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  1. Abhinav
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Tuesday, February 09 2021
I'm looking for a car for long term car. Below are my requirements :-

1. Engine should be reliable. I am purchasing car for long term usage.(I am not a rough driver).
2. My max. Usage would be in city and a road trip once in two weeks. So I need a car which can provide me good mileage and stability.
3. Avg. daily running is 40 kms.
4. Car should have low maintenance.
5. Safety is also a priority for me. As my family rides along with me in car.
6. My budget is 10 lac.

I've test drive almost all the hatchbacks which includes altroz(petrol and diesel), freestyle and figo(diesel), i20 natural aspirated engine and turbo imt, volkswagen polo turbo.

Out of above i liked i20 for its engine and comfort. Freestyle for its engine and handling. Altroz diesel for its built and quality, engine is good along with good mileage but is noisy.

Please suggest me a car that can provide long term peace of mind in driving and after sales support.

Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Considering fact that maximum usage is within city conditions where
> Speed are rather restricted
> You seek a Family Car
> Reliability is one important preference
> Safety too another important preference
> Low Maintenance Cost is also an another important parameter

Recommend to check out Hyundai I20 Asta Option - to view is the best suited family car for need with strong reasons in favor
1. Maintenance: Be assured, if you follow in periodic service schedule as what recommended by OEM then Hyundai I20 emerges as the lowest in scheduled service cost. On reasonable front expect paid service cost to be in range of Rs 5000 or so.

2. Reliability: Highly Reliable - no need to think twice. Hyundai offers one among segment best reliability at par with Toyota and Maruti in car range

3. Family Car: Spacious infact most spacious sub 4 meter car we have in Indian Market. New Gen i20 is more spacious than Jazz too and kind of features in terms of lifestyle, convenience and infotainment feature it offers has wow feel

4. Engine NVH: Very Refined, no need to think twice

5. Steering: Super light, however at higher speed / highway yes to disclaim - this is not an ideal scenario but if driving in controlled speed under 80 Kmph and love relaxed drive is okay to consider. Tyre offer good grip in 16 Inch Wheel on higher speed. Yes - if you are performance enthusiast or love cornering and high speed dynamics - this can be a critical factor as i20 steering may not come close to feel and feedback as what observed in Ford, VW and Tata Cars

6. Safety Features: The biggest USP is inspiring confidence in safety feature aspect as 6 Airbags, ESP, Hill Hold Assist, TPMS, Defogger, Fog Light. Althogh new gen i20 is not crash tested and build may not be the best but the kind of safety features which are what offered in I20 compensate for same.

7. Comfort, Styling: Ofcourse a notch ahead of other cars in segment

So - important is to experience except steering feedback - there is nothing which is wrong in I20 and as overall proposition and requirement I20 Asta Option emerges as top pick

Hope should help !!

Abhinav sharma Accepted Answer

Thank you for your valuable comments.
I tested i20 turbo imt which feels good. Could you please suggest between i20 turbo and venue turbo as both comes with same engine option but venue provides higher instance and manual gear box.
Moreover, as you recommended i20, which should be the clever choice - i20 turbo petrol or i20 diesel as both came at almost same price.

Thanks in advance.
Abhinav Sharma Accepted Answer
Hi, Thank you for your response. I like to add that I have taken test drive for both naturally aspirated and turbo engines for i20 and Turbo feels great whereas the naturally aspirated engine feels laggy to me. Moreover, all the members in my family are tall like 6 ft.
Will the turbo engine be good choice and if yes then should i opt for Venue because of its higher instance and manual gearbox available with turbo or the i20 Asta would be a better choice. Please suggest keeping in mind that for turbo asta I've to stretch my budget by 1 lakh which i may consider if it brings peace of mind for long term.

I am open for your suggestions as well if any apart from i20.

