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  1. vasanth kumar
  2. Service & Maintenance
  3. Wednesday, March 31 2021
Hi Team, On March 8th I had Purchased creta 2020 sx(o) mt. My Monthly Average Would be 1000 kms sales person is asking me to take shield of trust for 5 years costing 26000 please suggest is this to buy shield of trust

Please advise me , as sales person is telling i have to buy shield of trust before 1st service.
Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Shield of Trust is a program which is started by Hyundai to give coverage to wear & tear parts essentially as
> Brake Pads, Brake Disc, Brake Shoe
> Clutch Plate (Bearing, Clutch Plate, Clutch Cover Assembly)
> Suspension Components (Engine Mounting, Lower Arm, Bushes)
> Fuse Replacement
> Wheel Cylinder
> Wiper Blade
> Auxillary Belt
> Hoses
> Window Winder
> Bulbs (Headlight, Tail Light, Indicator, Parking Light)

Hyundai India yes is charging Rs 26,000 for same.

Your Usage
Now, considering fact that
> Hyundai as a brand offer reliable product
> you will almost like cover in 12,000 Kms a year which is what 60,000 Kms a year

But where will the usage be like.
> Would you drive too often on bad roads
> Do you have experience in past where had multiple clutch plate failures
> Do you drive with half brakes

See - suspension components dont generally go bad within 1st 5 years like that. If you drive on
> good city roads
> good highway roads
> turn car slow on bad roads

then is much likely a probability that suspension would be impacted

Adding on Brake pads if go bad say once in 4th year - will cost in rs 4000
Wiper Blade if go bad once after 3 year can cost Rs 1000
Bulbs dont do bad like that and neither is aux belt and hoses

Only attraction to it is clutch plate assembly. Been if entire clutch plate assembly need replacement including
> Clutch Plate
> Pressure Plate
> Gear Oil
> Release bearing
> Clutch Cover Assembly
> Labor Charges

this will cost in close to Rs 15,000 in Petrol Creta. Flywheel do not go bad like same thus not including it.
So, even in worst case scenario if your car has
> 1 time clutch plate kit replacement
> 1 Time brake pad replacement
> 2 time wiper replacement
it will still cost in Rs 21,000 presuming no impact on car suspension (if you drive on good city roads)

Its not recommended to spend in Rs 26,000 upfront.
Kind note that you will also lose in opportunity cost. Even if you put in FD - this 26000 after 3 years will turn to be Rs 30,000 approx as cumulative sum.

Overall: Not recommended for Creta Petrol for this Shield of Trust unless you drive
> too often on bad roads
> Known as been a bad driver who has history of clutch failure more than often

Hope should help !!

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Vasanth Accepted Answer
Thank you for your valuable advice.

As u mentioned creta petrol. But mine is creta Diesel.
Request to will diesel car required shield of trust
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Admin Accepted Answer

Well can you confirm on
> did you experienced any clutch failure in your previous car
> are you going to drive the car or other members of family too
> is usage going to be within city or maximum highway
> how often do you plan to use car on poor build roads

Basis youe response can suggest accordingly !!
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vasanth Kumar Accepted Answer
Hi Team,

I haven't experienced the Clutch Issue in Previous Car.
Only I will be driving the Car, On an emergency may be my Brother will drive ( he is having XUV 500) almost 7 years old he has not faced any issue.
My Usage is Maximum in city , Once in 3 Months or 4 months I may go to Mangalore or any other place..
Only while going to Mangalore there is Two Lane NH Road construction is going on, Approx around 5 kms is the Bad road.

Kindly Suggest.

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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Greetings Vasanth Sahab,

See Hyundai Shield of trust is an excellent package which offers peace of mind protection towards wear & tear items
But, the package lose its charm for car like Creta as is rather priced steep at Rs 26,000.

> Brake pads with Labor : Rs 4500
> Clutch Plate Assembly, Pressure plate, release bearing with Labor : Rs 15,000

Flywheel although will cost expensive, but seems same is not covered under shield of trust and also do not fail in like that
Also, suspension components do not fail in like that and basis your usage - its like regular usage without any stress to suspension components

I dont foresee any such benefits of shield of trust for you basis fact about past usage, hyundai reliability and costing as charged which is what steep. Overall, not recommended
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Vasanth kumar Accepted Answer
Thank you for your valuable advice.
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