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  1. Shirshank Deepankar
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Monday, April 05 2021
Hello Modi Ji/Team

I am a regular viewer of your Youtube channel, planning to buy a 4 Wheeler (open for all body structure types).

To give you a bit of background I am a resident of East Delhi (Laxmi Nagar) & an IT professional working at Microsoft Noida.I don't own a vehicle nor do I know how to drive a 4 wheeler.
I am married & live with my parents. We don't have a parking facility at home so would be mainly parking my vehicle at MCD parking.

I am planning to buy a vehicle mainly for city travel and occasional long trip, till now i am haven't done a lot of road trip so would be like to do so in future with family (mainly around Delhi or hills) , my married sister also reside near by so i don't see that would be doing trips without them , so expecting 4+ members in a trip.

I do have a budget of around 10 lakhs but can go a bit further if i am getting something better, since i don't know how to drive so have been dependent on reviews from different experts and colleagues/friends. I usually don't believe in regularly buying and selling stuff so own 2 wheelers with more than 14 years age.

Microsoft also provides me lease options but they aren't giving interest free EMI as my previous company used to give but it will help in bit of tax saving, on EMI you have to pay GST also, i do have FDs that i can use to buy the vehicle.

My priority list:
1. Safety
2. Millage
3. Features
4. Maintenance

Body Structure : Don't have a preference but would like to be a bit trendy.
Brand Preference : None but would like to go with those who would be staying in India for the long term and low maintenance cost.
Fuel Type : Want to go for Petrol as my daily usage shouldn't go beyond 50/60 km but friends are advising to go with diesel due to mileage in case of long trips.
Payment : Think for part payment (70 self /30 loan), but can with 100 self if i don't get a better deal, or go with company Lease policy.
Features : Don't have a specific requirement for sunroof but it's good to have features, Cruise control is a good feature to have considering the network of great highways that are coming in India. Good cabin space and safety of travelers is also one of the core requirements.

Going by trend i was also looking at compact SUV and somehow Nexon is what i liked most because of Made in India Tag/ 5 Star rating and looks but i am concerned about its mileage and maintenance. I was also thinking of going the EV way but the charging infrastructure limitation is resisting me and thinking of petrol.

Talking to multiple people really confused me so I wanted to have professional advice, need your advice in not only finalizing the vehicle and also help in negotiations and accessories for safety/security of the vehicle.

I am planning to book the vehicle during the Navratri period but it's just a timeframe I am thinking of as I have delayed the purchase for long ?.

Have tried to explain all the details but do let me know if am missing something, waiting for your reply

Shirshank Deepankar
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hi Shrishank,

Greetings !!

Appreciate sharing in detailed requirements
Basis details as shared, let me assist you on need specific

Trendy: Yes, SUV is what the trend in Indian Market.
> Ease of Ingress and Egress
> Commanding Seating Position
> Raised Ground clearance to clear on bad roads, potholes and almost suitable for any type of roads
> Feels Masculine, Wider Tyres aids superior grip and stability on highway drive

So - if you feel like following the trend then yes SUV is a great pick

Low Maintenance: See although Nexon is a great choice in safety, styling and in BS6 State engine performance is vast improved but if you speak for
> after sales service cost
> Warranty & AMC
> Scheduled Service Interval
> Recent Past about Tata Motors

then would rather be better to consider in
> Kia
> Hyundai
> Toyota
> Maruti Suzuki
> Ford

to an extent

Fuel: Diesel cars as per NGT rules are allowed to be driven for max 10 years in Delhi / NCR. yes should consider fuel efficient Petrol one
Although to disclaim - Petrol SUV are known for lower mileage due to higher weight, wider tyres

EV - well Nexon EV although a great pick and yes starts at 13.99 Lakh with zero road tax, but due to
> Limited range of 200 Kms in real world situation
> Infra yet on nascent stage and you expect to plan good amount of highway drive
> Fact that Delhi Government temporarily withdrew subsidy of 1.5 Lakh

Nexon eV do not make much sense for need

Requirement of space: Well:-
> Kia Sonet
> Hyundai Venue

are out of context as has limited space on rear seat.

Shortlisting Car
Ford Ecosport although a great choice but
> If you ask in petrol has low mileage
> Relative limited space in cabin

is out of context too.

