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  1. Rahul Kapoor
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Friday, February 05 2021
Hi Team,

I am looking at a new car purchase and I have the following things under consideration and need your support in finalizing it.

1. Comfort and Convenience

I already have Dzire (Petrol) and was thinking of moving to an SUV now.
II. 4 to 6 Members support

We are a family of 6 members however it isn't a precondition, sitting of 5 members in the rear seat comfortably. We are a family of tall members 5' 9'' and above.

III. Daily Commute

I drive almost 70+ kms daily (city + highway) so looking at a comfortable drive.

IV. Sunroof and Entertainment

Needed, as Kids love to have it in car nowadays

V. Parking and Moving Around

Also Parking and moving around should be comfortable, to avoid hassle in markets and Malls.

VI. Highway Drive

I would love to move around in a new car to Hills and a long journey across states now.

VII. Fully Loaded

I was looking at a fully loaded car however ready to negotiate and let go of features which are cosmetic and can be ignored.

VIII. Air Bag

I wanted 6 Airbags in the car as mandatory.

2. Engine and Performance

I. Petrol or Diesel

I haven't considered diesel vehicles for 10 yrs. restriction in Delhi and breakeven will be after 4-5 yrs. with 45K KM's and maintenance cost is also high so avoid it until unless you share a compelling reason for the same.

II. Transmission
I also like to move to automatic transmission now.

III. Fuel Efficiency
Also, it is an important consideration as Dzire used to give 13-14 mileage, however I know SUV will give less mileage however 10-11 Km should be acceptable.

IV. Type of Engine –
DCT, I-Vitec, IVT

3. Running Cost

I. Budget

18-20 Lakhs, no upside

II. Service and Insurance Cost
The service and insurance cost in the next few years should be manageable, it shouldn't pinch your pocket.

4. Finance

I. Lump Sum and Loan
Pls. suggest the loan amount applicability and see your videos (not more than 20% of your average take home every month), if you can pay the majority of the amount still, we should take loan.

5. Test Drive (Automatic Transmission)
I drove a Honda City, Creta and Kia Seltos and felt Honda City was good in driving in terms of gear shift however at high speed noise level is high, in Creta Petrol DCT, I felt great power and gear shift was smooth and Kia IVT had lot of noise in gear shift and lot of noise in catching speed/power as well.

6. Wait for Future Models

In case any future upcoming models to fulfil the above requirements.

7. Shortlisted: -

I had shortlisted the following Cars (Automatic Transmission): -

1. Honda City ZX/VX CVT I-Vtec
2. Creta SX (0) 1.4L Turbo GDI
3. Kia Seltos IVT 1.5 Litre

8. Booked: -
- Creta SX (0) 1.4L Turbo GDI

9. Reason for Selection: -
- SUV, Better Sitting Height, Ground Clearance, fully loaded, 6 Airbags, Engine and Technology

10. Area of Concerns: -
However, the cost is around 20L is high, fuel efficiency (7-8 KM in some videos, I don't know) and does it justify the features and the cost that I am paying today and will it be good choice in making such huge investment, additionally got confused after watching a lot of videos on Creta on your site and may want to reconsider based on your genuine advice. Do let me know if this is the right choice or pls. suggest any other car model to consider.


Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Appreciate sharing details. Let me answer it Point Wise

Petrol or Diesel
As your average running is going to be 2000 Kms+
Well on face of It - a Diesel Car looks better been fact remains that Petrol SUV if chosen are relative low in Mileage, irrespective of fact whether is Creta or Seltos or else

Like if Creta DCT say delivers you 10 to 11 Kmpl, expect Creta Diesel Automatic to deliver you 13 Kmpl in Diesel in similar condition
or say on Highway if Creta DCT delivers you close to 14 Kmpl, expect Creta Diesel Auto to deliver you around 15.5 Kmpl

Considering optimistic scenario and with price gap of Petrol and Diesel Fuel say remains at Rs 7 per Litre - expect atleast Rs 1.5 per Km as saving in terms of average running implying Rs 30,000 yearly saving in Diesel.

Even if we factor in upkeep service cost, wear & tear items - expect average yearly savings of Rs 25,000 while going with Diesel SUV as against Petrol one. So on face of it will save in Rs 2 Lakh say in next 8 Years

But if you going to retain SUV on 10 years or so then resale would be what significant impacted of Diesel one, presuming present NGT rules of 10 Year+ ban prevail on Diesel Car.

