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  1. Ankush Goyal
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Tuesday, April 13 2021
Hi Gagan Modi Ji,

First of all, I really appreciate your videos and like the way you provide information. These have been very helpful till now to me. Also, please note that I have also recently started my Youtube channel named “Financial Gurukul” in which I provide suggestions and guidance on financial investment or planning.

I am planning to buy new car and taken test drive of many cars. Firstly, I will inform you about my requirements:
1) This will be my own first new car (but had secondhand Wagon R for 6 months) so looking to have it for at least next 5-6 years.
2) We are a family of 3 with my wife and 2 year kid. My parents live in hometown and so they will hardly travel with us. Hence, looking more for compact SUV.
3) I live in Gurugram and my office is around 10 km from home. As of now, working from home and doesn’t expect to go to office in 2021 atleast. Also, mostly it won’t be full 5 days office in the future as well (mostly 3 days).
4) I will travel to my parents or in-laws place once in a month which will around 400 km return journey.
5) In total, I am not expecting my travel to reach more than 1000-1200 km in a month when the offices will open. It will be much lesser before that.
6) My preference is more towards automatic due to heavy traffic in Gurgaon and expressways/highways are in construction so that will also lead to traffic jam.
7) My budget is around 10-12 lakhs, so I want to use it wisely.
8) After taking the test drive, I loved Kia Sonet and Maruti Baleno. As of now, I have booked Kia Sonet HTX IMT petrol in Delhi and HTX Diesel Manual in Gurugram. I don’t want to waste time and increase the waiting period. Kia has full refund policy so there is no issue with it.

Sonet HTX IMT: We loved this car and it has all the features and is under budget. It has everything which we wanted. However, the main concern is its mileage. As per our knowledge from Sonet group on Facebook, the city mileage is around 11-12 km and highway mileage is around 14-15 km. We don’t want in the future to think twice before planning a trip due to higher cost.

Sonet HTX Diesel Manual: Therefore, we have also booked Diesel Manual which has better average and the cost difference is only 34,000 INR. However, there are 2 concerns with this trim as well:
1) It is complete manual, but our preference was automatic. Although IMT is not complete manual but it gives better comfort due to non-availability of clutch. My wife is new to car and automatic will help her too.
2) As per my knowledge, Diesel cars are valid for 10 years in NCR. Hence, if I will need to sale the car in 5-6 years, I won’t get that resale value due to less tenure.

Maruti Baleno: This was a fantastic car until I tried Sonet. Also, its Zeta CVT is costing around 9.5 lakhs which doesn’t seem worth when we can get Sonet IMT with much more features in extra 1.5 lakhs. If I will choose this car, only due to higher mileage and I can install CNG in it after 1 year of purchasing date. However, the build quality is one big concern.

Since, I am a financial guy, I have done some calculation. As per my understanding based on current petrol and diesel rates, the difference will be around 3,000 per month if my monthly running is 1200 km with equal run in city and highway.

But is it worth buying diesel car when the time period of registration is 10 years in comparison to 15 years for petrol? There will surely be less resale value for diesel car. Further, I can book Diesel car in UP (my hometown) but firstly, the difference is around 60k and then I have noticed that traffic police trouble UP cars much more in NCR. Lastly, it’s not easy to sale UP number cars as well. I can’t go to Sonet Diesel AT because I don’t want to stretch my budget.
I am not open for XUV300 due to its boot size, Brezza was my dream car 2 years back but not now due to its lack of features. Don’t’ want to go to VW or Toyoto due to higher maintenance cost. I never liked i10 or i20 and i20 seems to be very overpriced to me.

Therefore, I need your suggestion on this dilemma. Should I buy Sonet Diesel without worrying about registration period or should I buy Sonet IMT and bear extra 3000-5000 Rupees every month.

Separately, I have noticed that you suggest “Headlight Bulb from Philips Xtreme Vision Plus / Osram night breaker unlimited”. Should I also buy this for Kia Sonet HTX model and will it void warranty if installed aftermarket? And what would be your choice of brand for “Tyre Pressure Monitoring System”?

Ankush Goyal
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hi Ankush,

Greetings !!

