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  1. Hari Prasad K
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Sunday, July 05 2020
Hi Gagan,

Trust you and family are doing fine. Please do take care and stay safe.
Appreciate all your good work in getting all the specific details to customers. Keep it going!
I just did a payout to your UPI ID and shared the screenshot on this email.

I am in bangalore and currently own a Alto K10 2012 model. I have clocked 40K kms in our pocket rocket. Now with 2 kids (5.5 Yrs, 1.5 Yrs), we are facing a need for an upgrade. We did a quick research and finalized the top 3 and i need your expert assistance on the same.

1. Maruti Brezza ZXI+ : Liked it when i had a TD. Thought it a good buy. But find it slightly expensive. Also some reports suggest that it's not that comfortable on highways as it wobbles and also NVH is too high.

2. Honda Amaze VX : Compact and neat vehicle. Was easy to drive and compact dimensions do help. Looks so airy too. Heard some reports saying it has some fit and finish issues and also quite underpowered on highways. Is that so? Also want to know the engine performance and its long term reliability.

3. Honda City V/VX : Though it's expensive, we loved it. Was fun to drive. It is quite big and will be tight to park, guess I can manage it. Any other specific point that i should be aware of? With the new gen launch will there be a reduction in the old gen ? I like the old gen model as of now.

My use would be predominantly in city and occasional visits to coimbatore and chennai (once in 2 months) and frequent outstation trips. Our reco was to have a vehicle that is safe, sturdy and comfortable. It should be easy to drive and I am looking at a min of 5+ years of hassle free ownership. Eagerly awaiting for your updates to make a decision and go for the buy!

Also let me know what all details that i should be equipped with to strike a good deal with the dealer.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,
Hari Prasad
Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Well all 3 Cars have different USP for Usage

Starting with Honda City
> Yes there is no match to 1.5 IVtec Petrol Engine in present market.
The Car is best responsive among other 2 cars put in contention. Strong Punch in Power Delivery and Unmatched reliability. You just need to follow oil replacements on time and trust will never face any issue related to engine

Also Space and Seat Comfort is best among lot. If you keep the car for 10 years - Kids will love in the kind of seating comfort
Seats are better cushioned and offers supreme comfort. Even the
> Interior Aesthetics
> Styling
> Features Element
> Social Status

All takes City as an edge. City also has stiff suspension which makes it better for high speed drive.

In terms of cons
> Considering raised speed breakers in Bangalore and slight stiffer suspension - one may not enjoy the sharp bumps if driven on speed
> 6 Month Service Interval which is slight on short side
> Tyre Size does not match in to Profile aspect of City
> Service Costs increased to its high recently and labor charges and spare parts are not economical

Overall - if
> You found Drive on Speed breakers not a concern with full load
> Wont mind spending a bit higher on service aspect

then Honda City is an excellent buy.

Maruti Vitara Brezza
Well Brezza Zxi Plus is for those buyers
> Who loves to drive in relaxed way. Its an engine which can make owner happy if they drive in sedate way.
> Who seek a Car with Raised Ground clearance and yes good suspension dhynamics for both city and highway
> Wider Tyres R215 ensure good grip even on highway
> Good Space, Low Ownershop
> Fully Loaded Features less advancd safety.

> Care for strong mid range / peppy pickup then can be disappointed. This is not a car for enthu
> Well cabin insulation feels okay but yes if goes beyond 100 Kmph speed and/or above 3000 rpm Noise level tend to increase. A solution to it however be 3M Acoustic which is chargeable at around rs 5000 approx but definite contain the noise level to a certain extent
> Interior Aesthetics just feel okay - no premium feel
> ESP is an important safety element - somehow its been missed in Brezza as a SUV. Although the same feature missed in City and Amaze too but considering SUV as stance ESP even holds more relevance in cars with raised ground clearance

Honda Amaze
Best to ignore - is a Soft suspension and if from highway perspective no match to Brezza or Amaze
Amaze is best to be use as a city Usage car only. Above 60 Kmph car tends to be slight slow in response and steering dynamics best suited for within city usage

As your preference usage referred of frequent outstation trips - Amaze will disappoint you.
If you got budget in hand - Brezza and City are much better choice over Amaze

Now Best recommended buy in between City and Brezza
See Honda City is definite an edge, only thing you have to check for Stiff suspension - are you okay with full load on High speed breakers of Bangalore. If thats not a concern for you - you probably have your next new car as Honda City

Yes Tyres are not wider, so anything beyond 100 speed may not give you that kind of grip which otherwise is expected. But - Would love in Space, Ivtec Engine Refinement and Power Delivery, Dynamics, Features, Styling Element. Its completely worth and can choose in 5 Year Warranty at time of purchase to enjoy hassle free experience.

