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  1. Rahul Dhoble
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Tuesday, May 04 2021
I want to purchase a car which can occupy 5 adults and have good boot space. It should be feature rich, good looks, less maintenance, good performance, milage. Car must be stable on highway, good handling. It must be a safe car with at least 4 star rating. I used to drive i20 2010 model and want to upgrade. My budget is 10lacs. I have finalized few cars based on that.
Altroz XZ diesel, i20 petrol, Nexon XE Diesel, Freestyle Diesel. Which one will be the best choice? Please suggest if you have more suggestions better according to you.
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Rahul ji,

Greetings !!

Considering fact that you seek a car after I20 Petrol with
> 4 Star Safety Rating
> Rich Features
> Stylish in Looks
> Performance Oriented
> Lower Cost of Ownership & yes should be reliable too

Now for a budget of 11 Lakh as specified

A Great all round choice basis impressive build, 5 star safety, space and diesel engine feels lively

However, Nexon XE is out of context as XE Diesel comes with bare basic features.
Presuming your location as Maharashtra - even Nexon XM Diesel (where On road price will just touch in 11 Lakh) offers very basic features
So - Nexon is out of race, unless you increase budget towards XZ Diesel where On road price will cross in 12 Lakh+

If you think of Nexon petrol - somehow mileage will go for toss so wont recommend that too

I20 Petrol
Although a great choice in space, features, styling and yes all new I20 service schedule with longer replacement of filters and fluids makes it very competitive but the way Seltos scored 3 Star in Safety Crash test, would be like too much to think that I20 can score in better, unless Safety crash test say so

In absence of any crash test, presume I20 to be 3 star (similar to what previous gen I20 was

Altroz XZ Diesel
Possibly one among superior value proposition basis
> 5 star safety, build
> Yes Diesel engine feels reasonable impressive in performance
> Stylish and if you seek exclusive features check out Nexon XZ Plus Diesel with lifestyle features as IRA, Express Cool, Voice Command in Hinglish, Stylish Leatherette seats
> Well tuned suspension and reasonable impressive handling

A great all round choice
Yes - service cost are not lowest, but still basis fact of near best mileage of 25 Kmpl as claimed, in real world will get in 17 Kmpl in city and close to 22 to 23 Kmpl on highway making cost of ownership very competitive

Ford Freestyle Diesel
Although reasonable good but from
> Styling aspect
> Feature aspect

do not feel as great as what Altroz XZ Diesel is all about. However my suggestion is that if flexible to increase budget by Rs 50K, then at 11.5 Lakh On road price - Ford Ecosport Titanium Diesel is a great value pick basis fact that
> Ecosport has its own charm, styling and feels like SUV'ish among crossover
> Titanium Diesel price is unchanged in 2021 and gets Electric Sunroof for Styling and ESP as important safety
> Excellent Handling dynamics, feels very stable on highway
> Sturdy Build Quality

My recommendation
If dont want to exceed budget then Tata Altroz XZ Diesel is a great pick
Else, care to slight flexible then check out Ford Ecosport Titanium Diesel.

Hope should help !!

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RAHUL DHOBLE Accepted Answer
Thanks for quick reply. I have one more doubt about diesel bs6 engine.
Is there anything else that I have to be careful about bs6 diesel engine?
If yes, what is it and let me know what are difficulties/challenges will be there for new bs6 diesel engines?
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Admin Accepted Answer
Hi Sure,

See Diesel Engine are upgraded with 2 stage emission from BS4 to BS6
They now remove in harmful gases like NOX and PM Levels through advanced DPF

DPF is essentially Diesel Particulate Filter where is tendency for DPF to be blocked due to carbon build up essentially called soot, when one drives
> too often for short distance run
> over a period of time in regular course of drive

The same needs to be cleared essentially through regeneration process which is achieved either by
> Driving car at higher speed for like 30 minutes or more (Essentially 2000 rpm+ or on highway at speed of 60+ for more than 30 minutes)
> connect with workshop on same

Second is technique used by some OEM to clear NOX using either
> Diesel Exhaust Fluid with SCR Technology
> NOX Trap

DEF is what ueed in high performance diesel engine, while smaller diesel engine with 1.5 Litre capacity or lesser uses NOX Trap
Same been referred in here on Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Been the cars in contenion list comes with NOX Trap - no special work needed from consumer end
So - the only extra part from your end would be what soot cleaning through regeneration technique as specified.

Hope should help !!
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Rahul Dhoble Accepted Answer
Thanks for the valuable information.
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vikas aleshwaram Accepted Answer

I am planing to buy car, i liked tata tiago xt and altroz , i am confused which one to take , my budget is 6 to 7.5 lakhs
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