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  1. Antony Joseph
  2. Service & Maintenance
  3. Tuesday, February 11 2020
My 2017 Petrol (1.2 Ltr) Baleno with 32K odo before 4 months it was driven over water and got the air filter wet and water ingress in engine

The car was stopped and towed to MASS were they drained the oil, changed filters (thats what they told) and the car was returned to me . Yesterday while i was driving at a speed of 30 km/h a huge explosion noise was heard from the engine and the car came to was again towed to MASS and now the connecting rode was broken and it created a hole (appro 3cm dia) in the engine block

Now they are telling there should be a half engine replacement which will cost 75 K. Can any one explain.
(1) Why this happened.
(2) What could have been done to avoid this mishap
(3) If a half engine replacement is done , how reliable it will be
(4) Should i keep this car or dispose it.

Automobile experts & enthusiast, please help with your suggestions.
Admin Accepted Answer

When water enters in engine it can lead to bent in connecting rods which can hydrostatic lock in engine

Anyhow as you referred that car went good to be driven for almost 4 month, In terms of diagnosis, Did you never felt any kind of
> Engine Knocking Sound
> Any Kind of Pickup Impact
> Any Malfunction Indicator
> Excess Exhaust Smoke

as generally some symptom do come before having such severe issue of Connecting rod been broken

Also, Was the Oil changed after the incident reported of water entering in engine ?
Was the car given to any novice for drive or any parking attendant or a PUC Guy who just accelerated the car stand still with high engine speed which can put pressure on the rod

Anyhow as connecting rod is broken, this need engine overhaul and if done in precision that is good to go
However, most of users who have gone for engine overhaul somehow feel to miss in the kind of pickup, engine pep which otherwise was there before. So your call on whether to sell or repair and own or repair and sell

Hope should help !!

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