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  1. Samrat Roy
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Friday, March 05 2021
Hi. first of all big fan of your youtube channel and its authentic content. I am planning to purchase my first car next month. my budget is maximum 10 lakhs.

i am a doctor so mainly it will be used to go to and fro hospitals within city limits (Kolkata). highway usage maximum 10%. I will be driving the car most of the times alone and sometimes maximum 2 or 3 people will accompany. also i am learning driving right now, so i am a beginner.

Planning to keep the car for the next 5-7 years minimum so tell me what should i go for that will make the first car experience something to remember.
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Greetings Dr. Sahab,

Thanks, glad to help !!

As i understand that
> Your major requirement is within city use, and as a doctor its utmost important to own a car which convenient to drive on, to have stress free drive
> Easy Smooth Pickup, Light Steering. Very reliable and niggle free ownership - so that no car related concern should impact in
> Been Doctor are very important pillar of society, should buy a car which offers good safety
> Yes been maximum usage is within city - own a car which comes with Good Fuel Efficiency, Stylish and yet with modern age convenience features like Android Auto for Live Navigation, Wireless charging and all

To view - basis budget specified - having a
> Non Turbo Version would suffice in requirement for city use
> Own a CVT Automatic one

and basis details, best buy choice for need, requirement and budget is:-
> Honda Jazz Vx CVT - Priced at Rs 9.15 Lakh, post discounts with 5 year warranty and basic kit will cost in 10 Lakh On Road
> Hyundai I20 Sportz IVT - Priced at Rs 8.6 Lakh, no discount will cost in Rs 9.5 Lakh On road

> CVT is very refined and thanks to light weight now new gen I20 IVT is fair convenient to drive in and Jazz CVT is an excellent choice for day to day city use. Both Cars offers stress free drive with great all round visibility.
> No Jerks, very smooth and refined IVtec Petrol Engine of Honda and VVT Petrol Engine as used in Hyundai
> Very reliable products, proven and tested one. Available with 5 year warranty (Honda infact offers anytime warranty too for later years)
> Light Steering, Stylish and yes both cars are feature loaded. You get all modern age basics in terms of styling, safety and convenience factor. Infact Hyundai also offers TPMS in I20

Although, i understand that you primarily need self driven usage car, but there is no harm to have good rear seat space too. Will like in space
Both Cars are stylish too.

One important factor not to miss in
> Hyundai I20 comes with much lower service cost with paid service interval at 1 year / 10,000 Kms as against Jazz with 6 Month / 10,000 Kms
> Somehow Hyundai has an edge in larger after sales service network

I suggest to have test drive of both I20 IVT and Jazz CVT to experience in as could be excellent pick for need, requirement and revert

Hope it helps, if any queries feel free to post in.

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Samrat Roy Accepted Answer
Hello sir,

Went through your recommendations and did test drive of both i20 and jazz... have decided to extend my budget to 11L on road... in that i am getting i20 asta ivt... just a query... if within that budget i want a mid size sedan with proper automatic... what should i go for... also being a first time driver will it be difficult to ride a mid size sedan instead of a premium hatchback.... kindly help...
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

Driving a sedan is as easy as driving a hatchback. Only thing to get adjusted is
> Parking where hatchback can be relative easy park in small space and sedan needs slight gap
> Turning radius been most of the sedan comes with relative higher turning radius

But - trust, its all about getting used to.
If you seek a Sedan Car and have maximum usage in city condition with controlled speed drive - will strong recommend to check out Maruti Ciaz Delta Automatic. Now, some important info
> Its a 4 speed Automatic - although from technical world is old school automatic transmission but trust is tuned for those car buyers who have maximum usage within city. Very smooth - absolute no issues
> Comfort Oriented drive. Suspension is tuned towards soft side and will love in plush ride experience
> With Smart Hybrid - expect Ciaz final fuel efficiency to be better than Jazz CVT and I20 IVT
> Very reliable product from Maruti Suzuki with competitive cost of ownership
> Features are impressive too. Check out - Ciaz Delta Automatic
> Light Steering, although turning radius is slight higher at 5.4m - but trust its manageable

If you seek a notch above product over
> Jazz CVT
> I20 IVT
then yes Ciaz Delta Automatic is a great choice and basis requirements stated of city use - can be a great pick.
Hope should help !!
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Samrat Roy Accepted Answer
Hello Sir,

I have been taking driving lessons for the last 1 month... it is going well... there has been 2 developments... one is i have decided to extend my budget to on road 15 lakhs... what cars do you recommend in this budget... and second is i have been learning driving in a manual car and as such getting comfortable in manual transmission... so confused between manual and automatic... as if i go for manual cars the price decreases in comparison to automatic cars... what is your recommendation?
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Samrat,

Great to hear that
15 Lakh is too good a budget for first car. Now first thing first, the world is moving towards Automatic Car
You been a doctor, in medical profession important to have stress free drive. An Automatic car is what delivers convenience and stress free drive, which is what the sole element on buyer preference these days

Been you referred that majortity of drive going to be in city - it makes more sense to opt for an Automatic
Now if you flexible to make it to 15 Lakh Budget and in a car where majority of drive in
> Kia Sonet GTX Plus DCT - if you seek fully automatic
? Kia Sonet GTX Plus IMT - if you feel to drive in Manual Transmission with sheer convenience as sole consideration. Been IMT cars do not have clutch pedal and is almost like 50% ease to drive in day to day usage

Have a test drive as thats important
Hope should help !!
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