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  1. gitish chopra
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Tuesday, April 20 2021
Dear Sir,

I have a 2013 ford figo Diesel zxi (Haryana regs.) and intend to upgrade my vehicle on priority basis.

Reason for upgrade :
A) Old vehicle has been creating issues
B) Status upgrade
C) car driven 1.25 L +

New car requirements :

I have been transferred to chandigarh and would be staying in Mohali, Punjab.

We are a family of 3 (Husband, wife, 3 yrs old kid). Our budget is 10 L.
I am an advertisement sales professional with a leading radio station and my job involves traveling as below :
Local everyday : 40-50 kms
3-4 trips per month in 200 kms range.

I had shortlisted ford ecosport titanium+ AT petrol but that will cost me 12+ and over the budget cap.
I am confused and would need your honest opinion for choosing the best fit.

Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Gitish ji,

Greetings !!

In terms of usage which is what substantial at
> On an average 1200 Kms a month in local usage
> 600 to 800 Kms on Highway in long trips

somehow Ford Ecosport Automatic as been considered as an upgrade after Figo
> comes with class leading handling as what you experienced in Figo
> yes is Automatic Car

But with it would not only go overboard but even the end fuel efficiency will be a sorepoint as Ecosport Automatic is the least fuel efficient Automatic Car in Indian Passenger car market in Sub 4 Meter Segment.

Anything around 9 to 10 Kmpl would be what called a reasonable expectation.

If you seek Automatic Car
My Strong recommendation would be to check out XUV300 W6 Diesel AMT
> Been Diesel will entail lower running cost
> Very Fun to Drive with segment best 300 NM Torque
> AMT responsiveness in XUV300 Diesel (not Petrol) is very best and AMT Jerks are much masked in same

Adding on 5 Star Rated Car with need of hour safety as ESP been essential on highway along with 5 Star Safety Rating and car loaded with impressive features. Suggest to experience in XUV300 Diesel AMT, am sure will love in value proposition including lower running cost

Alternative to Automatic yet with convenience
Else, also look out for IMT Car where in although will be driving a Manual Transmission with gear shift as you do in a Manual Transmission but
> No Manual Clutch Pedal, which takes away 50% of work in pressing clutch
> Comes with creep mode on 1st and 2nd gear which makes driving on bumper to bumper traffic at ease

However, pls note that car enters in dead mode if you drive on too high a gear on lower speed. Also for someone who wont change in gear and drive in with same speed will end up with lower fuel efficiency and stress on car engine.

IMT is best when one follow discipline of gear shift change at varying speed. But trust the freedom from
> Pressing Clutch Pedal
> Creep Mode in Heavy traffic

makes IMT Car an impressive proposition and basis current price point Kia Sonet HTX IMT is a great choice in
> Looks
> Styling
> Lifestyle Features
> Power Packed Performance in Turbo Petrol
> Fun yet with good fuel efficiency

Suggest to experience and test drive in car. Our first recommendation certainly is XUV300 Diesel AMT and then is Sonet HTX IMT
Hope should help !!

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Gitish Accepted Answer
Gagan bhai,

The XUV model you mentioned has ex showroom cost at 10.6 L (Snapshot attached), meaning total pricing again at 12+.

Just adding on to my previous query. My priorities are :

A) tight and strict budget of 10L, since car is a depreciating asset. Have other obligations too.
B) Car for small families
C) something that can suit lifestyle/workstyle of a sales professional at middle management. i.e. lower maintenance costs, should look decent.

Automatic/manual , sunroof, LED screen, android auto are secondary and can be compromised.
First three points are important for me.
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
As you specified your
> average running
> Family Size
> Requirement, Preference

Here are Cars in different segment should explore
1. Ford Freestyle Titanium Diesel / Plus Diesel (@ 8.37 Lakh / 8.72 Lakh exshowroom) : A Great all rounder choice for
> Experiencing Powerful fun to drive crossover
> Safe with ESP, Traction Control
> Immaculate Diesel Engine Performance

Yes, car interior aesthetics feels average and somehow has limited space on 2nd row - which may not be deal breaker for you
Also, Slight downside in terms of drive is that pedal space difference is limited
But this is a crossover having lot of potential in terms of drive, performance, handling and a great pick over yester years Figo Diesel

2. Volkswagen Polo TSI : NOw, if you seek Polo TSI - pls check if Polo comfortline TSI is available at any dealer showroom
Although it was a limited edition model. But @ 6.99 Lakh (after discounts) is a super value
Even if same not available, Polo Highline Plus TSI can be considered. Biggest USP
> Most Fun to drive in Hatchback
> True to driver delight
> Ideal for small family as rear seats space is conjested - which is what deal breaker for many, but not in your case
> Suspension dynamics are one among best

Downside is that under 2000 rpm - yes a slight lag is felt and clutch travel range is on longer side
But - still that lag is not something which is bothersome
Also, Scheduled service cost is slight at premium but VW Increased localisation and spare part cost is considerably reduced. Average paid bill @ 15000 Kms would be in range of trs 8000 to 9000 - which is what manageable
Care for a Petrol Hatchback - Polo TSI is a great all round choice.

