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  1. nataraj
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  3. Monday, February 17 2020
i'm planning to buy bs6 tata. My budget is around 9 lakh. Buying altroz xz(o) petrol or Nexon XM Petrol which one is advisable? Altroz top end is future rich than Nexon Xm. My travelling is 60% in chennai city & 40 % highways.Monthly travel is around 750km.I read the admin reply for Tiago Vs Altroz. Similar type comparison needed. please help.
Admin Accepted Answer

Well there is a lot of difference in ride and handling when you compare a Hatch with a Raised Crossover.

Tata Nexon Petrol Overview
Nexon comes in Turbo Petrol with higher 170 NM Torque and has sports Mode. As against Altroz available in Naturally aspirated Petrol
Somehow Nexon Petrol response is superior when you drive on Sports Mode, overtake on highway and thanks to relative stiff suspension high speed dynamics are better

As you sit higher in Nexon feels like better commanding on road
Been both are 3 cylinder, somehow Engine NVH Levels at Idling and at higher speed felt better in Nexon as against Altroz

> Theres definite turbo lag felt at low RPM and when driven in Eco Mode feels lot more a dead car in Petrol, its Diesel Engine is relative better
> Eco Mode too has slight turbo lag at lower rpm
> Best responsive mode is Sports Mode, but if you keep on driving Nexon in Sports Mode then expect mileage to drop and anything around 10 Kmpl is at best be expected within city

Tata Altroz Overview
In City drive for point to Point Distance travel, tight parking space park on you will find Altroz Better been
> A Pillar not as thick as in Nexon hence Visibility is better
> Relative Lower Turning radius
> No Turbo lag as otherwise felt in Nexon
> Relative better fuel efficiency

However, pl understand
> Nexon has Sports Mode and is a Turbo charged car which can be lot more fun in Mid range
> Nexon Rear Seat Space is relative better including headroom space for taller passenger
> Raised Ground Clearance, Wider Tyres - care to drive on bad roads can take Nexon XM
> Engine NVH Levels is superior against Altroz
> Highway Drive is an edge with Stiffer Suspension than Altroz
> Although Altroz XZ Option looks more upmarket in exteriors with Alloys and overall pack however Nexon looks bigger car and has better stance on road as against Altroz

Been both cars are 5 Star - no complaints on Safety
But important to note that although Nexon is a better product but Has slight turbo lag which can be overcome in Sports Mode on cost of Fuel Efficiency. So if you dont mind on Mileage part and ready to compromise on some features then go for Nexon XM Petrol

Hope should help !!

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nataraj Accepted Answer
Thank you very much admin.
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Tejas Accepted Answer
Hello Admin,

I have the same question asked by Natraj here. Comparison between Altroz XZ petrol and Nexon XM. Also would like to know, if altroz xt is a vfm option?

How much mileage can be expected in nexon xm eco mode and city mode?

I am asking because, my major use os driving to and from office and home in bumper to bumper traffic. Monthly run will be of 1500 km.

Yearly 1000 Km trip and some 100 km trip around 5 times a year is expected on highways and cities.

Kindly enlighten me on this.


Tejas Raval
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Respected Sir,

I have been a regular viewer of your valuable videos and want to thank you for your accurate guidance for people.
I too have a similar confusion between Nexon XMA or Aura SX automatic. Please suggest a family comfortable car in Sub compact Sedan or SUV section.

Best Regards,
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