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  3. Wednesday, September 23 2020
Confused on what to go for pure manual transmission as used in Venue Sx or Kia Sonet HTX IMT or Venue Sx IMT. Pls guide as this is going to be my first SUV and need better car based on performance, safety, features, space, reliability and best value in it

Payment details attached
Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

See, essentially Venue and Sonet are what based on
> Same Platform
> Same 1 Litre GDI Petrol Engine

But, the question you put in rather better if i bifurcate in 2 parts
a) Manual Vs IMT
b) Venue or Sonet

IMT Vs Manual
See IMT is essentially a manual transmission only but without clutch pedal
Rather clutch is operated by actuator which get signal in a fraction of milisecond from ECU whenever driver puts his hand on gear lever in an attempt to upshift, downshift. So - clutch functioning is what done by driver but gives a convenience

Ideally, i will prefer IMT for someone whos going to use car for 90% or more in city use condition as
> creep mode is there - so bumper to bumper traffic will feel like automatic to apply brake and release
> Convenient without clutch pedal in fraction of cost
> Stress free and ease in city usage condition as driver left foot is relaxed
> car wont stall for someone who is a novice driver. so if have someone in family whos still in learning stage will find IMT more convenient

> Care for enthusiast drive
> care for seconds from a car in pickup terms from 0 to 100
> care for car with even sleek gear response (as IMT found marginally more weight in gear)
> care for car with full control where clutch pedal with you

then should consider in Manual Transmission
Rest for more details, pl refer this post on IMT Transmission Review

Venue Vs Sonet
Well it depends - i suggest to refer this detailed comparison video on Venue and Sonet

It should help in deciding,
Additionally from features perspective, while
Venue Sx gets Alloy Wheels and Cooled Glove box as differentiating factor

Sonet HTX IMT gets
> LED Headlights as against halogen projector used in Venue
> LED Fog Light
> Semi Leatherette Seats with bright dual tone beige and black interior (Venue comes in black interior which can look slight claustrophobic)
> Wireless projection for accessing android auto, apple car play
> Driver rear view monitor

LED Headlights cost a lot and if seeking a family car will be impressed relative more in Sonet
Also, exterior differences matters a lot
I will end up saying that yes Venue Sx gets Alloys but you can definite get in good branded alloys by spending in another rs 25000 or so for set of 4 alloys and basis LED Lights, premium interiors will appreciate Sonet in exteriors and interiors

Hope should help !!

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Rudra gorji Accepted Answer
Sir i have few doubts

1. Will car cut off while facing accident .

2. In case of emergency how to stop car say if break fails or smoke appears in ac etc..... as we dont have clutch.

3. In case of short circuit or any other fire related issue and when we stucked in car...... will car cut off if not isent it a major issue as car is on and fuel supply is on it may blast.....

In short what r the safety issues in imt as we dont have option to shut off engine.......while in manual we have option to shut off engine by just removing leg from clutch paddle

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Pramod P C Accepted Answer
What will be the approximate cost of LED headlights for Venue.
will we have any service issue for KIA as it is a new entry for Indian market and i heard from car dealer Hyundai will not be supporting KIA in services or any other aspects.

Payment details is as attached.

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