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  1. Ravi Indugu
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Wednesday, February 17 2021
Hi Team,
I am Ravi and planning to buy a new car for personal use. I am planning to buy a car within a budget of 9L-11L (Max)..
My use age: City 40% and High way 60% .. overall 1200 - 1500 KM per month usage

Have shortlisted :

XUV300 Petrol W6/W8 - 10.4L and 11.10L @Bhubneswar Odisha
Ford EcoSport Petrol Titanium - 10.90 L

I drove both the cars and both are good to drive , I felt Ford to be more comfortable.

My Question:
1. I liked Ecopsort more when compare to XUV300 in the driving department, but concern is over the Ford future and Service availability in India say after 5 years... Is it worth taking a risk?

2. If i go with Ford, can i go for Petrol or Diesel ? Considering Domestic Diesel market is looking poor in future

3. XUV 300 petrol W8 when compare Ecosport , how good a option is this..

4. Suspension of Ecosport felt good compared to XUV300

Personally i am liking Ford ecosport - But big confusion about the resale and future service if at all Ford plan something outside india

Please give your opinion around the same and what should be the ideal option for me. And let me know if you need more details to help me here.

Ravi Indugu
Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

In response to query, pls find inputs specified point wise

Concern on Ford Future
1. Ford is in Indian Market for close to 20 years and Ecosport is like signature product from Ford and have sold more than 350,000 Ecosport in Indian Market in last 8 Years.

2. Even if Ford (by even 1% of chance discontinue in there operations), still expect in to continue been based in India as they are one among largest exporter of passenger cars from India (manufactured in India and sold in other countries) and in after sales has good network. So technically we dont see any reason for Ford to wind up operations.

3. As a Manufacturer, Ford India did reasonable impressive sales with Ecosport and thats profit center. In coming months is yes expected in Automatic Variants of Figo, Aspire and Ecosport and in 2022 expected in next generation Ecosport to roll out in Indian Market

Overall - i dont foresee a risk in going with Ford Brand

Petrol or Diesel
1. See Ford signature performance oriented engine is 1.5 TDCI 4 cylinder Diesel engine which is what awesome and delivers class leading experience without any lag. On other hand 3 cylinder Petrol Engine although good in itself but expect lower running cost in Petrol and somehow not as peppy as in Ecosport Diesel

2. Only advantage to Ecosport Petrol is that clutch is not as stiff as diesel and a very marginal difference in suspension too felt due to slight lower weight of Ecosport Petrol against Diesel. Lastly - scheduled service cost would be lower too

But if you seek Performance Ford Ecosport shines in this TDCI Diesel Engien

XUV 300 petrol W8 against Ecosport
Well XUV feels more quicker, has relative soft side suspension which aids in superior comfort oriented drive and marginal better space. If majority of usage in city or on good highway roads XUV300 is impressive

But Ecosport Titanium now comes with improved features and if considering overall ride, handling including requirement especially from high speed dynamics per se Ecosport Titanium has its own USP. Having said same - Ecosport Titanium Diesel is like super value in SUV Segment at present.

So depends
> If you seek fun to drive
> Majority of Highway usage
> Lower running cost

and cant compromise on above then Ecosport Titanium Diesel is an excellent choice

If seek
> Majority of drive on good city, highway
> Slight more spacious cabin
> Relative Plush ride experience
> Yes Petrol Engine but with superior power delivery

then Mahindra XUV300 W8 Petrol is a great choice

However, if
> Petrol Engine
> Highway dynamics in handling aspect

as core then Ecosport Titanium Petrol
Hope should help !!

Ravi Indgu Accepted Answer
Hi Admin,
Thanks for giving your inputs. I have got a fair idea about the two vehicles. I have to make a choice between Diesel Engine and Petrol Engine, considering my use age, fuel cost , maintenance etc..

Can I have a 1-1 call with you.
Admin Accepted Answer
We suggest you to test drive as is utmost important to experience car
Basis your test drive experience, can raise follow up query through Forum would be glad to assist in.

Somehow our support through Forum Q&A / Mails only.
Ravi Indugu Accepted Answer
So I did go for the test drive of both xuv300 petrol , and ecosport diesel and petrol..
Overall driving experience is good in both cars.. but I have finalized to go with ecosport due to slight advantage in rear seating comfort , handling and boot space .. thats confirmed no more questions about it..

Planning to book it tomorrow which is 19th Feb..
Option 1 : Diesel Titanium - I am more inclined towards this due to Ford's signature engine and extra mileage
Option 2: Petrol Titanium - If i decide to go with this, the only reason will be the future of Diesel..

Please give me your inputs so i can choose between Diesel and Petrol.. please note the price difference is only 30K between Diesel and Petrol


Admin Accepted Answer
Yes, Ecosport is a great choice

To help you in between Petrol and Diesel, we recommend Ecosport Diesel with strong reasons
1. Certainly running cost The one with Petrol is having slight lower fuel efficiency against other Petrol Engine in compact SUV Segment, to make it easy if you get in 10 Kmpl in Ecosport petrol, can expect in 14 Kmpl in Ecosport Diesel in close similar conditions.
Similarly if on highway, say you get in 14 Kmpl in Ecosport Petrol, can expect in 17 Kmpl in Ecosport Diesel.

To make it easy basis say : 1200 Kms a month running (birfurcated to 500 Kms in City and 700 Kms on highway)
expect rs 3000 a month saving in terms of fuel cost.

Even if you factor in year on year upkeep service cost, maintenance and wear and tear parts - still yearly saving would be substantial to extent of Rs 30,000 making Ecosport Diesel a better pick from Financial perspective

2. Performance: No second thought, this 1.5 TDCI 4 cylinder Diesel Engine is like a league up as against 1.5 Litre Ti-VCT 3 cylinder Petrol Engine. You will love every bit of power and performance

3. Handling: Basis considerable usage on highway, even stifferned up suspension aids on controlling body roll and is considered better for high speed dynamics.

Yes, only slight stiffened clutch is down-point but it will be manageable
Strong recommendation to check out Ford Ecosport Diesel for need.
Ravi Accepted Answer
Thanks for you valuable information.... I have booked Ford Ecosport Diesel ... Please let me know which all points i need to keep in mind while i negotiate for insurance, accessories and overall price of the car
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