Admin Accepted Answer

Between I20 and Venue
See Venue biggest USP is easy ingress and egress where can walk to cabin
I20 yes has relative lower seating position, but flip side is having lot of legroom space and is actually more wider to take on 3 adults on rear seat in a more comfortable way as against Venue where shoulder room and legroom space is slight conjested in cabin

Point is if average height of person driving car is 6 feet and sitting back to back is another family member with 6 feet height - it would slight be a problem in terms of legroom which is on conjested note.

To view family member would be in better comfort in I20 as against Venue

Turbo and Naturally aspirated
No second thought - yes Turbo is more response. Its in complete power state with 120 PS and unmatched 172 NM Torque delivers great pulling power. Yes driving on an IMT makes it lot convenient too especially in city traffic condition, with creep mode offer feel of automatic car in bumper to bumper traffic

However, charm of I20 Asta Option 1.2 over I20 Turbo IMT is
> Enhanced Safety Features
> Adjustable rear seat head restraint for taller passengers

Yes sunroof somehow also comes as lifestyle - although i dont count on it

I20 Turbo or Non Turbo
You need to make a choice, Turbo is exciting and definite feels peppy but Naturally aspirated petrol engine is for relaxed drive and available in Asta Option with enhanced safety

Alternatiev choice
If seek
> Power Delivery with Superior Performance
> Advanced Safety
> Handling
> Lower running cost

then check out Ford Freestyle Titanium Plus Diesel
Downside is limited space, average interiors. But you will love every bit of it
Scheduled Maintenance cost yes is not as low as in I20, but with diesel standard expect to be competitive at Rs 7000 a year. Higher maintenance will be offset with lower running cost

If you seek fun to drive experience with safety and all - Freestyle Titanium Plus Diesel should be your pick and yes cost lesser than I20 Asta Option Petrol too.
Abhinav Accepted Answer
Hi there,

I saw you recommending brezza lxi on most of your forum answers. I wanna know if brezza would be more value for money than i20. However, I am more inclined towards i20 turbo engine for its better performance but I don't know if it would provide me better mileage as well. Also, could you please help me understand if i20 naturally aspirated petrol engine would be a better choice comparatively the turbo considering the longevity of engine which I mentioned in my previous question.

Abhinav Accepted Answer
What are your views for kia sonet? Is it worth considerable over i20?
Admin Accepted Answer


see Maruti Vitara Brezza Lxi is an excellent choice for someone in budget of 8 Lakh or so and seek
> Safety
> Engine Performance
> Reliability
> Space
> Good Comfort oriented ride quality

as key core element. Features list is impressive in base model with all standard convenience and infotainment features and Brezza is the only car from Maruti Suzuki Portfolio to score in 4 Star.

However The biggest downside of Brezza Lxi is
> Very Average Interiors infact will rate as worst in segment if you compare against Venue, Sonet, Nexon, XUV300
> Very Average Plastic Quality
> Lack of rear seat headrest in lxi (which otherwise available in Brezza vxi but Brezza Vxi and Lxi basis limited feature differences makes vxi overprice)

So Brezza Lxi is good if dont want to spend more but seek the best value for money (less cabin aesthetics) in specified budget.

When you consider in I20 Turbo its a different league
> Turbo Petrol Engine has superior mid range punch
> Even better in cabin space as against Brezza
> I20 In cabin aesthetics are more premium
> IMT is more convenient
> Priced premium against Brezza and offer superior features in Sportz IMT and Asta IMT

Turbo Vs Naturally Aspirated Petrol Engine
See Turbo Petrol Engine need some specified change in driving pattern
If you following recommended service schedule (ofcourse to be followed in I20 Naturally Aspirated petrol too) and following the idling concept - be assured Turbo will offer long lasting reliable ownership
Refer details -

Excellent choice, but again like Venue has limited space on rear
Pls explore this video explaining rear seat space part from 2:49

For 2 Tall people sitting back to back - space is relative conjested and thats the only big downside
Else Sonet HTX IMT can be worth a consideration over I20 Asta.

