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  1. Vishnu Anil
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  3. Sunday, May 03 2020
Can I go for nexon Ev. Is it a good choice. Do you think I'm saving money or should I go with Nexon petrol. I'm from hyderabad and will there be any subsidy on EV cars.

To be honest 15lakhs is very big for me but I'm thinking about the maintenance cost after purchase and hence thinking about EV.

Your videos are very helpful so I thought you are the best person to help me in understanding and clearing my confusion.
Admin Accepted Answer

Here are some key differences

1. As Nexon EV is Electric, you get entire torque right at 1st speed and this will just make Nexon EV lot more superior in Power delivery, It just cant be compared with any Internal Combbustion Petrol Engine. Infact Nexon Petrol feels very dull in eco mode, just okay in city mode and although sports mode is better but has turbo lag and comes at cost of fuel efficiency. Nexon EV would be very responsive and incomparable to Petrol Model

2. Available in Single speed Automatic as against Nexon Petrol AMT. AMT is jerky and has much pause effect while changing gears which just takes away the feel experience factor. Nexon EV is seamless and lot superior as is what a proper Automatic Transmission

3. Orfcourse running cost. Even after taking in consideration Electricity expense, it wont cost more than Rs 1.5 per Km as running cost as against Petrol where running cost can go as high as Rs 7 per Km

4. Biggest con with Electric is charging time, infra set up, range. However - if you majorly drive in city for say 30 to 40 Kms daily - Nexon EV can just be perfect as will require just overnight charging once a week

Above are from consumer perspective and in a way you will also contribute towards go green as will be free from emission as causeed by Internal combustion engine

Hope should help !!

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