Maruti Vitara Brezza, Urban Cruiser although an excellent contention SUV but
> Very average interiors
> Plastic Quality

is a down point too

Overall Best Buy: If you seek
> Space
> Safety
> Punch in Performance

without compromise and has a feel of Vocal for Local then to view is Mahindra XUV300 an excellent buy. As you are slight flexible on budget - look out for Mahindra XUV300 W8 Petrol which post discounts & negotiations will cost in around 11.25 Lakh On road price zone with extended warranty with strong reasons in favor
> 5 Star Safety Rated SUV with highest safety score
> SUV with longest wheelbase in segment and yes 3 average size adults can sit on rear seat
> Possibly only SUV with soft side suspension to deliver you comfort oriented ride
> 200 NM Torque makes it Punchy and yes offers lag free performance
> Multi Mode Steering offers good feedback on city and highway
> Equipped with all essential modern age lifestyle features - Cruise control, LED DRL, Projectors, Touch with Android Auto & Apple car play, Dual Zone Auto Climate Control, Auto Rain Sensing Wipers, Auto headlight on and yes comes with wider tyres with 17 Inch Alloys

> Boot Space is smallest in segment at 265 Litre,. Actually this car is based on international Tivoli Platform and was supposed to be launched as competition to creta but with length of 4.2 meter, Mahindra chopped boot and bumper to make it a sub 4 meter car for tax benefit and price it competitively
> After Sales service not as benchmark as Toyota but still as you in Delhi, NCR - you wont face any issues in same

Be assured is a great choice
Have a test drive and experience.

Hope should help !!

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Shirshank Accepted Answer
Thank you, I really like your suggestion.

Few more questions:

1. Which one SUV should should be my 2nd/3rd choice and why.
2. Is XUV 300 mileage better than Nexon in city drive.
3. Is it advisable to go for carrier in case you have to carry more luggage than XUV 300 provides.
4. I am planning to visit showroom next weekend , can you provide me few pointers to discuss with the executive .

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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

Ideally there shouldnt be any second or third choice
But if you seek other models as consideration

1st Choice
But if you seek alternative to XUV300 and seek
> cruise control as choice feature
> Vocal for local with 5 star safety rating
then available choice is Nexon XZ Plus Sunroof - but On road will touch in close to 12 Lakh. Its top of line fully loaded model where cruise control is available

But yes
> Fuel Efficiency
> After Sales Service

is a question

2nd Choice
Toyota Urban Cruiser Premium (aka as rebadged version of Brezza) is there
> 1.5 Litre Naturally aspirated petrol engine has lot of grunt in it
> Suspension is tuned towards soft side
> Toyota after sales is world class
> very reliable, low cost of ownership
> Spacious too (although rear seat are placed slight upright)
> Fully Loaded in top of line trim. 4 star safety rated car

Only downside is very average interior, plastic quality, feels like yester year Maruti Cars
But its a no nonsense product from Maruti except upright rear seats.

XUV Mileage: Mileage based on number of factors.
If you go on highway and drive at speed of 90 and on cruise can expect 17 kmpl, while on city anything around 11 to 12 kmpl should be a decent expectation

Carrier in XUV: Not recommended, take away aesthetics and also traffic police in select states put up fine as same is considered modification

Pointers with dealer: Suggest to refer MyCarHelpline Car Buying Playlist videos, should help

Hope should help !!
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Shirshank Accepted Answer
Hello Modi Ji

Yesterday we visited Mahindra, Tata & Toyota dealers to test drive XUV 300, Nexon and Urban Cruiser and as per your recommendation we find XUV be a better vehicle only boot-space is bit of concern but could be manageable.

Have received 2 quotes, they have lowered the quote from 1,133,321 to 1,104,841 in second one, 9090/- is part of logistic/incidental charge , as per consultant all dealers are charging logistic/incidental charge now. TATAAIG insurance cost is 33900 /-.

Should i go for Return to invoice insurance , apart from it which cover you find it really useful considering my location and parking condition.

Please suggest should I raise concern regarding incidental charge and other negotiation charges, quote attached.

- Shirshank

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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

As you referred that going to park in public parking spot - yes return to invoice cover is recommended as risk cover is equivalent to invoice cover including road tax

Incidental charges to view can be waived provided you pitch to Mahindra directly
Many customers got waiver of same after escalating and if pitched correctly with reasons can get waiver of same too.

Rest is what standard offer given by dealer
Suggest to involve 1 to 2 dealers and negotiate for a better deal price including logistics / incidental charges

Hope should help !!
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Shirshank Accepted Answer

I haven't booked the car yet because of COVID situation, will wait for situation to stabilize.

After recent price hike , do you think XUV 300 w8 is still good choice.
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Admin Accepted Answer

Prices actually been increased considerably, and rs 30,000 to 40,000 is a substantial amount
I suggest to get back with when you plan to book car and COVID situation normalise in

Stay Safe.
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