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  1. Dileep Dora
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Sunday, March 14 2021
Dear Gagan sir,

Been watching your videos on youtube for quite a while, all are not only informative but very much helpful for a new buyer or second-hand car buyer, I was planning to get a second-hand car a few months ago but couldn't find a good one hence decided to buy a new one itself.

This will be my first car, as lockdown is going on currently, I'm at the home town but will be back in Hyderabad, so it will be city drive mostly and occasionally long trips, as there is price hike also in due I've decided to order this month itself but can wait till June to get the car. Being a first-timer its hard to get the driving comfort I've been in both i20 and altroz but couldn't make much sense, your suggestion will be highly helpful for me.

Preference is like this:
Fuel: Petrol
Driving: Manual (would like to be better at driving)
Budget: around 10 Lakh (will be opting for the loan)
Order: Within a month
waiting time: upto 2 months

The same car would like to use it for at least 5-7 years, Would like to find a car with hassle-free maintenance, comfortable driving and safety is a priority.

Thanks in advance.
Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Although in a scenario where
> Majority of usage going to be in city
> You seek comfort oriented drive

an Automatic car could have been an ideal choice as full of convenience and thats what is also the future is.
But - anyhow considering preference of a Manual Transmission including after sales service, peace of mind ownership - well in premium Hatchback segment - the best as of now is Hyundai I20

Infact the best part is that
> Its a near perfect car for city usage considering light steering, light clutch - you feel like getting in love if maximum use is in city within controlled speed drive
> Very Spacious - all new Gen I20 is the most spacious car not only in premium hatch but in sub 4 meter segment - beats Jazz too
> With almost 100 Kk kerb weight shed - car feels agile and no dearth of power for anyone who seek maximum use in city
> Very reliable product from Hyundai and in after sales has a definite edge in Hyundai
> Stylish, Feature Loaded and upmarket Car

Now Point is - as you going to buy car on Finance - recommended to slight increase budget by 60K to 65K and opt for fully loaded I20 Asta Option with strong reasons in favor
> Loaded with highest active and passive safety - ABS EBD, 6 Airbags Safety, ESP, Hill Hold Assist, Highline TPMS, LED DRL and lot more
> Lifestyle features LED Projectors, Biggest 10.3 Inch Touchscreen with Bose Sound, Camera, Wireless charging along with yes Electric sunroof - even though one may not have usage - but yes its there
> Car looks stunning and very upmarket with a differentiation appeal

Lastly considering horizon of 6 years to 7 years - Hyundai comes with class leading resale factor too

In terms of downside Biggest downside is that its not a car for enthusiastic drive - means not best for highway basis steering feedback and not best in handling - where Tata Altroz, Volkswagen Polo leads

But overall as package for anyone who seek
> Maximum City Use Car
> Reliable with Peace of mind ownership
> Manual Transmission Car in under 11 Lakh
> Fully Loaded with all Safety & Lifestyle Features
> Spacious and Comfort Oriented

well Hyundai I20 Asta Option is a great pick.

Hope should help !!

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Dileep Dora Accepted Answer
Thanks for the quick suggestion sir,

My initial choice was altroz I turbo, that's the reason I've waited to see how it's doing and make a decision, but as mentioned before major concern is maintainance, service and seeing some issues on altroz turbo user reviews as well and hence reached out to you.

So what will be the alternative in the following two cases

1) If enthusiastic drive and manual Transmission
2) automatic transmission?

and With Hyundai i20 as the weight reduced is there any compromise on safety and build quality?

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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hi Dileep ji,

If you seek Tata Product then rather then Altroz iTurbo recommended to check out Nexon XZ Turbo where has higher 120 PS Power and 175 NM Torque, and engine tuned in a way especially in city mode that no lag as such felt, When seek enthusiastic drive also has sports mode too.

Please note that Nexon as a product feels much improvised in BS6 Regime and is now a signature offering from Tata
So if by any reason you feel like owning Altroz iTurbo - recommendation would be to experience in Nexon and XZ Petrol offers good features
Additionally will also get ESP and Traction control as advanced safety spec.

