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  Sunday, 15 November 2020
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I am planning to buy a new petrol varient creta .Confusion over dct and ivt. Most of the articles shows that dct gearbox is not suitable to indian road conditions ( heavy traffic and hill areas). My concern is about its heating issues in slow moving traffic and other things. Can u advice me which one good in our country scenario. Basically its for my wife use and she is a new licence holder ,occasionally i will also drive,when coming from abroad.
3 years ago
Greetings !!

See - DCT Gearbox is what a transition from old conventional Automatic gearbox for slow, steady response to those who seek Fun to drive and seamless gear shift

CVT Vs DCT - Real Work Drive Difference
As against regular CVT Automatic where there are infinite number of gear ratio and car when driven is best with
> Relaxed drive
> Light Foot on Accelerator
> For those who seek comfort

Its DCT which is what pitched towards buyers who seek
> Fun with seamless gear change response while going strong on throttle response
> Enjoy Superior Gear shift response as there are 2 clutch which are on the working - one for odd number gear and another for even number gear to bring a superior auto gear shift response

Hence, DCT are what generally offered in Turbo Petrol Engines

Although IVT is very smooth but if car driver goes slight heavier on acceleration at sudden then
> RPM do not match in with the speed
> Increased Engine Noise
> Pickup takes a slight delayed response of 1 to 2 seconds

However, DCT Automatic cars are what designed to take away this disadvantage as otherwise seen in IVT and hence for those who seek superior pickup and fun is what offered in Turbo Petrol Engine, But for DCT Transmission one need to adjust in driving style
> Avoid driving with Half brake while commuting in bumper to bumper traffic
> As Creta do not come with Auto Hold Assist, so at Red Light stops for more than 30 Seconds. Important is to Slot Gear in Neutral at Idling. As practice avoid applying brakes while continue to slot gear in Drive Mode
> Some over enthusiast driver tend to abuse in DCT transmission system by driving with Full Acceleration in city roads and frequent brakes to enkoy fun of Turbo DCT - this should be avoided

If in case of any abuse in transmission - there could be probability of yes transmission overheating and may impact life on medium term


See if car to be used by your wife and she is a new learner, i presume she would be more interested to drive in comfort and relaxed way rather than with a heavier acceleration response.

IVT is very smooth, jerk free when driven in relaxed way and even end up offering in superior fuel efficiency when compared against DCT Automatic. Also, considering from reliability perspective - CVT is not as complex as DCT and what a far more conventional and internationally is considered a superior reliable technology at par with Torque converter and certainly as transmission system has superior reliability as against DCT one

Hope should help !!
3 years ago
Ivt is better.. Is it
3 years ago
Yes, basis requirement usage as specified for
> Heavy Traffic
> New Learner
can well consider Hyundai Creta IVT Automatic as better choice for requirement preference
3 years ago
3 years ago
Sir, can u send me the method of how to decode creta vin
3 years ago
Hi - you can share VIN Number
Will assist to decode in same.
I had a very bad experience with Venue (1.0 DCT), the vehicle stopped in Bangalore traffic multiple times due to heating issues. I used my i10 (CVT) for about 70K KMs without any hassle. I recommend IVT/CVT.
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