Couple of hands on and you will find it absolute easy to park in too :)

For City: If you choose in then suggest to rush in as City Vx is almost out of stock at dealer locations as recently checked on sample in Delhi (may be stock situation can differ in other cities) , and if have it to strike a deal fast.

Hope should help !!

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Hari Prasad K Accepted Answer
Thanks for the quick and detailed reply. So with Amaze out, between these 2, I will check for another TD of both.

You mentioned City is expensive when you look at service charges, what about Brezza? Also on the fuel analysis on real world conditions would help too.

Is Brezza planted on high way runs at 120+ speeds? I am sure NVH can be managed with 3M, but if it doesn't inspire confidence at high speeds, then it's a risk.

Wanted to check if I am missing any other VFM product within my budget!
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Admin Accepted Answer

For Service Aspect
Honda City gets bi-annual Service schedule ( 6 month or 10,000 Kms whichever earlier)
Considering Scheduled Service cost (2 paid services if driven 10,000 Kms a year) - can expect in Rs 12,000 to Rs 13000 as Cumulative Paid Service cost in a year.

May check - Honda City Service Cost

On other Hand for Brezza is 10,000 Kms a Year and annual service cost would be less than 50% of cost of Maintenance of City
May check Maruti Brezza Petrol Service Cost

For Fuel Efficiency
Well Brezza may be slight lower in Fuel Efficiency than City
> Due to Wider Tyres
> Weight
> Raised Ground Clearance

For City Drive: Anything around 11 Kmpl in Brezza Petrol should be a reasonable expectation, While in Honda city anything around 12 to 12.5 Kmpl should be a reasonable expectation. However can attain maximum mileage on highway if drive at constant speed of 80 to 90 Kmph at best

120+ Speed
Well i wont endorse Brezza over 100+ speed. Considering
> High Center of Gravity
> Brake Drum in Rear
> Lack of ESP
> Steering Feel and Feedback
its best to not to exceed over 100 Kmph Speed

Also, if you exceed 120 then will get continuous high speed alert beep sound which is distracting and thus reduce speed to 100 to 110 at best
and till speed of 100 - Brezza is well stable and wide tyre offers grip

For city - Well City comes with R15 175/65 R15 tyres, which are what a downpoint and despite of steering remains light. Still - City feels better planted and thats due to stiff suspension, lower center of gravity where at even 120 speed will endorse City to be marginally ahead of Brezza in stability factor

Hope should help !!
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HP Accepted Answer
Thanks for the detailed response. I thought the City will continue selling the old generation models... I got to hear VX is out of stock in Bangalore and V MT is available.

V comes with lesser wheel size compared to VX. Your thoughts!

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Admin Accepted Answer
VMT has limited discount Offers

City 4th Generation will continue to sell in SV and V Trim, while 5th Gen City would be available in V, Vx and Zx Trim as per available info
Rest - official details will be known on 15th July at time of launch that will Honda Cars India extend City 4th gen to Vx Trim or not.
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HP Accepted Answer
Ok shall wait for the launch and then a take a call.

In the mean time drove the Kia Seltos HTK Petrol. Your thoughts?
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Admin Accepted Answer

Yes - Selos HTK is a step up product and calls for an attention

> 1.5 Litre Petrol Engine is relative more responsive against Maruti 1.5 Litre Petrol Engine. Though not a very fun to drive, but pickup and engine performance will satisy the most of people (but IVtec Engine of City still rules)
> Yes - High Speed Stability and Handling is better as the car comes with Stiff suspension which makes it better planted on road.
> In Styling Factor - feels more a style icon basis proportinate design, looks. Can enhance it further by going with Branded Diamond cut Alloy Wheel as accessory. Refer - Best Alloy Wheel Brands
> Near all standard safety, styling, convenience, infotainment features except Defogger

For requirement referred of
> frequent outstation trips.
> Safe
> Sturdy
> Comfortable
> Easy to drive
> 5+ years of hassle free ownership

Am sure now you have reached a car which can possibly offer a superior value proposition in an attractive price point. Ground clearance is good and can easily take on large speed breaker at ease too.

Service costs are reasonable too. Refer - Kia Seltos Service Cost

A worth considering this Model basis value price proposition.
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