In reference to choice
If you seek car with Fun experience : Then i recommend to upgrade from Hatch to Mid Sedan and explore Skoda Rapid rider Plus @ 8.19 Lakh exshowroom
> 1 Litre TSI Petrol Engine is awesome in mid range
> Impeccable ride and handling experience
> Also yes has relative better rear seat legroom (as against sibling Polo)

and the price point at whcih Rapid TSI is available - its an excellent value proposition for need, requiremet

For I20 as initially suggested by admin - been driving pattern was not clear - is more towards Sedate ride.
But care for fun, enthu performance and class leading handling - Rapid TSI is a great choice and I20 should better be avoided.

Also, you can upgrade with
> 4 Year AMC Maintenance Pack
> 5th and 6th year warranty
which will cost in approx Rs 60,000

ensuring peace of mind ownership.
Final On road price (if you buy Insurance online) will cost in just around Rs 10 Lakh including AMC and Warranty pack

Unfortunately - there is no car in Automatic in sub 10 Lakh price which brings excitement for enthusiast except Rapid Rider Plus Automatic @ 9.69 Lakh exshowroom . Infact the best part of this Automatic is that turbo lag as what slight felt in Manual Transmission and if ready to exceeed budget to extent of 1.5 Lakh then Rapid Automatic with 4 Year AMC and extended warranty can be a great pick.

Hope should help !!
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Dileep Dora Accepted Answer
Hello Gagan Ji,

Thanks for the response again,

So the recommendation is as follows

1) if TATA produt it will be Nexon XZ over Altroz.
2) For fun driving Skoda rapid TSI is the recommendation
3) For comfortable driving - New Hyundai i20 Asta

As both TATA products are 5-star Safety rated, as per my knowledge new i20 isn't tested so still will you recommend that for the overall experience (considering for a convenience city driving)?

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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hi Dileep ji,

Yes - Nexon in Manual Petrol and Rapid TSI in Automatic are great pick
Somehow I20 is very different from Nexon & Rapid
> Its neither as quick as what Nexon, Rapid
> Neither has handling aspect as what observed in Nexon & Rapid
> Possibly build too

Its a complete different package for those who seek comfort and looking for a spacious, feature loaded and reliable car
If one has major usage in city and seek highest number of features with light steering and light clutch with good in city visibility, NVH levels and comfort oriented relaxed drive with lowest maintenance cost in segment then should consider I20

But if
> Fun
> Enthu
> Handling is core aspect

then should move away from I20
Hope should help !!
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Jatin valecha Accepted Answer
I want to buy petrol Sedan 10-12 lakhs budget

City 4th Gen i am getting On road 11 lakhs
Skoda on road rider automatic 10.75 lakhs
Yaris G opt manual 10.4 lakhs and Gopt automatic 11.5 lakhs .
Which to buy
Most running will be highway
I am driving since 2004 manual cars
Will consider automatic if got discounts
Please help which pick will be value buy
PS " I want car and not a toy "
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Dileep Dora Accepted Answer
Thanks, Gagan Ji,

though it's for Hyderabad, the current city which is near to me it's difficult to get the Skoda so that's out of reach, hence Left out with Nexon and Hyundai i20.

So what variant you'll recommend in petrol both Nexon and i20?

and given Nexon is a compact SUV any other brand you'll recommend to check along with Nexon?

One more question is from one of your videos it's like the new i20 is relatively overpriced.

The reason for asking is I'm trying to consolidate your recommendations before visiting the Showroom(s) as my current village is far from any city.
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

See that you need to decide in between I20 and Nexon
Point is both are very different. As you updated with details like
> Enthusiastic drive
> Better Safety

there Nexon leads, and be assured Nexon in BS6 Petrol is lot better proposition as was a year back in BS4 Scenario.
Opt for Nexon XZ Petrol

Some Pros
> Impressive Petrol Engine performance in sports mode, very fun
> Lot better city mode now (As else was there in BS4), feels good on day to day usage
> 5 Star Build Quality with ESP
> Stylish Car with good road presence
> Good Standard Features in Nexon XZ Petrol
> Been the product completed over 4 years, initial niggles are all been resolved
> In terms of Handling dynamics - feels better than I20

> Relative higher noise levels felt on Higher Speed
> Thicker A Pillar led to slight obstruction in cornering as creates blind spot
> Not best in Fuel Efficiency
> Tata After sales still a question

However, if flexible on budget per se to increase by a Lakh - check out for Mahindra XUV300 W8 Petrol
A Great all round choice basis space, punchy petrol engine, multi mode steering, impressive features, space and a great all round pick

Hope should help !!
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