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  1. Bhavin Shah
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Tuesday, April 13 2021

Hi, planning to buy a car. Have confusion between Sedan or SUV , Multiple reviews and online material confuses more Need your advice based on my requirement. Safety, Seat Comfort, 5 seater and Long term reliability. Location Mumbai

Budget 15 to 20 Lakhs on Road. Currently Driving Wagon R - 8 years and Tata Manza – 3 Yrs Prior to that.
Daily Home <-> Office Commute 25 KM + Quarterly 500 KM trip. Avg 10K to 12 K - KM a Year
Safety -> Daily Commute is on Busy City Highway Road with Heavy Vehicle Movements (Truck, Trailers. Tankers.)
Automatic-> Daily Commute route has huge traffic, Bad road, Metro & Fly over construction going on. Pot Holes and uneven roads is common. Also roads are full of Bikers, Auto Rikshaws, Buses , people.
Need car with view of 8-10 Years - Family of 4 Adult and 1 Kid but need 5 Seater as Kid will need full seat soon
Seat comfort with good Thigh support as Self driving. I am overweight with bit of Knee issue. I recline my right knee and rest it on Door Side Panels and Drive / use Accelerator.
From Test drive done - Rejected Nexon AMT, Seltos IVT, Vento DCT, City CVT due to Discomfort in seating or Safety.

Considering seating comfort below option have in mind, but any other option which you can suggest is good.

Yaris & Verna - Liked the comfort and Seating posture above all - but Low Ground Clearance and difficult to accommodate 3 in back seats.
XUV 300 W8 O AMT – Pros : Seat Comfort is ok, can accommodate 5 , Good Safety, Usable Features
Cons – Very Low Sale, No clarity on long term reliability, Mahindra known for heavy wear and tear after 3 years. Heard issues about it’s Gearbox failure and AMT Jerks. How ever is AMT is value for Money @ 14 Lakhs

Creta SX IVT – Pros :Seat Comfort is good, Can accommodate 5, Good Features and smooth experience. Cons : No Crash test and unaware about it’s Build Quality (May be 3* same as Seltos , Sunroof is a risk, Less Value for Money, High demand some times result in Low quality.
Harrier XMA – Pros : Seat Comfort is ok, Spacious and Sturdy, Strong Build, Land Rover Platform, All required features including 14 points of Passive safety. Comfortable ride and handling. Powerful Engine, No sunroof
Cons : Fit and Finish, Big size may difficult to drive in Traffic condition, Long term reliability and service.

I am Driving enthusiasm and fan of Good and Comfortable ride quality. Not looking for Fancy features but need practical options. I need your help to choose best option. Also any other good option you can suggest.

Bhavin Shah
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Bhavin,

Greetings !!

Appreciate in detailed inputs, here are inputs which will axe out some cars and help in shortlisting best
> Verna : Out of context as has limited rear seat legroom, low seats
> Vento & Rapid: Essentially 4 Seater with raised floor hump on center
> Yaris: Although ideal for 4 adults and a kid but limited shoulder room space - may not be as good as need, requirement for long term

Essetially a sedan may not be best buy too basis road conditions as referred in

> XUV300: Well when you flexible on budget, i wont really recommend an AMT Car.
Still if you need to experience basis value price point then AMT yes is definite felt jerky as against conventional TC or CVT / IVT Transmission
but if you seek XUV300 then experience in XUV300 Diesel AMT as against Petrol AMT where the strength of this car is and due to segment best torque at 300 NM - minimal jerks in XUV300 AMT are there and at around 15 Lakh on road you will get in
a) 5 Star Build Quality
b) Highest Active and Passive Safety Features
c) Impressive cabin space (but with compromised boot space)
d) AMT Diesel has least jerk in segment

> Creta: I understand that you are concerned with Seltos crash test rating and yes is a valid reason, but be aware that Creta Sx Option IVT (not Sx IVT) is offered with fully loaded active and passive safety which also do matters in form of 6 Airbag, ESP, ABS EBD, TPMS, Highline TPMS
At Upper end of budget you get
a) Soft, comfy and plush ride
b) Fully Loaded active and passive safety
c) IVT is very refined and ideal to beat in city traffic conditions, you will love in sheer experience of IVT to beat in MUmbai daily traffic
d) Yes is spacious cabin
e) Very reliable, lower cost of maintenance

