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  1. Nachiket Inamdar
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Monday, March 01 2021
Hello Mr. Gagan ji and Team...
I am planning to book new car and here is my wish list so that you can suggest which one will suit me the best...
1) This will be my own first car (but had driven sedan very well ) so looking to have it for at least next 8-10 yrs,,so it is like a dream car as I like to drive it myself rather then driver.
2) We are a family of 3 ,,,with my wife and 3 yr kid so mostly using it and occasionally friends and parents.. so looking more for compact SUV
3) I AM concerned about safety ,fun to drive as well as feel good features accompanied car ,, as myself and my son both are very car enthusiastic.
4) My driving will be less then 10 km per day with monthly trip 1-2 short trips of 200 km and yearly 3-4 long trips of approximately 1200-1500 km
5) I am giving more preference to automatic but confused between dct n torque and like petrol or diesel...plz u can advice which will be good in terms of ease of use ,,less maintenance,,smooth drive and future aspects.
6) I had shortlisted and also taken test drive of Sonet GTX+dct and Nexon XZA+ O,,,both I like fun to drive... except their waiting period. However I have doubt how will be disel torque sonet GTX+ and Nexon disel AMT(XZA+)....
SO KINDLY SHARE UR INSIGHT ON THIS ALSO...or any other brand I should consider (plz specify on type of engine- petrol/diesel and type of automatic CVT/dct/torque based on my lower daily driving needs and wanting it for long term )
7) Shall I wait for few more months as any new such compact SUV are coming which will fulfill all my wishes.
8) My budget is 13-15 lakh,, so I want to use it wisely and consciously.
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Nachiket Sahab,

Greetings !!

Appreciate detailed inputs.

As i understand
> Safety
> Convenience
> Fun to Drive

are what key aspect with primarily long distance / highway usage.

First come First: Any Specific reason to choose in SUV
Hatchback like Volkswagen Polo or Sedan like VW Vento / Skoda Rapid Automatic can be an excellent choice basis
> Impeccable performance in TSI Petrol Engine
> I would rate handling aspect, steering feedback and suspension dynamics in Polo and Vento a notch ahead of other cars in segment
> True Fun to Drive character and in Automatic Transmission - turbo lag under 2000 rpm is well masked out

and trust ride and handling experience of sedan and hatchback is way ahead than any other compact or mid SUV
You may choose in Polo GT TSI Automatic or check out fully loaded Vento Highline Plus TSI Auto / Rapid Style PLus Auto and negotiate for high discounts to make price under 15 Lakh (although for your need - Polo GT TSI can be good to go and upgrade with camera)

They are true to driver delight and available with 4 year warranty
With Skoda you can also take prepaid AMC Maintenance pack which cost Rs 35K for 4 years and the way enhanced localization of spare parts happening - new age Skoda spare and cost of maintenance is much reasonable compared to yester year Skoda

Thats a suggestion. may explore by having test drive

Coming to Compact SUV
Although Nexon is impressive and much improved in BS6 Avatar and Diesel AMT is what there signature performance, but coming to requirement to view Sonet has a notch above Nexon
> DCT is very quick as against AMT for seamless gear shift
> Yes theres slight lag under 2000 rpm in Sonet but superior mid range will bring a smile on the face
> Fully Loaded Active and Passive Safety including 6 Airbags, Highline TPMS makes a difference
> Better equipped in Lifestyle features and yes most stylish among lot thanks to those LED Headlights. Especially for your family will find an exclusive feel good factor with cooled ventilated seats, One among better touchscreen experience with Voice Command and Bose speakers

On back to back drive - Sonet DCT may actually feel more quicker than Nexon. Reason Nexon kerb weight is almost 15% higher than Sonet Petrol and Sonet actually thanks to DCT can feel in more enthusiastic to drive as against Nexon.

Adding on Kia Scheduled Service cost are very competitive and package of
> 5 Year / 50,000 Preventive Kia Care Convenience pack with all scheduled service will just cost around rs 23,000 (including alignment, balancing)
> 5 year warranty including extended warranty will cost in Rs 17000

Will ensure peace of mind ownership. Not to miss in Kia (globally been part of Hyundai) scores good on reliability part too.

Kia Sonet Waiting: yes thats slight a downpoint
But i can also confirm you 1 thing that despite long waiting - Kia is making higher production of Top of line GTX Plus Series as thats the model with there highest margins too and in most likely case delivery should not delay in more than 2 months.

Overall Recommendation
For a change - test drive in Rapid / Polo TSI Automatic and experience in once.
When you investing in hard earned money for long term - should not skip on available options
Else in compact SUV Segment to view Kia Sonet GT Line DCT can be a great choice for need.

Hope should help !!

