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  3. Thursday, July 16 2020
Very confused on 5th Generation Honda City VMT and Kia Seltos HTK Petrol. I know one is a SUV and other is a sedan but which is best. My preference as very simple as more modern car, better engine with drive well, more safety, stylish and feature loaded and better value, reliable to deliver in good 7 to 8 years post which i hope electric cars would be available in India.

Pl help, payment confirmation attached
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Greetings !!

As you rightly said that one is a Sedan and second is a SUV - but this is what going to differentiate the most

Honda City 2020
> Much more Spacious Cabin, You going to love in Sofa like Seats, Legroom, Shoulder room
> Lower Ground clearance means even superior planted on city roads with minimal body roll on corner
> As suspension been modified in New 5th Gen city - which is done to be on relative Soft Side drive would be more Plush in city conditions

Kia Seltos
> SUV which is what the craze of Modern era. Raised ground clearance to even drive car on any sort of roads, semiurban
> Wider Tyres in Bigger Wheels R16 205/65 Tyres will give you Wider Tyres for better grip. City feels slight awkward in side view with R15 175/65 Tyre
> Stiffer Suspension ensure you get superior high speed handling dynamics

So theres a lot which is differentiaing. Also, there is no second thought that Honda City with relative light weight and Ivtec engine with 120 BHP Power would be more eager in pickup feel as against Seltos with 1.5 Litre Engine with 115 BHP Power and relative higher 10% body weight.

Now in terms of Preference factor as specified

Modern car and Feature Loaded: Well if you go by Interior Aesthetics, feature equipment then Honda City VMT definite has an edge over Seltos HTK petrol as a more modern car with higher up features and better interior aesthetics.
> Automatic Climate control
> Cruise Control
> Power Fold ORVM
> Alloy Wheels
> Premium Fabric Seats
> Piano Black Finish on Center Layout
> Higher up Safety

Better engine: Well IVtec Engine rules and one cant deny same

Drive well,: This is already referred that there is a lot of difference in driving dynamics so you may have to consider same

More safety: Hill Hold Assist, Stability Control, Side Airbags, Low Air Pressure Sensor are what added USP

Stylish: SUV are Craze and if you upgrade Seltos HTK Petrol with Alloy Wheels by using the price differental am sure overall exterior looks of Seltos will feel out to be more impressive, but City has better interior aesthetics and feels premium in Interiors

So which is more Value
It ends down to what you give more weightage to
> If you seek a car with Raised Ground clearance to take on most of roads, better high speed dynamics with superior grip, More Stylish in Exteriors and ready to upgrade with Alloys and a craze of what SUV then Seltos HTK Petrol

> If you seek a car for PLush Ride within city roads, much more spacious, even more responsive in engine performance, Superior Interior Aesthetics, higher up features and more safety specs then Honda city VMT Petrol is what should go for

Hope should help !!

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