Although yes i agree crash test rating not available but with the fact that you buying top of line fully loaded model in safety features along with space, smooth IVT transmission, comfort oriented ride - there is no reason to ignore in Creta Sx Option IVT

Be assured that speed is one key critical element and safe drive by following speed limits with good build, active and passive safety - all matter in offering a safe experience

Harrier: Harrier is a segment up car and is what Diesel Automatic Transmission as against Petrol IVT
Although to disclaim size although looks bigger in first stance but is fair easy and convenient to drive in Harrier. Its all about getting used to.
> Fit and Finish with Panel Gaps
> Tata After Sales Service
> Higher Service Cost
> Basic features in XMA, lacks even basics of ESP, side & curtain airbags . Has manual AC and steel wheel - its just that you will feel like that despite spending in 2 Million on car you will miss on signature elements. Point is if you seek Harrier - stretch in budget to close to 23 Lakh for XZA Automatic to experience the best of product from Harrier

But even after that you have to witness in higher service cost and Tata after sales is a question

Net all Recommendation
Either Hyundai Creta Sx Option IVT Automatic in present scenario or wait for Skoda Kushaq 1.5 TSI Automatic
Actually Kushaq legroom space is good but shoulder room space can slight be challenging against Creta. Only if 3 average physique people sitting in Kushaq then can sit in. The car would be soon up for display in SKoda showroom in another 2 to 4 weeks.

But, let me honest - DSG gearbox although is very engaging to drive and best when cruising on open roads but for city traffic for Mumbai - IVT is better suited.

To view - Creta Sx Option IVT should be best pick for need, requirement as specified.
Hope should help !!

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Bhavin Shah Accepted Answer
Thanks Modi Ji for your quick and elaborated reply, Your wise guidance has clarified a lot of confusion.
I want to spent Money wisely and not want to increase spent over 2 Million (on Depreciating Asset and any Saving idea is Welcome

However if you can help me to provide more guidance on my Point "Need car with view of 8-10 Years ", Which is better out of 3 SUV Option on Below aspects.

> Reliable drive during the said Span, Good Performance and Pickup over the years.
> Obviously there will be wear and tear , but Sustainable Interior Quality , Quality and Durability of of Main part's (Gear Box, Engine, Suspensions)
> Quality of Electronics and Hydraulics, Breaking and Ergonomics for long drives.

If Creta is good in above over Harrier and XUV 300 ?

For Kushaq i think it will take time to become a matured product as it's new. Yes German cars are best but they take time to align to Indian Need. Vento is superb product , tested it on off road and hill terrain and it pulled the car swiftly (better then Creta), but Space, No upgrade and meeting Indian family need is lacking.

Thanks once again for bringing the Clarity on Safety Aspects and I agree with you. Initially i was just focusing Build Quality

Regards, Bhavin
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

Basis requirement of
> Reliability
> Long lasting peace of mind ownership
> IVT Engine responsiveness for day to day city usage
> Cost of Ownership with after sales
> Comfort Oriented drive

will rate Creta IVT giving an edge and basis overall requirements stated, Creta Sx Option IVT would be best pick for need requirement.
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Abhijit Manohar Accepted Answer
Hi Bhavin, having read all your comments above, I would rate Creat as the best buy with the iVT gearbox.
As far as the upcoming cars are concerned, the best product for you would be Kushaq. As for your concerns (Yes German cars are best but they take time to align to Indian Need), this is a product developed for India. Given the major push the company is taking for India, expect this product to be well aligned to Indian needs and requirements.
Even the after sales and servicing has improved hell of a lot as far as the company is concerned. They even give proper response to the customer. Being a VW customer for the last 8+ yrs and a close relative of mine being a Skoda customer for 9+ yrs, the after sales is definitely getting better.
Recommending Skoda over VW as your requirements is space, which is better in Skoda than VW by design.
Another point, Skoda will feel easier to drive over the Creta. Hyundai cars are designed to give a bigger car experience, while VW group cars kind of feel they wrap around you. You have to experience this to believe it.
MG is doing well in India, they are also due to launch the ZS soon in the segment. (if you would like to wait for another choice)
As far as long term reviews of vehicles are concerned, all car companies want to be in India for a long time, and they will design cars to last well. So do not worry so much about it.
Another point is, pls do not concern yourself with resale value as I see us moving to a EV market soon (2-3 yrs) and the resale of all petrol/diesel cars will fall then.

All the best in your decisions.
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