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  1. Shivam Negi
  2. Second Hand Cars
  3. Friday, April 24 2020
Hello sir, i have been regularly watching your videos on Youtube. I am planning to buy a used skoda superb for 3.5 lakhs it is in a good condition i drove it for only 5 minutes there was no noticeable noise, ac was working fine but with low cooling, the car is non accidental, 2010 elegance(top model) varient run around 90k kms, it has the 1.8 tsi petrol engine automatic transmission.

I always buy petrol cars as my daily driving is only 20-30km. Mileage is not my concern. I am willing to pay additional 50k for minor repairs and 10-15k for service at every 10k kms. I service my cars from non authorised service shops. Third party insurance cost is 9k annually.

I have some concerns regarding the dsg gearbox as it is not very reliable and has high number of mechatronic gearbox failure as i have been researching about it since 2-3 months. The repair costs on these type of luxury cars are high but by how much? Will the repairs be more than 1 lakh per year?

Please share your views on used skoda cars, their service costs, repair costs and dsg gearboxes, please guide me a similar or better used D segment sedan in 4-5 lakh price range and is this skoda superb at this price a good deal? Thanks and best wishes for your YouTube channel
Admin Accepted Answer

Although DSG Gearbox failure are over internet but considering Internet which has one issue reported by several sites / Forum - think of this way how many cars been reported in DSG Issue

Yes - there is no deying to fact that
> Torque Converter
are reportedlly having lower number of problems reported, but in DSG too it may be just 1 in 1000 related to DSG / DCT Transmission

Previous owner been driving car for last 10 years and as reported by you that even in brief drive it was okay
> Had car been serviced timely
> Driven with best of practice
then not much of concern

However, if things dont go as expected then yes can cost a lot
> DSG Gearbox Transmission failure can well cost over Rs 5 Lakh
> Clutch Plate if gone bad need slight higher than expensive cost

In terms of buying Skoda Superb - before purchasing 2 things
1. Try to get service history
2. Get Vehicle inspected at Skoda Workshop for any potential issues / repairs needed - Suspension / AC / Engine / Battery / Brake Pads and other mechanical and electrical items

Even if it means spending rs 3000 for inspection bear it as this will give you lot peace of mind in knowing whether to spend in rs 3.5 Lakh
Superb 1.8 TSI is immaculate in performance and kind of space and comfort this sedan offers is top notch. Only parameter needed is Service to rule out unaccounted repair

Have word with owner to get vehicle inspected (not Serviced) at Authorized Skoda Workshop before going for final deal
Hope should help !!

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Shivam Negi Accepted Answer
Thank you so much Gagan Sir for your time :D

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