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  1. Akshat
  2. RTO Registration & Tax
  3. Monday, July 27 2020
I am buying a second hand car which is registered in Haryana but I live in Uttar Pradesh and have address proof of Uttar pradesh and Delhi only. The car is registered in 2019 so if I get the car re-registered in Uttar Pradesh then it will cost me lakhs. Is there any way that I can get the RC transferred to my name in Haryana only? Like on a temporary address. Can I give a temporary address of a hotel or an office I work in or a paying guest house?
Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Actually, while registering a car there is no as such temporary address proof which is acceptable
RTO defines in as
> Aadhar card
> Election Card
> Passport
> Electricity Bill
> Gas Bill
> LIC Policy - 6 month Old
> ITR filed at same address for last 2 years
> Nationalized Bank Account statement for last 6 months
> House Tax Receipt
> Landline / Post Paid bill

as documents which are what acceptable as address proof for registration of car in Individual name.

Also, in Haryana - 2 separate documents are needed for vehicle registration unlike most of the other states where 1 document needed
Address proof as stated of Hotel, Office is acceptable only if vehicle registering in name of firm - not in name of individual.
For paying guest - although yes this can be acceptable, but need to furnish in document as specified.

Generall, an easy way for those who stay in Haryana but dont have address proof is to
> Get address changed in UID Aadhaar - as number of documents for change of address in Aadhaar are more comprehensive and easy
> Take a Post-paid connection bill

and then use these documents to get car registered. But, this is done by those who stay in Haryana but dont have an address proof.
For those who do not stay in Haryana, there is no way out to get car registered in.

Hope it help !!

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Akshat Mehta Accepted Answer
I am interested a different car from the same dealer.
He has a car registered in Delhi but on a hotel address and it is a hotel registered commercial car.
I have my own sole proprietorship company but it is registered in Ghaziabad, UP. My personal aadhar card has address of Delhi.
Can I transfer the RC in Delhi registration only?
And also is there any harm in driving a commercial car? I will be using it for personal use and take it to many other states like Haryana, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, etc.

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Admin Accepted Answer

If its a commercial car then 2 scenario

You continue with Commercial
> You need to pay permit fees as per applicable rates
> Quarter / Half Year / Annual road tax payment option are there for renewal of Tax
> There is a Public Service Authorization Badge which needs to be obtained
> Higher Toll Tax for Commercial Number cars every time you passing in state
> Many designated places has fees for commercial vehicles, which otherwise not levied on private cars

You continue with Private
then you need to apply for permit cancellation and apply for apply for re-registration by depositing appropriate road tax with below documents
> ID & Address Proof along with copy of PAN, 2 Photographs
> NOC of Cancellation Permit Acceptance
> Form 20 for re-registration
> Form 35 (applicable if hypothecated to Financier as NOC)
> Insurance Policy, Invoice copy of the vehicle
> Road Tax needs to be paid in as per applicable slabs for registering in private name

In term of query also is there any harm in driving a commercial car?
Well yes
> Resale value will go for a toss as it would be a 2nd owner commercial number car
> Speed Limit restricted to 80 Kmph if car less than 2 year old
> Higher toll tax levied on crossting states
> May well be stopped by traffic police more than often

So, not recommended to considering buying commercial car and continuing with same, if end usage going to be private number registration
Hope should help !!

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