,000.00 only for android system speakers charges extra it seems very high and there is no other option with them and they don't have central locking system also.

Should i go for after market for android system and central locking will it effect warranty.


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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hi Rakesh Sahab,

See - Nissan surprisingly offers very vague steering and somehow feel and feedback is medicore
Although it feels light in city but do not carry on weight as otherwise on higher speed

Steering issue in Nissan Magnite
In terms of steering not turning to center - well many cars these days faces this issue of Steering self center
It happens when steering is to extreme left or right - there it do not come automatically to center.
Ignis i remember had same issue and users reported in, however when steering say is half way then yes it automatically comes to center.

I will say if your running is going to be in city use, its not something a deal breaker - you just need to get adjusted to same to manually turn steering if its not coming automatically.

For Music System & Central Lock
Warranty is void if original wiring is
> Sliced
> Modified
> Cut
> reJoined with other wire

or if any sub standard wiring been used

For central lock - it requires gun type actuator. Am not sure if thats available in XE or not
if not - fitting remote central lock may not work as desired and if someone made it work then probability is higher of original wiring been tampered with. So recommended to avoid same.

For Music System - can very well be fitted with coupler to coupler wiring. There are 3 types of system
> Single Din
> Double Din
> Touchscreen based

There are good brands like Sony, Pioneer available in after-market in all these types with a detailed range

Suggest to connect with any reputed accessories store in after-market and check for availability and offering in your budget.
Ensure that the fitment is done in front of you, person whos doing fitment is not naive and install in branded system from Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer etc

Hope should help !!

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