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  1. Nikhil Bhawkar
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Thursday, October 15 2020

I live in Pune, Maharashtra and own a 2018 Dec. Duster Rxs AMT Diesel.
I am looking to exchange it for a BS6 vehicle ASAP before the prices of Diesel BS4 vehicles start decreasing.

Question is, for a budget of 20-25 lacs, which Automatic vehicle would you recommend?
The vehicle should have the following:
1. Robust, absolutely solid build quality
2. Great after sales service
3. Good mileage
4. Safety features

My daily running is about 30 kms. and I go for long drives of about 200-250 kms one way, once a month or so to my native place.
Should I go for Petrol or Diesel? I am worried about the future of Diesel, seeing that companies like Maruti and Renault have stopped producing diesel cars.

I am confused between Tata Harrier (not sure about the after sales service), Hyundai Tucson ( a bit over-priced but fulfills other requirements), Jeep Compass (Petrol AT doesn't give good mileage. Not sure about after sales service).
Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

See - 20 Lakh to 25 Lakh is a segment in which yes will get great build and advanced safety too
However, care from Fuel Efficiency perspective - Diesel is what the go, Petrol SUV wont deliver in great mileage
Not only same, Diesel SUV are even more fun with torquey performance. Same can well be seen in Compass. Although 1.4 Litre Engine is good, but the kind of performance which is in Compass Diesel makes it more exciting

In terms of concern on Petrol & Diesel
The concern was there in earlier times when PM & NOX Level polliutants were relatively higher in Diesel as against Petrol
The kind of technological advancements and the way Government regulations were changing was what driving in Petrol Fuel, however with BS6 now as standard and Diesel Exhaust Fluid to reduce in emissions by cutting down NOX Levels - the difference in terms of emissions in BS6 Petrol and Diesel are neglible.

Refer Differences in NOX and PM Level in BS6 Petrol & Diesel

so need not worry on same.
I can tell you that Maruti Suzuki too internally keeping an eye towards Diesel cars, and 1.5 Litre DDIS 225 Diesel Engine would make a comeback by end of 2021 or early 2022. Creta and Seltos Diesel Variants going strong with almost 1/3rd of sales pertains to Diesel Cars

Harrier is what selling in Diesel only Fuel,
Fortuner has 99% sales in Diesel
Innova Crysta has 99% sales in Diesel
Compass too has majority of sales in Diesel
Gloster & Endeavour only in Diesel

The kind of fun, power delivery and low running cost wont let Diesel to go away and with improved technology - would love in same

In terms of making a choice in between Harrier, Tucson, Compass
See - no one car fits all. As you have already experienced in Renault Duster - know the aspect of Handling dynamics and well tuned suspension
Now Compass Diesel Automatic available in 2 Variants
> Longitude Plus
> Limited Plus

While Longitude Plus comes with Dual Airbags only- if you extend your budget to Limited Plus and even after factoring in discounts will likely extend budget by 10% to upper end of your budget specified

Tucson Petrol Automatic may well come in budget and Diesel Automatic will extend budget - but again if you choose in Petrol Automatic - mileage may just go for a toss

Tata Harrier XZA Plus Diesel Automatic is what will tick all boxes in terms of
> Hyundai Sourced Transmission
> Power Delivery Performance
> High Speed Handling
> Refinement
> Space, Build

Only downside is after-sales service. For same recommended to consider in
> 5 Year Warranty Pack / Unlimited Kms at around Rs 29,000 approx
> Tata Harrier Gold AMC for 5 Year will cost in Rs 1.5 Lakh includes almost everything Scheduled Service Cost (replacement of all Oil, Fluids, Filter, Alignment, Balancing (excluding weight) including Labor Charges for all scheduled replacement, Wear and Tear Parts (includes Brake Pads, Clutch, Suspension). Excludes only Tyre, Wiper Blade, Battery, AC Refrigerant

With Tata Harrier XZA Plus Automatic post dealer end discounts offers and negotiation will definite enjoy
> Immaculate Safety
> Build Quality
> Handling
> Peace of mind ownership with 5 year Warranty and 5 Year Gold AMC Pack ensuring almost zero cost for next 5 years
> Yes Safety aspect too - ABS with EBD, ESP, 6 Airbag, Auto Dimming IRVM Mirror, Hill Launch Assist, Hill Decent Control, Anti Theft Security Alarm System, Speed Sensitive Door Lock, Front Fog Light

In terms of Mileage, anything around 11 to 12 Kmpl should be a reasonable expectation in city while around 14 Kmpl on highway should be good enough

Concern on Harrier Automatic
> Although Sound Clarity is good, but Average Infotainment in resolution and responsiveness

> Although the car Ground Clearance may be reduced due to diesel Exhaust Fluid tank placed underneath but i dont think its going to impact as in BS6 Diesel cars will find scenario similar and moreover this small tank is placed at back, near rear wheels.

> Diesel Exhaust Fluid (or Urea) essentially has tank size of 15 Litres, The limitation is that around 600 Kms before this DEF tank finishes will get warning sign and if DEF is not refilled till 600 Kms in then will get message that 'Engine will not restart in next key on' and once engine stopped. it will not be possible to restart in car engine without filling DEF. However, the same DEF will also be needed in other diesel cars too. Like if you choose in Compass its known as Adblue. But thus DEF will find in Compass too

> No rear disc brake, has brake drum in rear. However, to disclaim when tested in real world condition - braking was impressive, but the best in class as otherwise the kind of brake bite seen on Compass Diesel Automatic

> Not the benchmark in Reliability and After sales service experience. But will put at par with Jeep Compass too

Rest is an excellent choice

Hope should help !!

Nikhil Bhawkar Accepted Answer
This is an honest and well balanced response. Thanks for responding so soon. This reduces my dilemma to a great extent. Thank you for the information on the 5 year warranty and 5 year gold AMC pack. That looks like a life saver. Makes my decision straight forward. Harrier it is. :)

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