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Nachiket Inamdar Accepted Answer
Thank you For that detail suggestions..
I have few questions..
1) As I already drove sedan if others so personally I feel I should go for compact SUV
2) As I heard that dct have some heating issues and specific driving style to improve its performance ans also it's maintenance n repair cost would be on higher side,,,my second doubt is how is Sonet GTX+ Diesel automatic with torque converter,, as the price difference between these two top variant model is not that significant so considering diesel and with torque will it be beneficial for me in terms of mileage, specific driving style, maintenance & repair cost,and performance.
I am only concerned about disel engine as my daily driving will be very less(less then 10 km)
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

Pls find point wise reply

1. Its perfectly fine if wish to opt for compact SUV. They have there own set of pros in terms of easy ingress and egress and with wider tyres delivers better grip on higher speed

2. DCT Cars needs some modification to individual driving style. especially the fact that DCT available in Turbo Petrol Engines. Like Like
> From overnight idle when starting first time in morning, idle for 30 seconds
> In bumper to bumper traffic, keep distance with car in front so as to avoid driving with half brakes
> Avoiding holding car on steep hills with slight accelerator. rather use brakes
> While at red light which is more than 60 seconds, Keeping engine on and continue pressing brakes is not good
> While coming at long distance high speed travel - ensure idling for 30 seconds before turning off car engine

3. Modern age Diesel Engines do not have anything to worry even if running is low, but do note that
> Scheduled Service cost would be marginally higher
> Insurance premium of Diesel cars would be slight on higher note
> Some common wear & tear parts like battery would cost high
> Diesel Engine although very peppy and very refined, but still cabin feels more silent in Petrol Engine

Having said same - Kia Sonet Diesel Feels more lively to drive in as against DCT Petrol Automatic due to 2 reasons
1. DCT Turbo has definite turbo lag under 2000 rpm (so within city may experience same)
2. Diesel Engine Torque range is even higher and mid revv range revv performance is great

So, if not concerned on slight higher upkeep cost (although that will be offset by lower running cost) - can well consider Sonet Diesel Automatic. In terms of concern on any issues per se due to lower running - can confirm that no such issues for lower running. But one need to follow in scheduled oil and filter replacements on time to ensure peace of mind ownership

Hope should help !!
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Rakesh Accepted Answer
I am planning to buy a new car 10-13L IMT or DCT. can you please suggest which is best Sonet or Venue or if any other.

My daily usage would be less than 20 km


Any idea if I need to wait for any new upcoming cars please advice.


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Nachiket Inamdar Accepted Answer
Hello Gaganji...

As with good research, test drive and with all ur valuable advice, I booked Sonet GTX disel automatic (TC) with approx .16.3 lakh on road price and 3-4 month of waiting. Recently we all know that Skoda Kushaq production model is revealed which I feel is great choice but I want to hear from you in detail in following aspects like..
1) If I choose 1.0 turbo petrol with same automatic (TC) ::ambition (middle/2 nd top) variant of Kushaq:: is it comparable to top model of Sonet which I booked (GTX DISEL AUTOMATIC) in terms of pricing, features, performance,, maintenance and servicing cost.
2) I know both are different segment cars but dimensions of Skoda Kushaq is lowest as compared to its rivals like creta/seltos so it is almost like sonet dimensions with same boot space but great n wider rear seat which is definitely a good thing to consider,,so what you feel sonet top model vs Kushaq 2 nd top/top variant of 1.0 turbocharged is considered at same price if Skoda keep their prices competatively.
3) Is it 1.0 turbocharged engine sufficient to run Kushaq engine in well optimised state or 1.5 lit with higher power n norque is better to run that dimension of car
4) Shall I wait till pricing is revealed or go for sonet..I am bit confused now
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Admin Accepted Answer

Greetings !!
Its too early to comment on Skoda Kushaq, the car launch still has good 3 to 4 months to go (as deliveries likely to begin in July 2021)
Although basis experience as driven in 1 Litre TSI in Rapid and Vento - can state that
> Turbo Lag is well masked in Automatic Version
> Very Fun to Drive
> Skoda & VW Build cars as driver delight with top notch handling

But Kushaq kerb weight will likely be higher as against Vento and rapid - so would be interesting to see what company do to optimize same
Ofcourse 1.5 Litre. 4 cylinder TSI with 150 PS and 250 NM Torque would be like dream, as experienced same engine used in Troc and thats like scintillating experience and would be superior to 1 Litre 3 cylinder TSI Engine

I suggest to wait for Skoda Kushaq Prices, do note that by then Sonet price will also get a hike and when Kushaq prices are out can then decide on what to buy or not.
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J srinivas Accepted Answer
Dear Mr Nachiket Inamdar

Though I don’t wanted to confuse you with more choice, I would like to keep you informed few things. Believe you will consider

Kia Sonet Global NCAP rating is 3star which is not good for a family who is concerned about safety. God forbid nothing should happen.

However pl have a look at Mahindra XUV automatic petro 1.2 turbo as your running is low.
One of the best Compact SUV. Do look and feel.
Global NCAP rating of 5 star and childNCAP rating is 4star. 4 Disk brakes, 17” Alloy, ABS with EBD and stability control, hill hood assist etc

I recently booked with dual tone 1.5 Turbo diesel automatic on road chennai for 15 lakhs
I feel proud to read about this made at home by Mahindra

Thanks and All the best
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Ankush Goyal Accepted Answer

I have decided to buy Kia Sonet and have doubt on following 2 variants:

1) HTX IMT 1.0 Turbo: Its a good car but the problem is its mileage. People have told that the mileage is only 10-11 km in city like Gurugram and 15Km on highway.

2) HTX Diesel Manual: The difference is only 34k and it will surely give higher mileage. But the issue is that it doesn't have automatic version and I can't choose automatic due to higher prices.

Since, I live in Gurugram, my preference would be automatic. My daily running would be around 15km and may be once in a month on highway to visit parents in UP which will be around 400km return journey. So overall around 1000 km in a month. Therefore, I am very confused between two variants. I am aware that Hyundai is testing CNG kit for Venue turbo engine and if that comes in the market, we can install in Sonet as well. Therefore, I don't want to regret later. What would be your suggestion?

Ankush Goyal
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