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  1. AMOL N
  2. RTO Registration & Tax
  3. Thursday, May 20 2021
Hello I bought a HONDA CRV 2010 with a HR36 registration in NOV 2020. Wanted owner ship transferred to my GURGAON HARYANA address.The broker has not transferred the vehicle in my name.he keeps making excuses.
I want to take legal action against him
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Amol ji,

Greetings !!

As i understand you bought a HR36 number car means Rewari registered car, and need to transfer to Gurgaon means HR26
Its fairly easy considering fact that this is
> a Petrol Car
> BS4 Compliant one been 2020 Model (you need to cross validate from RC). Honda was manufacturing only BS4 Cars in 2010 onwards
> Registration transfer within Haryana state itself from Rewari to Gurgaon (its not an interstate transfer)

Only additional document apart from regular RC transfer documents is NOC Clearance which can be issued by submitting RTO Form 28 with vehicle documents.
See example, where a car was required to be transferred from Ghaziabad to Bareilly (within same state i.e, UP)

Once NOC Issued by submitting
> Copy of RC
> Copy of valid Insurance
> 4 copies of RTO Form 28
> Owner ID & Address proof
from Rewari, where owner signature should match in as per RTO records for NOC issuance.

then can submit documents for RC Transfer post NOC issued in Gurgaon as
> Original NOC Copy as issued from Rewari
> Original RC
> 2 copies of RTO Form 29,30 signed by seller with matching signature as per RTO
> Seller ID & Address Proof
> Buyer ID & Address Proof along with Buyer PAN
> Copy of Insurance, PUC
> Applicable fees which is around Rs 1000 approx

For Legal action against broker: Well i suggest to connect with local police station if agent has charged fees and unable to transfer. Going legal is like years of time and for such mundane issues - i doubt on how much time would court take.

If broker still not effecting transfer, then at max may hire lawyer to send legal notice

Hope should help !!

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Amol N Accepted Answer
Thank you for the reply .The vehicle is registered with Karnal RTO. The broker is the same guy who sold me the vehicle ,and a vehicl per the broker/dealer ,Karnal RTO refused to issue a NOC ,though there is nothing adverse or any thing pending against the vehicle
Can MYCARHELPLINE help line with the RC TRANSFER ,with the relevant charges for the work undertaken?

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Admin Accepted Answer

Its important to assess in reason,
> Have you checked and verified old RC. Is it indeed 2010 Model ?
Even if so - is it 2010 registered or 2010 Manufactured Car
If its 2010 registered, pls check Manufacturing year as per RC and BS Emission if mentioned
Can likely be a scenario where say car is 2009 Manufactured and say registered in 2010 - it implies that given car is BS3 compliant
If thats so then yes NOC can not be issued for Gurgaon been BS Emission norms not complied in

> If above is not a reason then you need to check if there are any legal case involved by checking with MLO - Motor Licensing Officer in Karnal RTO. There can be a chance of accident / superdari on car or any use of asset which makes it under court due to which NOC can not be issued

Above are 2 most probable reason due to which same is not done
As it looks like that you bought this car now, its important to make a check on same by first inspecting RC in original and second verifying same in Karnal RTO in person.

Hope should help !!

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