First of all - is a question of convenience
> Petrol IMT comes without any manual clutch pedal, while Sonet Diesel yes has clutch and diesel cars clutch pedal also remains marginally stiffer. Your left foot is relaxed
> Biggest consideration of IMT is ease of drive as against Diesel Manual - simply change in gear without any clutch
> At the end of drive within city if driven in IMT as against Manual Transmission - you will find yourless with lesser fatigue. same even holds for long distance travel too at a certain extent with your left foot relaxed

Been one of key preference is to beat in city traffic - Sonet IMT is yes a boon and offers superior
Secondly, Diesel cars comes with
> Slight higher service
> Wear & tear parts like Clutch Plate, Battery cost higher (although once required in 5 to 7 years)
> Insurance premium too will carry in difference been 1.5 Diesel Engine comes with higher premium as against 1 Litre GDI Petrol

Yes the restriction still there despite of BS6 to ply diesel cars in delhi for 10 years
It makes a better proposition to consider in Petrol IMT for someone having need of
> requirement of usage with maximum in city use
> need convenience of drive
> from Delhi / NCR where Diesel cars shed resale significant higher at end of 7 to 8 years

Adding on Sonet HTX IMT yes is a great choice for someone having samll family and seek
> Bright dual tone beige and black interior
> Lifestyle feature with Electric Sunroof
> Styling with LED Headlights

You will also love in Performance of 1 Litre Turbo GDI Petrol Engine which has enough grunt in mid range

Philips Xtreme Vision Bulbs
Not required in Sonet HTX IMT. It by default comes with LED Headlights having good visibility and styling.

Well if your majority of usage is in city then i suggest to rather buy Digital Single Barrel tyre inflator from Michelin where in can check in Air pressure before start of long trip and can fill air too at ease. Its accurate and will also fill in air in case of loss.

Can give a pass for TPMS basis maximum usage in city

Hope should help !!

JITENDRA Parmar Accepted Answer
I have same question .Nexon Petrol or Diesel?
If you have got answer suggest me.
Ankush Goyal Accepted Answer
Hi Modi ji,

Thank you for your detailed response.

I will be using 20 km per day in Gurugram after the pandemic is over which is around 600 KM in a month and then 400 Km from Gurugram to my hometown (return journey), this will be total of 1000 Km in a month. I am worried if I have to travel for outing purpose, may be once in a quarter, I shouldn't think over twice due to higher cost of travel.

Based on your inputs, I have decided to go with IMT only. However, would like to check if you have any idea what could be the difference in resale value of petrol and diesel cars (obviously approximate) if both cars are in same condition.

Further, I have knowledge that Hyundai was testing CNG kit in Venue 1.0 litre Turbo engine. If successful, I can go with the same in Sonet after 2 years time (not before that). What is your opinion on this and if you can share your valuable inputs on CNG in Turbo engine?

Lastly, would you like to suggest on Baleno CVT model? Should I consider it due to higher mileage and aftermarket CNG option?

Ankush Goyal
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

For resale, see lot of factors influence resale but still basis sole criteria of ageing and presuming 10,000 Kms a year running then can make estimate

> Diesel Car Resale : DL based car / HR26 / HR 51 based car / UP 14 & 16 series car and you plan to sell car after 7th year and provided that this 10 year diesel car ban remains intact then expect resale value limited to just 33% of prevaling price in Delhi.

> Petrol Car Resale: Expect resale value to be near around 40% to 45% of prevailing price.

Unsure which CNG is been tested, but as of now Hyundai used CEV Sequential CNG in Aura and Nios
Its a sequential CNG which is what used by OEM with independent ECU and even rear suspension tune up been done by OEM
Also, retro fitting kit cant match in factory level fitment, and adding in BS6 Cars - OEM designed cars in such a way that CNG in BS6 Cars cant be retro fitted due to safety resgulations

Also, Its been a year since when no CNG is retro fitted in BS6 Car - cant really comment if same will be lifted after 2 years

Baleno CVT
See CVT is what fully automatic as against Sonet IMT where in is essentially a Manual Transmission but without clutch pedal
You need to change in gears in Sonet, but with Baleno will end up as very smooth experience.

> Sonet high speed handling
> Charm of SUV if you drive on bad roads
> Stylish Exteriors and Interiors
> Turbo Petrol Engine peppy Mid range
> Advanced Styling of Lifestyle Features as Sunroof, LED Headlights has own charm

and somehow Sonet feels slight more sturdy as against Baleno
Recommended Sonet IMT to consider in.

Hope should help !!

