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  1. Vivek Rathore
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Thursday, May 13 2021
Hi Mr Modi,

Was looking for your thoughts on buying a creta SXO- diesel manual v. Petrol automatic DTC.

Live in Bombay and average daily run should be around 20-25 Km.

Delivery time for creta is 2-3 month but the diesel manual is available immediately. Price difference is approx 1.44 lakhs.

What i your review of diesel manual sxo v. Petrol auto sxo dct? Which one do you recommend?

Would you recommend I wait for taigun? I want to get a car at the earliest.

Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Vivek ji,

Greetings !!

Before letting you know about Creta Diesel - is important to let you know that not only now but even for last 3 years or so
> Hyundai Crdi Diesel Engines are very best in refinement, NVH - infact they are the benchmark
> Lag free power delivery, goes in very impressive manner for strong mid range
> These Diesel engines are what combination of perfect choice for performance and Fuel Efficiency too

and same is true for Hyundai Creta 1.5 Crdi Diesel too. Except that slight add on effort on
> Clutch : which too is not very stiff as what seen in other Diesel SUV

Creta Diesel is very impressive package of
> Fun to drive
> Performance
> Strong Mid Range
> Suspension also is slight tuned to be firmed up against Petrol Model making it apt for handling

and yes lower running cost too making it a great all round package
In terms of Service cost of Creta Diesel - fairly competitive by Diesel car standards, check out Hyundai Creta Diesel Service Cost

Now coming to Creta DCT: There is absolute no doubt that 1.4 TGDI is a gem of engine and DCT makes it quick and fun experience.
But if you keen on making a pick - its also important to experience that when an individual spending in close to 20 Lakh on road they seek
> Sheer convenience of drive as important aspect which is what there in DCT
> DCT Combination makes Creta DCT even more quicker against Diesel Manual. Engage in Sports Mode and get on to true performance beast
> For anyone who seek combination for long distance travel, city use and a primary car by spending in 20 Lakh amount deserves a car which is convenient and available with freedom from manual gear change and manual pressing of clutch

But the only downside of this DCT is that if you going to experience maximum usage within city (85%+) then DCT may not be ideal scenario been you wont unleash in Fun experience and it makes all sense to rather check out Creta Sx Option IVT Automatic available near around 1.2 Lakh lower against DCT.

So, point is :- There is absolute no concern for Creta Diesel Manual
Infact if you seek very best of Creta with lower running cost with segment most refined Diesel Engine and wont mind taking an extra effort in
> Manual Gear Change
> Manual Clutch

then opt for Creta Diesel and yes can save in substantial amount in lower running cost too + upfront Price difference.

However, care for no compromise on convenience aspect in drive which most of buyers want while spending a moolah then conisder Creta DCT

VW Taigun: Well i can tell you one thing, apart from 1 Litre TSI - Taigun 1.5 Petrol Automatic (1.5 TSI is same engine as what used in Troc) and VW Cars are sheer best in driver delight in performance, handling, build. This 1.5 is like lightning fast and hopefully when the car would be launched can be game changer for those who are true to enthusiast drive without any compromises.

The car may not be as spacious as Creta or may not be as feature loaded as what Creta feels but if you just dont seek any compromises on driver delight, handling then VW Taigun has lot to appeal in and would be worth a consideration

Hope should help !!

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