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  3. Saturday, September 12 2020
Good day, I am about to purchase our families first car, we are a family of 5 adults with heavier bodies. I am looking for a family car that will be driven primarily in city which should be able comfortably accommodate 5 adults.

My budget for on road price in Mangalore Karnataka is max 11 Lakhs, thank you
Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Considering requirement Preference basis
> On Road Price Bracket of Under 11 Lakh
> Majorly Within City Usage
> Good Build - means better shoulder room space

Here is the best recommended choice for need as specified
Mahindra XUV300 W6 Petrol - will cost in range of Rs 10.75 Lakh On Road
For Indian Market this is a sub 4 meter compact SUV but based on Global Ssangyong Tivoli Platform and car for international market is actually to level of Creta and Seltos. In India, boot is chopped and designed to make it a sub 4 meter

The best part is that
> XUV300 comes with longest wheelbase of 2600 mm in its class which makes it the most spacious in Incabin legroom space in segment
> Even is the Widest SUV with 1821 mm Width - wider than other Compact & Mid SUV and Wider than Mid Sedan Cars
> Good Legroom, All 3 Passengers on rear seat will get Adjustable Head restraints and yes Good Recline Angle
> Raised SUV with Good Suspension and for city drive with 200 NM Torque in Petrol will find it reasonable peppier
> Doors Open Wide for easy Ingress and Egress
> Considering Raised Speed Brakers in Karnataka - you will not face issues even with full 5 passengers on board on those tall speed breakers

Suggest to make a check
Downside is
> Slight raised center seat - which may not be near perfect comfy as otherwise the side 2 seats - but trust no issues for 3 passengers

Also, Considering within City Usage - this would just be the best pick for need, requirement as rest other cars as available lacks in
> Rear Center Headrest whether you consider in Honda City or Maruti S Cross too
> Also, almost flat like floor with a very marginal hump - which is much lower than Sedan Cars as they come with Rear AC Vents

Maruti S Cross Sigma - Will cost in 10 Lakh On Road

The car despite of 1765 mm Width and 2600 mm Wheelbase is what designed by Maruti Suzuki to offer
> This car is excellent packaged to offer even superior shoulder room as against XUV300 Petrol despite on papers shoulder room slight limited
> Better Under-thigh support on Seats as against XUV300 Petrol
> Recline angle is even better
> Adjustable Head restraints in Front and rear - only con is middle row passenger wont get Headrest and also has marginal raised seat and floor hump. Although he/she can place foot on side but lack of headrest is what slight challenging.

So the first preference basis need, requirement is
> Mahindra XUV300 Petrol
> Second one is S Cross Sigma Petrol

Hope should help !!

Lanson George Accepted Answer
What is your opinion about Honda WRV?
Admin Accepted Answer

Honda WRV is a fantastic choice basis Honda Man Maximum - Machine Minimum Philosophy with
> Best in class rear seat legroom in sub 4 metere compact SUV Segment
> Good shoulder room space which is impressive
> Good Seating Angle

But the biggest downside of Honda WRV is headrest on rear
> Fixed headrest on rear which are useless - very average comfort for resting neck for someone with 5'10" or higher
> Lacks also middle headrest

Only consider if avreage height is under 5'7" and person sitting on middle seat ready to compromise in that way of without been headrest

Hope should help !! Accepted Answer
what about creta 2020 petrol or diesel base model ?

Lanson George Accepted Answer
All my family members are 170 cm or below, what we need is backseat space so that three adults can accommodate comfortably for short city trips. Can anything be done for the head rest, is there any off market alternatives?
Admin Accepted Answer

Thanks for updated info, well with
> Average height around 5.6 feet (170 cm)
> Short City Trips

and looks like that you not keen for Mahindra XUV300 which comes with factory fitted 3 hear restraints, well here are pointers

1. When driven in city for short distance, seating position is such that people do not sit in couch position (laid back way), means they sit slight in upright way and as such rear headrest is not actually used when sitting in such upright position.

2. When car is fully loaded with 5 passengers - engine performance matters. Honda 1.2 Ivtec can marginally find weak at low end with 5 well build passenger on board (taking average of 350 Kg+ weight) as against when driven in a car with 1.5 Petrol Engine. Ask dealer to have rather a long test drive of 10 to 12 Kms with 5 people on board back to back in both S cross and WRV - am sure can experience better

So - here in recommendation in preference order best suited for same
1. S Cross
2. Honda WRV

Have a test drive, hope you will find difference to make a pick accordingly.

Hope should help !!
Lanson George Accepted Answer
Thank you, yes I don’t want Mahindra XUV 300. I did test drive S-Cross but I am very worried about Maruti Suzuki’s safety. My monthly running would not be more 500 kms almost 90% of which will be in cities bumper to bumper traffic. I have confusion over which variant of WRV should I choose, which one would be value for money SV or VX Petrol, thank you
Admin Accepted Answer

Although you can definite choose in WRV, but trust there is absolute no issue with S Cross Safety or Build
Its available with modified International platform as what used to be available in Sx4 and build yes at par with the best. Infact Brezza too scored 4 Star safety rating in Global NCAP and basis understanding with available info as per informal interaction at various level
> S Cross comes with superior build as against Brezza
> Better SUspension
> Available with all 4 disc brakes

and yes is the sturdiest most offering from Maruti Suzuki car range for Indian Market

Having said same, if inclination is towards Honda WRV - it also is a good choice and You actually get lot better features in WRV in similar price point as against S Cross. Honda packaged WRV in a lot better way for best in class spacious cabin in sub 4 meter segment and almost nearly match in to kind of space as seen in S Cross

If you had test drive of WRV and reasonable satisfied with 5 passenger on board, well its WRV SMT which is what value buy
No point in spending 1.4 Lakh higher for
> Electric Sunroof which you wont be using in city condition
> Cruise Control feature

Instead can buy WRV S Model and although it do not come with LED Projectors or LED Fog Light but certainly yes has headlights and fog lights :)
I suggest to save money and rather use a part portion of it to make it better in form of
> Front Center Seat Armrest for resting left hand
> Tyre Pressure Monitoring System from Sensairy / Blaupunkt - Rs 6500 to Rs 10,000
> DashCam from brands like Transcend which cost Rs 10000 to 14000 or 70 Mai which cost Rs 6000 to 8000
> Upgrade headlight bulbs with Philips Xtreme vision plus / osram night breaker unlimited - cost rs 1500

and opt for extended warranty and prepaid AMC Maintenance cost pack for better ownership
For features, pl refer - Honda WRV S Model

Should help !!
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