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  1. Anish
  2. Second Hand Cars
  3. Wednesday, February 26 2020
Hi Sir,

I have purchased used car from Maruti True value and while purchasing the used car from them I also gave them my old car in exchange. When I handed over the RC and Insurance of My car to them they provided me A note in their letter pad which state that they will be responsible for any kind of Encumbrances and Liabilities from date of perchance (Date is mentioned in the letter). Letter also hence Car no engine no and Chassis no. Letter is having stamp on it with signature.

I given them my car in December 2019 and this car is not yet sold and still on my name. I have contacted them and told them to transfer my old car on their name. They said that you don’t need to worry as they have provided me the document of receiving.

Kindly guide if this is fine situation or I should take any action. Please share complete details. I am active viewer of your channel and like you all videos and advice your provide

Anish Accepted Answer
Admin please reply to my question

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Admin Accepted Answer

This letter / undertaking holds only this much value that in event of a incident / accident reported by car - you were not driving car, Thats it

As per Supreme Court Verdict - Vehicle Ownership is defined basis name in registration Documents
There been cases in recent past where despite of owners having proof of sale were also been made party in court cases been registration documents were not transferred. Pls refer - Car Sale Risks

But, is important to note that You have sold car to Authorized Maruti Suzuki Showroom, who in turn will also be selling car ahead as thats there business. Generally the dealer is pro-active too as there funds are blocked in the car they bought and in most of the cases the car they buy is sold on average in 3 month to 6 month. In rare case of inter-state, it may take more time

However, as best practice
> Been car just sold in December and 2 month passed, Keep a followup on regular basis with showroom through recorded mail. Give them time till June 2020. Most likely your car will be sold by them and when sold, ask them for transferred RC (which is what received within 30 days)

> If in rare case of car remaining sold till June 2020 or Transferred RC not received within 30 days of transfer - you can lodge complaint with Maruti Suzuki . Reason - Transferred RC is what the document matters at end of day and not dealer letter.

Hope should help !!

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nikhil Accepted Answer
I have a similar issue. I was buying a baleno from a nexa showroom in Delhi in september 2018 and they had a maruti true value kiosk connected with them. As we had a maruti 800 nearing the expiry of fitness validity(expired in june 2019) we decided to sell it to maruti true value and they gave a letter similar to the one mentioned in the above query. As on 8.10.2021 I was surprised to receive an sms saying the pucc has expired and if I don't renew it ...etc. from the transport department. I checked the RC status on RTO app and it still shows the owner as my mom who was the original owner status as active although fitness and insurance shows expired date. NOC details shows NOC issued for Sangrur RTA,punjab dated 12.9.18. How do I go about rectifying this because I(or my mom) don't want to end up paying a challan or show up for a court case where the vehicle is not even under my possession . your advise and guidance would be much appreciated

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