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  3. Saturday, July 25 2020
Hi Gagan ,

Hope you safe and doing good
This is Mahesh Beere, I am from Andhra

I have many questions running in my mind because its my first car and I love SUV car – its my small dream to full fill in this life.
My budget is 13 to 13.5 max

Current Booking
I have booked SELTOS HTK 1.5 petrol in Bangalore ( I work in Bangalore city) in the month of May but still not took delivery as I cannot travel from Andhra because of COVID.

Now I am confused to take deliver due to CRETA 2020 E 1.5 diesel which give better drivability and better mileage in city and highway and off course HYUNDAI reliability But I like SELTOS crazy looks and stands.

If I take SELTOS 1.5 petrol HTK, which will cost me 13.25 lakhs (excluding additional warranty ) on road in Bangalore which have basic needs what I required including apple car play - Adding HTX alloys and 17’ tyres it goes to 13.85

If I cancel SELTOS and book CRETA 1.5 diesel E which will cost me 12.1 on road Bangalore, then I want to go for SX alloys with 17’ tyres(80K) , very good music system which have apple car play(50k), roof rails(4k) and good seat covers(6k) and S model grill (6k) ( around 1.5 lakh additional upgrades ), which would cost me all around 13.5 I hope I can get all additional upgrades what I have mentioned , which even in my budget 13.5.

My usage : 800-1000 kms per month (some times little more as my home town is 200 kms from Bangalore in Andhra) 50% in city and 50% Highway ride .

As per my budget both options max I can offered, so could you please let me know what I can choose . I am really confused due to seltos looks 100% striking Creta 80% striking.

I would like to use the car at least for next 6 years so Could you please let me know which one to choose in detail explanation please ( I prefer smooth ride as I have L5 disc bulge issue )

Happy to receive any other suggestion out of these options.

RTO Related :
Can i buy car in Andhra and use in Bangalore as road tax is less in Andhra which saves me near 40 to 50 thousand just on road tax on both the cars.
Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Yes, is a sort of major confusion among prospective buyers
> Seltos or Creta
> Petrol or Diesel

But, nothing to worry about, here are details on
Kia Seltos
> Certainly looks more stylish as against Creta. Although, opinion may vary as looks are subjective but trust the front fascia, rear profile of Seltos carries better attention in styling as against Creta
> Even high speed drive-ability is better with superior highway dynamics, stiffer suspension ensure that car feels better planted on highway drive

In contrast, Hyundai Creta
> Can find better during test drive by most of the prospective owners as when they take test drive in city, car certainly feels more plush with more comfort oriented drive
> Steering even feels somehow more light
> Interior Aesthetics feels more Plush and upmarket

Now in between Petrol and Diesel
See this 1.5 Petrol Engine is best for those who seek
> Relaxed
> Comfort way of drive
There is no eagerness as such, but its not that engine is under-powered too
Depending on individual drive pattern - he may or may not be happy with engine performance

Also, There is no second thought that 1.5 Diesel engine is more
> Lively
> Fun to drive
SUV are best when driven in diesel due to torquey performance and even end fuel efficiency in Diesel is almost 25% to 30% better as against Petrol Engine

Even this 1.5 Diesel Engine has best in class engine NVH Levels and is super refined
For owners who seek slight more fun with more torque will definite appreciate in Diesel Engine

Now coming to your Question
Basis average monthly running which includes: 50% city, 50% highway
Around 1000 Kms a month ride and Kia Seltos Diesel can be a better option basis better high speed dynamics and also a key difference apart from Exterior Styling is that Seltos Diesel comes with All 4 Disc Brake as against Creta having front disc brake

But, an important point you referred is of Medical Issue - well you need to check out Creta has soft suspension - certainly feels more plush and better comfort But how are the road conditions in which you going to drive, if they are in bad shape then due to soft suspension - a certain amount of bounciness is expected in cars with soft suspension and then that may not be best

So - basis road conditions may make a check
Still - Creta may just be slight better for comfort, just be very slow on potholes and bad roads to avoid jerk, also from budget perspective too - Creta has an edge as Seltos HTE DIesel would almost cost in Rs 75000 higher

So - zeroing in on Creta E Diesel for recommended purchase
In terms of Upgrade choice: I wont recommend to go with 17 Inch Alloys as this will entail replacement of
> Both Tyres
> Wheels
Just replace in 16 Inch Wheels with Alloys
Also, R16 205/65 has higher sidewall aspect ratio as against R17 205/60 tyre as used in Creta Sx which delivers marginally more soft ride
Check out - Tyre Calculator

Go with good branded alloy Wheel - Plati, Prestige, X2, Enkei, Lenso, Yongle, Freeman. Neo Alloys - will likely cost in range of Rs 30,000 to 40,000 as expense. This will save you tyre upgrade cost / exchange cost of R16 to R17

For Second Part
Well Traffic Police in Karnataka is very vigilant about other state cars, If
You going to bring car with stay going to be more than 12 months
then is recommended to have KA registration numner

Basically, if traffic police catch hold in then owner has to prove by showing in
> Toll receipts in original with date to prove that his stay less than 1 year
> PUC (if done from other state) - applies on 1 year old cars
> Any other document which confirms that the car is bought less than 1 year

Its all about that traffic police should be satisfied on above

Hope you understand.

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