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  1. Karan
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Sunday, May 02 2021
Hello sir,

I am planning to get a new car,

My budget is around 8 lakhs but can stretch upto 10 lakhs.

My daily running is around 50 kms sometimes more than 50 kms(once a week). Around 800-1000km a month.

I am confused whether i should get a cng car or petrol car.

I am more interested in suvs but also thinking to get cng car because of the Kms i have to travel.

I have shortlisted some cars, let me tell you with reasons.

1. Hyundai Aura S CNG (only car with cng and boot), also doesn't want to get a hatchback. Getting On road in delhi for 8.40 lakh

2. Vitara Brezza LXI (as i am interested in suvs and also getting it cheaper than aura cng) on road delhi - 8.20 lakh

3. Tata Nexon XMA/XMS ( i love this car because of the interiors, exterior not really that great, also again its an suv)

I have mentioned automatic version of nexon because till now i have driven only automatics, i will have to learn driving manual cars after buying.

Please help me which car should i get.

My confusion is i love the interiors of nexon but mileage will be around 10km/litre which will be expensive and that is why i thought to buy aura cng but it's ground clearance is low and i have heard that you can hear a lot of road noise inside the cabin while driving, and also it's not an suv and i personally don't really like its design. I mean it is not that bad but not that eye catching either.

Please suggest me a car i have to buy a car real quick i am confused for 3-4 months in these cars. Also do you think it is a wise decision to get brezza and put cng in that after market. Don't really like interiors of brezza.

Please help.
Admin Accepted Answer
Hello Karan,

Greetings !!

As i understand you seek a car with
> Lower Running Cost
> Good Interiors
> Preferably an Automatic Car
> Also a car with good ground clearance if available

Important about retro fit CNG
As all cars available in New Car Market now are BS6 Compliant - kind note that CNG can not be retro fitted in BS6 Cars been same not been approved in RTO till now. The rule is there for almost like 2 yrs when BS6 cars starts rolling in since May 2019 and really cant make a guess too if restriction will be lifted in future,

So if you thinking of buying Brezza now and converting to CNG at later stage then basis present guidelines cant do

Herewith am recommending you 2 cars to consider in basis need, usage as rather better pick

1. Honda Amaze S Diesel CVT: This car will ticks in requirement preference of
> Lower Running cost as expected fuel efficiency is in range of 16 to 17 Kmpl in city use and almost 19 to 20 Kmpl on highway
> Its an Automatic car, you will enjoy in sheer convenience of drive
> Spacious with complete boot to disposal
> Very reliable and Good Performance equipped car
> Ideal for day to day usage in city condition

yes, the rules states allowing diesel cars to ply for just 10 years in delhi/ncr as the only big con and may impact resale if keen to hold for more than 7 years, else is a great choice

2. Maruti Ertiga Vxi CNG: If flexible to increase budget slight to extent of mere rs 40K, you can have Ertiga Vxi CNG
> 1.5 Litre Petrol Engine makes a difference in performance as against Aura
> Ground clearance is impressive
> Very spacious
> Highly reliable
> Interior feels upmarket as against Aura or Brezza interiors
> Expect running cost to be even lower as against Amaze Diesel CVT

To view basis requirement preference as specified -
> Ertiga CNG : A great all round choice if ready to compromise on Automatic part
> Amaze S Diesel CVT : if ready to compromise on high ground clearance factor. Impressive pickup

Check them out to have test drive
Hope should help !!

Karan Accepted Answer
Sir, i am a doctor by profession.
Don't want to get a diesel car because of 10 years restriction and as i have to travel alone dont want ertiga which is a 6 seater car and doesn't really go with the profession.
Should i go with aura cng? Tata nexon as i like the interiors more than any other car or brezza which i am getting cheaper and will give more mileage than nexon, i will have to compromise with interiors with brezza.
Admin Accepted Answer
Hi Doctor Sahab,

I will say, make a choice basis
> Convenience
> Lower Running cost

Nexon AMT is a great pick for day to day city use basis
> Stress free drive it offers, No clutch pedal and no change of gears. Just slot gear in A mode
> BS6 Nexon is much improvised and initial niggles been resolved. expect to deliver good feedback with a gentle foot response
> 5 Star Safety aspect
> Ease of Ingress and Egress
> Social Status perspective
> Loaded with ESP as important safety element for highway

However, yes fuel efficiency can go for a toss and if you drive in Eco mode for better fuel efficiency - you will find a lot of lag in city use
City mode is good and Sports mode is great - but comes at cost of fuel efficiency. True as fuel efficiency can drop to 10 to 11 Kmpl, and if thats a deal breaker then opt for Aura CNG where USP is
> Lower Running cost
> Hyundai Assured Low Ownership Maintenance cost

But i should also disclaim one fact about Aura CNG there is a fine disclaimer warranty clause It states that HMIL does not have any obligations including warranty obligations nor is directly or indirectly liable for any defect in the CNG Parts installed in Hyundai Grand i10 Nios / Aura car.

CEV and /or its Authorised agencies will be responsible for any defect / flaw / deficiency in the quality, performance, fitment, working, functioning of CNG Parts installed in Hyundai Grand i10 Nios CNG and Aura CNG and no claim of any kind whatsoever concerning the CNG Parts will be entertained by HMIL and / or its AUthorised dealerships / workshop / service center.

Hope should help in making right choice !!
Karan Accepted Answer
Sorry, i didn't understand hmil and cev agencies.
Does that mean that cng parts are not covered under warranty?? In that case it is almost like aftermarket cng right?

Karan Accepted Answer
Sorry i didn't understand HMIL and CEV?
Does that mean that there is no warranty for cng related parts by company.
Isn't it same as aftermarket fitted cng?
Admin Accepted Answer
CEV is what who provides sequential CNG Kit to Hyundai India at Manufacturer Level
Its that a clause is referred in warranty terms as shared. Somehow is like
> CNG Parts warranty would be provided by CEV
> Car Warranty would be provised by Hyundai

Take it this way that tyres are covered by Tyre Company warranty and Battery by Battery maker warranty terms
In similar way Hyundai India stating that CNG and its parts would be covered by CEV

Hope should help !!
Karan Accepted Answer
What are your thoughts about aura cng variant?
Is it a good and value for money product?
Are there some major drawbacks with this car i should be aware of?
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hello Karan Sahab

Greetings !!
Hyundai Aura CNG comes with USP of
> Mileage: As you are in delhi, your car running cost would be like just Rs 2 / Km making it very economical to run
> Very ease for day on day usage in city. Light steering, light clutch
> Engine NVH are like super silent
> Spacious with slight space left after boot with CNG
> Low Maintenance and Hyundai Products are generally reliable

For a city like Delhi where controlled speed drive are there - Aura CNG is like a no nonsense car in budget
But once you go on open roads
> Handling aspect in terms of steering feedback feels average
> Performance feels slight under-power
> Build Quality is like average (Nios scored 2 star in NCAP Crash test)
> Design language of car including brown interior feels awkward
> Seats with fixed headrest are not best to protect in case of whiplash injury

Overall - if running restricted at 90% of times within Delhi and / or you drive in controlled speed of under 60 Kmph then may consider in Aura CNG
Hope should help !!
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