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  1. Soumya Sarkar
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Tuesday, July 28 2020
Sir, I am looking for a decent automatic car under 14 lakh in kolkata, which is better choice between verna sx cvt or honda city vx cvt considering mileage performance and maintenance cost.

Honda city vx cvt (on road price) costs more than 1 lakh than that of verna sx cvt, is it worth going for honda city vx cvt? And if there is any other better automatic car in this price range please let me know. And are there any issues with the brake of verna?
Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Yes - would be worth a consideration to check on Honda City Vx CVT 5th Generation with strong reasons in its favor
> Feels a lot bigger, spacious car with one of the major difference is in rear seat comfort. Once you make seat your family members in City and back to back in Verna - am sure that they may feel like coming to a segment lower car

> Second USP is Safety Features with Uncompromised - Side Airbags, Curtain Airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist, Hill Start Assist in 5th Gen Honda city Vx CVT against Verna Sx IVT

> In Drive per se - Honda city with Paddle shifters can make a difference in convenience factor for fun to drive and needless to refer the IVted DOHC Engine is a gem and thanks to tuned suspension - 5th Gen City can be near around a better comfort oriented drive with superior pickup

Now in terms of query
Factors referred of Mileage - well there wont be much difference in Fuel Efficiency in Real World drive conditions
Honda Cars India restricted City with relative R16 185 Tyres to not to compromise on mileage aspect. End Fuel efficiency would not be much different in both the Cars. In city condition can expect in around 12 Kmpl, while on highway if cruising at speed of 80 to 90 can get even better fuel efficiency to tune of 15 to 16 Kmpl

Performance aspect - Referred that City Ivtec feels more eager with superior pickup and soft suspension adds on plushness to it. Although to disclaim - Verna has stiffer suspension and on cornes with improved steering feedback. wider R195 Tyres may feel marginally better in highway to be better planted

Maintenance Cost - Well Honda Cars India too revised service interval to 10,000 Kms / 12 Month whichever earlier in 5th Generation - at par with what is in Hyundai Verna. Its observed that Hyundai has marginal edge in maintenance in terms of slight lower spare parts but for scheduled maintenance, pl refer
> Hyundai Verna Service Cost
> We will soon be updating in Honda City Service cost in a week time, will share the URL as done

For Hyundai Verna Brakes: Well there was something a miss in 4th Gen Verna till 2018, but from 2019 onwards Verna Brakes were lot improved and seems no issue in 2020 model too. Having said same - Brake bite of Verna is okay, nothing exemplary in it.

For Value Proposition: Looks like Honda City has an edge basis
> Space
> Seating Comfort
> In city ride
> Pickup
> Safety Features
> Bigger Car Feel
So for those who seek superior comfort, in city plush ride, family car with bigger emphasis on rear seat, pickup and paddle shifters with enhanced safety can consider in 5th Gen Honda City

While Hyundai Verna Sx IVT has an edge
> Basis Cornering
> The feeling of stability on higher speed
> Possibly, some spare parts are economical priced
> Yes, Price Point too with 1 Lakh lower and for those who drive on solo or with small family and makes highyway running may consider Verna as value buy

Hope should help !!

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Vishal V Accepted Answer
City V IVT is priced similar to Verna SX IVT.. VX IVT is 2 Lakhs more .

Onroad Prices in My Place

Honda City
V IVT 14.9 L
VX IVT 16.52 L
ZX IVT 17.71 L

SX IVT 14.59 L <-- My choice
SX (O) IVT 16.87 L
SX DCT 17.03 L

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