Hope should help in making a choice !!
Srikanth Accepted Answer
How do you recommend freestyle petrol over Hyundai i20 or Venue , in terms of fun to drive, mileage, safety and rear seating capacity ?
Abhinav Sharma Accepted Answer
Hi Team,

First of all thank you for your response.

Taking your suggestion i test drive i20 turbo and liked the performance but it is going beyond my budget by 1 lakh.
I am also inclined towards Tata Altroz diesel which also feels good to drive apart from NVH levels. Has impeccable build quality and is feature loaded more or less like i20.
But as i20 turbo doesn't comes with manual gear box and is only available with IMT, DCT. I am confused if they are reliable. I saw a youtube video where i20 IMT is having issues on uphill and downhill.

Please suggest.

Abhinav sharma Accepted Answer
Please help me with your views regarding maruti S cross. Only car other than brezza with good build quality and mileage.

Admin Accepted Answer

I20 IMT on Hill Drive
IMT like Automatic Car comes with creep Mode. Although not I20 IMT on hill, but we droven Venue Sx IMT - where the common thing is that both cars lacks Hill Hold Assist (as Venue Sx Option IMT is having HLA feature). Our observation
a) On taking car to hill drive (which is not steep one)
b) On taking car from basement of malls

Creep comes in play and car do not roll back like same due to suffient torque and power.
Even on slight sharper incline, speed dropped to 2 kmph but car was still pulling ahead. Anyhow - having said same if going on steep incline and car stops in between only way is to control car using traditional way of pulling handbrake and then pressing accelerator and simultaneously then leaving hand brake too.

No concern on Reliability, as IMT is Manual Transmission only and need clutch actuator fluid replacement as additional work over manual transmission.

But with respect to IMT important to follow in Gear Shift as what one do in regular Manual Transmission as
> Driving car at very low rpm or
> Driving car at very high rpm or
> Maintain same gear for a wide speed range say 4th gear from speed of 20 to 80 Speed level

Important to understand IMT is not Automatic - its Manual Transmission.
So one need to change gear shift, else will only strain in car engine, low mileage and excessive high rpm or low rpm will lead to wear & tear of flywheel and other Engine Components.

So as long as driver take it to learning curve to change gear as per recommended speed then its a near perfect technology for them. But if you are someone or some one in family who will
> Abuse the system by not following Gear Shift Movements at recommended speed
> Casually maintain the same gear for Wide Speed Range

then this would certainly cost a slight higher expense in terms of Ownership cost Factor been end Mileage would be lower and wear and tear of parts can cause in impacting Clutch Assembly including Flywheel.

Tata Altroz Diesel
Excellent Pick basis performance, 5 star safety. But Engine NVH Levels are not great and Tata After sales still a question

S Cross
Although an excellent choice basis
> Lot of Space
> Superior High Speed Stability
> Better Reclined Rear Seat
> Feels more upmarket in Interiors

only apprehension is that S Cross is based on hearect chassis platform (which came to notice 4 to 5 month) and somehow this heartect chassis platform did not performed well in Ertiga. Fact that Kia Seltos too scored 3 star - am not very optimistic unless a crash test rating comes out.

Yes I20 crash test rating not performed too - hence initially i recommended I20 Asta Option 1.2 which is available with highest active and passive safety features.

Having said if Brezza and S Cross are in contention - i will pick Brezza over S Cross.

Hope should help !!
Amritpal Singh Accepted Answer
POLO ( HIGHLINE PLUS ) Under 10 Lac Rupees...


Abhinav Accepted Answer
Thank you for your valuable comments and detailed explanation. Appreciate it.
I took test drive of yaris and its comfort caught my attention. With your recommendation I finalized i20 turbo asta variant. I know it won't be fair comparing i20 with yaris as both belongs to diff. Segment but i still want your suggestion helping me decide which one would be more value for my money. In yaris I am taking about its G opt variant.
I found yaris torque sufficient for city usage and moreover being a sedan it would be stable on highways as well.
Hyundai's steering is a better unit as per my test drive opinion.
Could you please recommend me one and help me come out of this dilemma. Thanks.
Admin Accepted Answer
Hi Abhinav ji,

Greetings !! Toyota Yaris is altogether a different experience.

