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  1. Srikanth Kallakuri
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Sunday, February 21 2021
Hello Sir,

I am a big fan of your youtube reviews. Keep rocking.

I am planning to buy a car and test driven a few vehicles.

My priorities are
--> Automatic Transmission
--> Safety
--> not bad mileage (10+ in city)
--> driving comfort

My driving would be 50% city and 50% highway.

I finally shortlisted two cars VW Vento AT and EcoSport AT and decided to go with VW Vento AT as the driving experience was top class.
Vento AT concerns:
1) Shocked to realize that VW Vento AT has no hill hold after they moved to Torque converter. I have experienced this during a test drive that the car doesn't hold on an incline. Now I also doubt if they have ESP as these were part of the DSG gearbox (As i read from different forums on the internet). Dealers are themselves confused and seem to have no knowledge or they don't want to disclose this info. I checked the owners manual and they talk about hill assist but the words are confusing and they don't claim the car holds on an incline. I am worried about rollback on an incline and not having ESP.
Is it still worth buying this car without these features at such a premium cost? or these features exist and am i reading it wrong.
Please clarify. I am confused about this.
EcoSport AT Concerns:
Mixed feedback about this car, but better than other cars. I drive with a light foot. What is the mileage I can expect in the city. I hope it's at least 10+kmpl and are there any issues with body roll in ecosport and anything else that I need to worry about.

I would love to hear if you can suggest any other good cars that fit my priorities.
Waiting to hear back from you.

Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

As i understand that you seek Sturdy, Safe car and thus shortlisted in Vento and Ecosport

VW Vento
Yes Vento is top notch in performance and thanks to Automatic Transmission
> Turbo lag seems masked
> Very Fun and Eager to drive in 1.0 TSI Petrol Engine
> Has Best in class handling (been ground clearance is lower, will find it even better handling than SUV like Ecosport)

Now in terms of concerns, you are correct
> No ESP in VW Vento TSI
> No Hill Hold Assist Feature

Having said same - yes both are what recommended features and sadly ESP as important safety element is removed after moving from DSG to Torque Converter.

With respect to Hill Hold Assist - although is what important one, but
> thanks to creep mode - its something where on inclines on ramp from basement to ground floor (like Mall, Hotel Parking) can easily cross. Dont worry car wont roll back. We tested many times with different cars, car speed comes to low to extent of 2 Kmph

> For Steep hill Incline - one may use traditional way of pulling handbrake, accelerating and then releaseing handbrake to avoid car been pulled back

In terms of Mileage - as i understand is important criteria. Be assued that Volkswagen Vento TSI Fuel Efficiency in smaller 1 Litre Petrol Engine would end up been better and can attain in near close to 11 to 12 Kmpl, which to our view should be a reasonable expectation

Ford Ecosport
Having said same on other hand if you considering Ecosport - to view anything around 9 to 9.5 Kmpl should be a fair expectation.
On other hand - Ford Ecosport yes is ideal when driven with relaxed foot (not as fun as what Vento is). Ingress and Egress is better especially for senior members of Family - they can easily walk in without bend.

Secondly, although Ecosport is benchmark in compact SUV Segment in terms of handling but when you compare against VW Vento Automatic - to view Vento Automatic / Rapid Auto is like a benchmark in under 15 Lakh Price Segment in best in class handling dynamics.

Ecosport has primarily 2 issues
> Not as Fuel Efficienct
> Relative even stiffer suspension so as to prevent body roll (due to raised ground clearance) - so ride do not feel as plush as otherwise in vento in day to day drive.

But biggest strength of Ecosport is Fully Loaded Active and Passive Safety Specs which delivers an inspiring back of mind confidence
Also, for someone who like not to push throttle and rather seek controlled speed drive may like Ecosport more

Our Recommendation
SUV are a craze in Indian market, but for all practical reasons
> Sedan like Vento offer better space on rear seat
> Adds on an edge in terms of superior dynamics (not as stiff suspension as Ecosport and better handling)
> Relative More Fuel Efficient

But SUV Like ecosport has in Superior Safety Specs and Superior Ground clearance as an aspect.
Somehow Scheduled service cost can end up been lower too and Ford has larger after sales service network.

Overall - i would still pick Volkswagen Vento Automatic over Ecosport Automatic been more balanced, superior power delivery, better space and for someone who is a pro driver would not be disappointed with absence of Hill Hold Assist Feature.

Hope should help !!

Srikanth Accepted Answer
Thanks a lot for your reply. It certainly clears lot of doubts i had.

I forgot to add one more car to the list. XUV 300 Diesel AMT (W8 variant) and I am yet to test drive this and i have never driven an AMT before.
How good or bad is this AMT transmission in XUV300? How does this fare in comparison with Ecosport AT in terms of driving comfort for both city and highway usage.
Admin Accepted Answer

First come first - AMT is not Automatic, its a way to overide Manual Transmission through Actuator
AMT is best when you drive in relaxed way and Mahindra XUV300 Diesel AMT is an excellent choice for those buyer who seek
> Relaxed Drive
> Go with Light foot on Accelerator Pedal
> Seek Comfort oriented ride as top pick

Although Vento TSI is a class apart and no comparison and even Ecosport Petrol Auto feel superior too
But if you love relaxed drive and seek lower running cost then please note that AMT as used in XUV300 Diesel to our view is very well optimized and pause effect (which is what inherent character of AMT) is what lesser felt in XUV 300 Diesel AMT

Having said same - with your 50% usage on highway i will ditch XUV300 Diesel AMT as when you floor on pedal on to overtake will definite observe that AMT Pause effect to it

To view - Ecosport Auto / Vento TSI feels a better pick as against XUV300 Diesel AMT
Srikanth Accepted Answer
Thank you very much Sir.

I think i would probably go with ecosport AT then.
Any idea about Ford launching a ecosport facelift this year. Should i wait or i can go ahead?

I don't see a point if i cant make use of the powerful diesel engine to its best due to AMT be it in a highway overtake or even in city(Bangalore) overtaking is very much required. So XUV300 doesn't seem a good fit to me. May be i will test drive once to see how it feels.

Vento TSI, though i loved it...without ESP and hill hold its a problem, as other members in family would also drive the vehicle. Also I think VW shouldn't take buyers for granted :D
Admin Accepted Answer
Sure, Ecosport Automatic is a great choice with
> Sturdy Build and highest number of active and passive safety
> Also is available with Paddle Shifter

In terms of Facelift - well although some minor cosmetics, some minor shuffling may happen but Ecosport is now 8 year old product in India and now what calls for a generation change but gen change is not expected in 2021 atleast, it may take time to be introduced in 2022 (cant call it early 2022 / mid or end 2022) but that would be the next big change expected in Ecosport

Hope should help !!
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