3. Tata Nexon XMA @ 8.59 Lakh exshowroom : Well if you seek convenience of drive as important consideration then explore Nexon XMA
> 5 STar Safety Rated
> Very impressive build
> ESP as advanced safety
> Stylish car with good road presence
> AMT response is large improved in 2021 and jerks are much controlled

> Engine noise levels are on higher side
> Tata After sales service still needs a lot to catch up

But care for a SUV Factor with convenience to drive then Nexon XMA is a great pick
Suggest to experience in basis prerefence - hopefully should find what your next new car,.
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Gitish Accepted Answer
Gagan paaji,

Your views on urban cruiser. (Petrol, AT)

Though the usage is mostly for city life , but how's the handling on Highway for occasional travel.

Is it better than Nexon ?

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Ankit Khokhar Accepted Answer
Dear Gitish,

1. Urban cruiser has its own upsides over nexon in terms of refinement, aftersales service, engine reliability(non-turbo>turbo) as well as toyota badging however the car is brezza under the skin But suzuki cars with toyota badge are having paint quality on premium side. If you want complete peace of mind can deffinately opt urban cruiser AT(can seek for manual of price difference is high) .The driving dynamics are good may not as good as nexon but not the deal breaker at all.
2. Secondly as Gagan ji advised ford freestyle diesel is a great car. It will minimize your running cost also you have not to worry about registration of 10 years as you are away from NCR region. Also ford cars are having lower maintenance costs.
> so choose wisely and accordingly.
Hope should help. Excuse if typed anything wrong
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hi Gitish ji,

Urban Cruiser is a great choice from
> Engine performance. This 1.5 Litre Suzuki SHVS engine performance has lot of grunt for day to day city use
> Suspension Dynamics are well sorted. Can clear on in city bad roads at absolute ease
> Rear seat has good legroom space, good headroom space
> Exterior feels stylish among lot and brown interior theme on seats (to view not feel as claustophobic as in Brezza)
> After sales service of Toyota is benchmark and Mileage aspect is good too
> One among fuel efficienct car in conventional automatic (anything around 12 Kmpl in day to day city use can be a reasonable expectation - which is good from Automatic car standard)

However, This 4 speed transmission (although is best suited for those) who drive in city as despite of 4 speed which is like feel outdated from technological perspective (in world of CVT, DCT and 6 Speed Torque converter) in books but in real world scenario
> Day to day usage in terms of city drive is good
> For anyone who drives the car in relaxed way wont be at all disappointed with this Automatic
> However at same time pls note that no driving enthusiast or for one who love fun to drive will pick this car

Some negatives
> Interior aesthetics in terms of plastic quality feels dated. Yester year steering feel, button
> Rear Seats are placed in slight upright position
> Somehow yes highway dynamics feels average (if we compare against Sonet, Ecosport, XUV300) - steering do not carry the kind of feedback, still if you drive in most of time in between 80 Kmph to 90 Kmph - its manageable, suggest not to go beyond 100 Kmph if you wish to buy this car.

Price:But, somehow On road Price will marginally exceed in budget (as you specified strict budget of 10 Lakh) - touch in around 11 Lakh On road in Haryana

Hope should help !!
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Gitish Accepted Answer

Sorry to bother you again.

I have liked Skoda Rapid rider+ AT.
It fits the bill and as per reviews, it's a fun to drive, value for money automatic sedan.

My only concern is ::
There are rumors about its discontinuation in near future.
Are they launching the new version anytime soon.

And there's a saying in Hindi : Shaadi, CAR aur mobile mei hamesha yehi lagta hai ki thodi der aur rukk jaate toh acha model mil jaata :)

Your views please.
The next option I've shortlisted is Ciaz in 11/12 range. (Yes, I said 10L earlier, par kya karein mehngai hai)
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Admin Accepted Answer
Hi Sure,

Wise words !!
But there is a saying too 'Naya nau din, purana sau din'

Existing rapid although based on old platform but trust the way Rapid drives and in driving dynamics is way better and quicker than any other Mid Sedan Segment. Steering, suspension, driving dynamics are a notch better

Also - Skoda Rapid is very reliable basis
> 1 Litre TSI Engine
> 6 Speed Torque converter

and the price point at which such a product is available makes it an excellent combination.

Yes Rapid next generation is due and Skoda may either continue with name as rapid or give it an altogether new name in near future but as what observed that companies are continually improvising new products as what observed in and also silently increasing prices.

Had you referred Style Automatic or even Ambition Automatic - i may asked you to wait for next gen, but consider Rider Plus Automatic - value proposition at such a price point is like a steal

For Ciaz
Its an altogether different product which is what meant for someone having requiremenet of
> Lots of space
> Comfort oriented suspension
> For someone who seek features, mileage, space, low maintenance and drives in controlled speed on good city roads

But somehow am not much impressed with brakes, build quality, high speed handling feedback.
So pls have preference set
> Rapid for Handling, Driving dynamics, fun to drive, brakes, suspension and steering feedback and best for 4 adults
> Ciaz for space, comfort oriented suspension, mileage, 5 member family, seek sedate and comfortable ride and on good city& highway roads

Hope should help !!
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Gitish Accepted Answer
Gagan paaji,

Zeroed on Skoda rapid rider plus.

Ek samasya ka samadhan karo.

Candy white or carbon black.

I know, color is a personal and subjective choice.

But I'm confused.
Black looks sophisticated and stands apart.
White is timeless but common.

Guru ji, raah dikhao.
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

Suggest to refer in this post on Best Car Color Choice

Should help !!
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