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  1. Ranjit Krishna
  2. Second Hand Cars
  3. Wednesday, May 12 2021
Hi to the entire team and wish you all the very best of health,

The issue on which we need your expertise applied to, is with regard to the following-

My wife needs advice on the best vehicle to buy for her daily commute and for occasional weekend drives and if it should be a second hand car or a new one .

She is a teacher in her 50's and needs to travel 30 kms one way to get to her school. The route is a mix of highway and city roads. We estimate monthly running of 1200-1400 Kms.

We live in Bangalore.

The primary requirements are
a) Automatic
b) Good Mileage
c) Safety-dual airbags preferred + ABS ( EBD if possible)
d) Low Maintenance and service costs + reliable service network

She does not want to exceed an EMI of Rs 8,000 per month and would ideally like to finish the loan in 5 years .

She can make a down payment of 1 lac to 1.25 lacs.

She has approached SBI, who have quoted 7.5 % for a new car loan for 7 years and 9.5 % for a used car for 4 years.

HDFC has quoted 7.7 % and 13.5% respectively.

We have looked at used cars and found Maruti Celerio VXI AMT 2015/2016( 40,000 kms +) model, Renault Kwid 1.0 AMT 2018/'19 ( 20 K + kms)and Datsun Redi Go S 1.0 AMT 2019 ( 18 K + kms) all quoting betweenRs 4.2 and 4.5 lacs inclusive of RC transfer. All of these are on third party insurance which will expire in a few months.

We really liked a Nissan Micra XT VCT 2017 with 38000 Kms on the clock but at Rs 5 lacs thought it was too expensive.

Should we look at older models? Is it better to go for a new car ?

We can , if required, avoid the bank loan and make an all cash purchase, as long as it does not exceed Rs 4, 25,000 in total.

Look forward to your advise on this ,

Thanks and best regards,


P.S-Have quite enjoyed Gagan's videos on Youtube, which I came across quite recently while wrestling with this issue. A shout out to him in appreciation of the great work he's doing.
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Ranjeet Krishna ji,

Greetings !!

New Car
As i understand basis the estimated financials as set, if a New Car then
> Rs 4 Lakh loan for span of 5 years would entail in EMI Obligation of Rs 8000
> Rs 1.25 Lakh downpayment

means if its a New car then Rs 5.25 Lakh is what your maximum budget car should come in
Been Bangalore has one among highest road tax zone in country, it implies - none of the cars in new car segment fits your budget

Closest to best would be
> Maruti S Presso AMT
> Renault Kwid AMT
> Datsun Redi Go

In all 3, safety is a challenge as been 0 Star or 1 Star Rated cars
If you still plan to go ahead with these entry segment AMT Cars, then S Presso Vxi Option AMT still remains a better pick to view as against other 2, which if you go ahead with it means your EMI will jump to Rs 9000 to 9100 levels with 1.25 Lakh downpayment.

Pls refer features of Maruti S Presso AMT

Used Car
See AMT as a technology is been improvising note
The cars as like Celerio with 2016 had relatively higher pause effect of AMT .
Kwid AMT - well fit, finish, quality seems very average.
Datsun redi go AMT - i wont recommend, very substandard product to our view

So yes if you intend to go with used one - i will rather reject all 3
Nissan Micra CVT as a product is a much better pick basis CVT responsiveness which is the key highlight factor. Been the car already 5 yrs Old
> Battery if not replaced would be end of life
> TYres would seek replacement within a year

and also pls note that service interval is bi-annual, which means car service cost wont be economical
Another thing to it is of utmost importance is
> condition of car
> is service history available and verified

Lastly asking price of 5 Lakh yes feels steep for 5 yr old Micra CVT considering is a discontinued car. So Nissan Micra CVT even too do not fit the bill been
> Overpriced in terms of asking price by bare minimum 10% even if excellent condition n verified service history
> Bi-annual service interval
> Service cost and wear and tear parts would cost more than rs 10,000 on annualised basis

So from given choices, only if seller considers reducing price to Rs 4.3 lakh to 4.5 lakh zone at best and you agree with fact of higher upkeep service cost then should go ahead with it. Else looks like best to avoid

Overall recommendation
Explore more cars in used car market in Bangalore. How about
> used Honda Brio Automatic ?
> used Hyundai Grand i10 Automatic 2nd gen
Reasonable good car and should get in under 5 Lakh, especially Grand i10 AT

Else in new car market - somehow have to settle with poor build cars.

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Smita Accepted Answer

My suggestion for her is to check out Maruti S Presso AMT
Its a tall car which will make here easy to enter, reliable car and yes very well tuned AMT in S Presso
Pls ask her to have test drive, feeling of new car can not be replicated in used car
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RANJIT Accepted Answer
Thanks to the Mycarhelpline team for the overview of the situation.

Honda Brio and Grand i10 for even 5-6 year old models are quoting over Rs 5 lacs in Bangalore.

How about the Maruti Celerio ZXI AMT 2016-17 model with air bags for both driver and passenger?

Or she is thinking of going in for a new Tata Tiago VXI AMT.

Thanks Smita for your input and suggestion of the Maruti S Presso AMT, which was also suggested by Mycarhelpline

My wife finds the design a tad intimidating and secondly it scores very poorly on the safety front, which is also putting us off.
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Admin Accepted Answer
Hi Ranjeet ji,

Sure, looks like relative inflated used car asking price in Bangalore
Been a 5 Year Old Model should definite come under 5 Lakh Price for both Brio & Grand i10 Automatic

Anyhow, w.r.t Celerio - the issue is AMT as a technology was continually been upgraded by Auto Makers
Till 2016 - 17 it was Maruti all the way in AMT Cars, and following year basis competition dynamics, enhancement in later years technology went much better. Point i wish to make is - initial batches of AMT Car felt like having higher pause effect / jerk effect on auto shifting gears

When you spending in even 4 Lakh and that too in Used car (Which is not less money by any standard) - such AMT jerkiness is not well appreciated. Theres considerable improvement in Celerio AMT as what sold now and what it was 4 to 5 years back.

Tata Tiago AMT is a great value choice in terms of handling, suspension but to disclaim
> AMT initial creep mode definite feels slow
> Although AMT is much improvised in Tiago but still cant match in AMT finesse as whats there in Santro and Grand i10 Nios AMT (although yes Tiago is much better in build aspect) but if you experience in new car in form of Nios AMT or Santro AMT, somehow AMT through Electric Actuator delivers almost a feel of proper Automatic with bare minimal jerks

So if its a New Car
Recommendation is to experience in Hyundai Santro AMT and if flexible on budget then Grand i10 Nios AMT which feels awesome in drive experience in terms of AMT Car as benchmark in segment.
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andrejpesockij920 Accepted Answer
hello, please wish, how do you like the first installments of AMT Car?
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