Overall net gain in terms of average running would all be wiped in resale.
So if in Delhi, NCR it makes all sense to choose Petrol one for long term ownership factor

Your Experience on Automatic Cars
IVT is best when driven in relaxed mode. When someone puts a strong throttle response - certainly yes inherent characterstic of IVT where RPM will increase, but without any corresponding change in speed makes engine vocal and do not offer pleasant experience

IVT is for sedate drive with light foot
Else, DCT certainly offers superior fun experience and combination of turbo makes it lot more engaging in seamless gear shift for superior drive perspective.

Comfort and Convenience
I can confirm you that Creta DCT / Seltos DCT is much better pick for fun experience when compared against
> IVT as used in Creta, Seltos
> CVT of Honda City

and basis requirement as stated for a car with
> Fully Loaded Features
> Urban SUV
> Plush Ride Experience
> Comfort
> Panoramic Sunroof
> Bose Speakers
> Full of Modern Gadgets
> Faily Easy to drive in city with light steering
> Soft SUspension offer plush ride

Creta yes is a top choice and emerges a notch ahead of other SUV in class
Add on Peace of Mind Ownership is what another charm with Hyundai Creta

Concerns on Mileage
Nop - is incorrect to state that end mileage would get in 7 to 8
Am not saying that its not possible, but if driven with rough usage or bumper to bumper drive, fuel efficiency can drop to 8 to 9 Kmpl
But yes within city usage - 10 Kmpl+ should definite be a reasonable recommendation
Also to suggest for optimising fuel efficiency and recommended way in DCT
a) Always drive in linear way instead of heavy foot
b) Tyre Pressure is an important aspect for fuel efficiency
c) Maintain some distance with car in front in heavy traffic so as to not to drive car with half brakes.

Details - DCT Car Driving Recommendation

Best Buy in 20 Lakh
I can endorse Creta DCT for your requirement
Basis comprehensive need analysis details as shared - can state that had i been at your place with similar requirements - Creta Sx Option DCT Automatic would have been my default choice.

See present car loan interest rates is almost at lows of 15 Years with car loan prevailing in range of 7% to 7.75%
With plethora of investment avenues, including fact that car loan is based on reducing balance - anyone who is in business can well opt for car loan to utilise funds for same

However, if not finding any source to invest then yes can definite increase downpayment and minimize loan.

Hope should help !!

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Rahul Accepted Answer
Thanks Mr. Gagan for sharing your valuable feedback and that too on all aspects, there are few more doubts on which I would like to get your opinion on
Out of the below 4 Cars,
I know your preference as shared above, however given the current Engine, Technology and comfort and cost which one you will choose if it means stretching the budget.
- Creta 1.4 SX (O) DCT petrol
- Kia Seltos 1.4 GTX Plus + DCT petrol, I found 3 people sitting in Seltos bit cramped as compared to Creta despite marginal difference in their dimensions. It also contains Brake Assist, how much it is of help as it isn't available in any other car.
- Tata Harrier XZA Dark Edition AT, only available in Diesel variant and 1.5L extra on ex-showroom price in comparison to Creta and Kia.
- Jeep Compass 1.4 DCT petrol , I think this will cost more than 22L, also sitting 3 persons in the rear seat will be cramped and mileage is also not known.

Lastly, upcoming SUVs like Tata Safari, XUV 500, 400 or 300 don't fit the requirements as the above do.

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Admin Accepted Answer

If you enter in a league up with Tata Harrier XZA Plus Automatic then at any given day
> Harrier feels lot more spacious in cabin with 3 passengers can have utmost seating comfort as against Creta, Seltos
> 2 Litre Kryotec Diesel Engine with 170 PS Power in 6 Speed Automatic Transmission is much more fun especially on highway ride
> You will love in high speed dynamics, highway ride

Harrier would be like 2 step jump in segment over Dzire and to our view is a segment up car as against Creta and Seltos
On one hand - Creta and Seltos may shine as Urban SUV for those who seek city use, easy to steer while on other hand Harrier feels like a Macho SUV having superior highway dynamics, lot better road presence and yes even for someone who seek relative better feedback on upcountry roads would check Harrier over Creta and Seltos

Compass although an excellent pick but yes sitting 3 on rear and kind of legroom this car has makes it a tight fit for your family.
However, to disclaim
> Harrier has slight higher noise level as against Creta, Seltos
> Not the best in insulation as what seen in Creta and Seltos
> Not the best in fit and finish (here i dont mean build, but finish quality)
> After Sales Service of Hyundai to view still remains as segment best

But the kind of driving dynamics which Harrier offers and now in 6 speed Hyundai Sourced Automatic is better as against Creta
Suggest to explore Option in between
> Harrier
> Creta

and yes if ready to wait Mahindra XUV500 would be worth an interesting choice.

Hope should help !!

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