Ankush Goyal Accepted Answer
Hi Gagan Ji,

Thank you for your response and making my mind clear. Based on your suggestion, I have decided to finally go with HTX IMT. The dealer has given me following quote:

Ex Showroom – 999,000
Registration Charges – 76,760
Insurance – 33,930 (+1,700 for RTI)
Extended Warranty – 19,771
Accessories Kit – 20,095
Total – 1,149,556

Insurance: Since its Kia so there is no negotiation in prices. I saw your website and videos and checked insurance from outside because they aren’t ready to negotiate on insurance price as well. As per your website, GoDigit is one of insurer under Kia Safety program. They are offering me the same insurance in around 26,000-27,000 including RTI. They have all features covered what Kia is providing. I checked GoDigit website and they have cashless facility with all Kia showroom in NCR region. Although Kia person told me that I can go with Future Generali in 30,000 which has tie up with that particular showroom, but I don’t want to go with them because it’s not certain if need to be, we go to same showroom. Please recommend if I should go with Kia Safety despite higher prices or should I buy from GoDigit from outside and save money.

Accessories: I have decided to give a miss to this one as well. I checked the prices from outside and most of these accessories are at half prices in aftermarket. However, I am confused for Headlamp Garnish Chrome, Taillamp Garnish Chrome, Fog Lamp Garnish Chrome, and Door Visor Chrome Insert. Please suggest if I should do this aftermarket or from Kia showroom.

Further, I was watching you video and you suggested to install “Car Cabin AC Filter”. I am not sure if it is available in Kia Sonet or not. Could you please let me know if its available in Sonet?

The fog lamps in HTX is halogen. I will travel to my hometown in winters and you know how the fog condition is in north India in December – January. Should I replace them to LED or HID? Kia is offering LED for fog lamps in 5,800.

Your help is much appreciated!
Admin Accepted Answer

Basis price difference i recommend to go with Kia Safety Insurance rather than directly with Go Digit
Also, i recommend to rather choose in
> Bajaj
> ICICI Lombard

in Kia Safety Insurance for been superior network and claim terms
More details on Kia Safety Insurance

Chrome Accessories: Recommended from showroom
Chrome if bought from after-market lose shine over period of time and yes heard of rust issues too
If chrome related accessories - recommended from showroom

Cabin AC Filter: Yes is there in Sonet

Fog Light: LED Fog light wont make much difference too
Wont recommend changing same.
Ankush Goyal Accepted Answer

Kia has updated the features in Kia Sonet and changed the prices. I was had booked HTX IMT but the company now has added alloy wheels, security features and rear curtains. Also, they have increased the prices by 30,000. I will have to shell out 35,000 extra for these.

Further, they has added Sunroof and other features from HTX in HTK+ as well which is costing 60,000 less than HTX now (ex-showroom).

What is your suggestion? Should I downgrade to HTK+ now to save around 70,000 or go with HTX only for security features.

Ankush Goyal
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

We all buy car for long term use and should not regret on later on for ignoring some useful features
> Safety aspect of ESP, Hill Assist, Brake Assist - all makes a difference and should not be ignore considering model been updated
> Yes you get improvised aesthetics with Alloy Wheels and better dual tone beige and black interiors
> LED Headlights makes a difference in night drive and yes feels more stylish too

and other bits all makes Kia Sonet HTX IMT for a superior safe and stylish car with better experience.
Ankush Goyal Accepted Answer
Hi Gagan ji,

Thank you for your quick response.

In case, I have to go for HTX only then which is better option, IMT or DCT. The difference in both is 80,000 on road in Gurgaon. Does the price difference worth? I am seeing lots many people are changing their bookings to DCT variant as they consider the price difference isn't much. However, I am confused if I should also do the same? The company has created more confusion by adding this variant :)

Ankush Goyal
Admin Accepted Answer

DCT definite carries charm of been Proper Automatic transmission (as against IMT which is essentially a manual transmission without clutch). Thus is lot more convenient to drive.

However, for those whose majority of usage to be on city with bumper to bumper traffic - i would recommend to go away with DCT and rather either look out for a car which is offered in CVT in Automatic or conventional torque converter. Else this IMT

DCT needs slight adjustment to driving style and somehow for anyone where majority of use in city in bumpet to bumper traffic - DCT may get slight overheat up. The charm of DCT is in fun to drive experience with seamless pick up.

Also, somehow w.r.t Sonet or Venue specific - kind note that there is relative turbo lag under 2000 rpm in dct transmission which can be masked in IMT or Manual Transmission by driving style.

So basis drive usage requirement. May pick in.
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