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  3. Tuesday, May 19 2020
Hello Sir,
I'm Kishore from Hyderabad. I wanted to buy new car for first time(Budget limited to 8-8.5Lacks onroad). My driving experience is good but not expert. Help me in getting one car & take me out of dilemma.
Current options in my mind are Tata tigor, Tata Altroz, Toyota Etios, Hyundai Aura, Hyundai Venue & Maruti is rule out completely. My three requirements in order are Safety, mileage and comfort.
But I'm left with multiple questions in my mind.
1. Which is better car for around10 years usage.?
2. I'm looking for a car with required features like Reverse parking camera, Hill assist, Best in class suspension, durable engine but no need of unnecessary features like dual color, leather steering cover , super looks, Rear ac vents etc.
3. I love Etios GO for it's cabin space but toyota showroom folks informed that it's no longer in production & Glanza is baleno of maruthi which is of zero safety.
4. Is MUV much better than Sedan/Hatchbag for comfort in sitting? I'm initially interested in Nexon ( thought of going for XM variant) but heard mileage is around 8-10 or < 13 KM in city which is not suitable for me.
5. I'm in complete dilemma of deciding which company to go with Tata / Toyota / Hyundai ,(Ford is very expensive for servicing is what i heard. ) & which body type i should go with MUV/Sedan/Hatchbag.

Please suggest me the best one based on your experience as per my requirements.

PS: I've gone through your videos and became immediate subscriber. I love the points you bring in & explain ( i felt this guy is thinking in the same way i think )
Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Yes, Etios Liva and Etios is discontinued and they are no more available in BS6 Regime
Its sad to see such good products going of market especially Etios sedan where despite of frugal 1.5 Litre engine, 4 star safety, space, low maintenance - buyers gave preference to flashy looks, features which led to dead end of Etios series

For Ford - its a myth to think that service cost are high, Service Cost, you can find in how reasonable the service cost are\

In terms of preference
> Safety, Build Quality, ESP, Traction Control, Hill Hold Assist - Nexon just rules and ticks all boxes. You simply cant go wrong with Tata Nexon
> Comfort - Seating Comfort is good, Good Lumbar support, Wide Cabin, rear seat legroom is descent with good recline, Raised Seating Position.

However yes Mileage is what downpoint and to enjoy the car you need to engage in
> Eco Mode : Only on highway for optimizing fuel efficiency and with relaxed drive. Dont use in day to day - its just feel too dull
> CIty Drive - I personally still dont like city mode as it dont unleash in power completely
> Sports Mode - The best to enjoy the drive but yes at the cost of fuel efficiency. This will just take down mileage

Also, suggest to drive in Nexon couple of times as A Pillar is slight thicker and if you buy it you need to get the feel
If Preference is
> Utmost Safety with Top Notch Build
> Safety features of Hill Hold Assist, ESP
> Good Seating Comfort, Rear Seat Space
> Unleash in Power delivery by driving in Sports Mode
you need to understand that you may have to compromise on fuel efficiency as somehow there is no other car which is Top Notch in every department.

But Nexon XM Petrol will almost cost in 9 Lakh On road in Hyderabad. Also additional would be cost of Rear View camera fitment

Alternatively, if you love relaxed drive well Ford Freestyle Titanium Plus is an excellent choice and rather have ESP, 6 Airbags. Also, fuel efficiency is better against Nexon and service cost are lower than Nexon and no as such blind spot as in Nexon

But its a naturally aspirated Petrol Engine so may not feel as punchy as in Nexon in Sports Mode

Suggest to experience both as they have there DNA
> Nexon : For Unmatched Safety, Seating Comfort, Turbo Petrol to experience sports mode but its available at cost of Low Mileage and blind spot in A Pillar
> Freestyle : 6 Airbags, Good Build, Drives well and suited for those who love relaxed drive, Better fuel efficient against Nexon, Lower Service cost and no as such blind spot as in Nexon - but yes is a naturally aspirated Petrol engine so may miss the punch as in Nexon

Make a choice basis preference, you cant go wrong with either
Hope should help !!

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Kishore Accepted Answer
Thank you for your suggestion sir. I've got deal for 2019 October nexon xm diesel variant for 9.3Lakhs.Do you think I should go with it ? Its showroom car, odometer showing 84km. I've asked deal about it he said because of lockdown shifting between stockyard its 84. I checked vin & tyres are good. Any suggestion or check list for this

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