> Suspension dynamics feels lot more stable as against I20

> This naturally aspirated Petrol Engine although bigger but not as quicker as what experienced in I20 Turbo. Having said same - is what ideal for relaxed drive and when going with a gentle throttle response on accelerator pedal

> Somehow rear seat despite of sub 4 meter car in I20 feels more spacious as against Yaris, but Yaris comes with bigger boot space

> Yes highway dynamics of Yaris feels more stable and car feels well planted

> In city dynamics of Toyota Yaris

> You may find I20 Steering to be light and better for city as against Toyota Steering, but when you move on to open roads - will rate Yaris steering marginally better against I20

Point is
> You get a segment up car feel with Yaris as against sub 4 meter I20
> Meant for relaxed drive
> Feels more sturdy
> Better Tuned Suspension
> Steering feel and feedback is marginally better on highway against I20

> I20 is more spacious in cabin as against Yaris with better headroom and better legroom as against I20
> Relative Light Steering for city use in I20
> A feel of super hit car in sales as against car which is barely selling even 500 units a month
> Relative more lifestyle features in Hyundai I20 as against Yaris. Yaris J Option do not come with factory fitted music system, but same can be fitted as accessory from Toyota dealership. Net all superior features

Hope should help !!
Abhinav Sharma Accepted Answer
Hello, Thank you for all your responses and helping me out deciding the car for me. I've opted for Yaris(G opt) manual.
My dealer is providing me some discount if I purchase his Sept. 2020 model. It is a BS6 variant and is unused as said. As per them they will provide me registration of 2021 only.
Could you please suggest if i should go for 2020 model and how many Kms. a car running should be on its MID before considering it for a purchase.
And i would appreciate if you can suggest me a good insurance option as well.

Thanks again!!
Admin Accepted Answer

Hope its a not a test drive car.
Odo reading should be ideally around 50 Kms or less. But there are ways in which odo can be tampered with too.
Best way is to cross check car in person before making booking including close inspection of steering, clutch, brakes, tyres and rule out if the car is been used for test drive

Lastly whats the discount they offering
I can confirm that rs 70,000 was the discount which was running in September, October on the car model.
Also prices been increased twice in between
Only in case they offering close to 1.5 Lakh then makes sense to buy (been they bought car at old price and factoring in same, old discounts, year change) makes sense to buy.
Abhinav Accepted Answer
Hello team, i have booked Yaris and along with it I have shortlisted 2 more petrol cars:-
1) Tata Nexon XZ
2) Altroz turbo
3) i20 1.2 Manual.

Now, My biggest confusion is that all these cars are very good in comfort and have good driving dynamics. Also, they belongs to different segments.
Nexon being compact SUV, Altroz and i20 being hatchbacks and Yaris being Sedan.
Could you please suggest me one among these considering main usage is in metro cities along with occasional long tours. Also, please keep in mind the high petrol prices these days, hence, mileage is also a factor to consider.

I actually need a blend of performance and mileage.

Please help. Thank you.
Admin Accepted Answer

Pls find

> Nexon : not best in fuel efficiency if thats a factor for key consideration

> Our team yet to experience in Altroz iTurbo

> I20 : Same already referred earlier in previous replied on I20 and Yaris

An alternate if you are concerned about fuel efficiency and seek convenience is Honda Amaze V Diesel CVT Automatic
Almost at price of what you getting Yaris but
> With CVT Automatic
> In Diesel Fuel

This car is best suited if maximum usage is in city as high speed steering feedback is very average and somehow suspension is on soft side, so not best on high speed handling. But if 85% usage is within city and going to drive under 60 Kmph - can consider in Amaze V CVT Diesel for a test drive.

Hope should help !!
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